Friday, January 29, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Yeah , that's kind of the way I feel.
Dayum , what a day/week !
Xena is losing weight again and doing the atomic puke. No blood or anything, but we suspect some food issues. She'd put on a smidgen of weight after the diabetes scare last summer but is back to the old bit of dropping it again. On a Burmese, it shows easily and she is a tiny girl anyway..think Kate Moss as a cat......with out the Heroin .
Graphic Alert for non pet/human parents who have weak gage reflexes....skip over this bit ...
Just sayin .
Part of her deal is that she inhales her food. We make sure that the others don't bother her to the point that I literally stand over Gracie to make sure that she ( Gracie) doesn't head butt the others aside to commence dah Hooverage. Xena needs a chance to eat .
And yes, we're tried moving Xena's food.
Nope..she wants to eat in "her " place.
So when she urps it is whole.
Non chewed.
Now , she had done better with the wet food for a while and she loved it but over the last few months , we noticed that the shreddy bits were coming back up intact at times and then as a constant.
She no longer wants her Temptations either .
So we got the pate style.
And then the urping began again..
I don 't know if its teeth ( just like her Daddy...awwww) or nerves ( just like her Mommy..awwww)
I feed her smaller portions more often when I am home and still play guard ..
I think that she is sooo hungry that she over loads her tummy...and now she has some box issues to so Daddy is taking her to the VET first thing .
I want my Xeni Wubbie Diddums to get mo bedder.
She is alert, plays, drinks her sparkly clean..grooms...the coat is a tad dull....has energy....
Yeah...we're worried.
I'll update as I can this weekend..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Not To Love ...It's Got Dead Pig

This recipe is of course from PDubs Tasty Kitchen.
Click on Mr. Linky above to see Kenzy's recipe.
Um..Honey...I think we need to make these..Kroger has baki on sale.
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Reason I Love This Show !

This is pretty cool. The link above goes back to the SciFi Channel.
James " SPIKE" Marsters will be on " Caprica". Even if the show just blows, I will watch it for that alone.
I'm such a freakin fan gurl....LMAO .
Have a great day.
Aunty Pol

Monday, January 25, 2010

How Does One Define Propaganda ?

A friend of ours handed me some papers today to look over as is his habit.

He knows that I am blessed /cursed with more than a modicum of curiosity.

I read the article he gave me dealing with the upcoming census and more specifically the American Community Survey.

The ACS bugs the crap out of be because in many ways is goes beyond intrusive. Then again , perhaps is is just my perception.

My curiosity got the better of me again ( Damn you little grey cells) so I went back to the original site that my co-workers data provided.

OK..those folks scare me more.

Mien Kampf for the masses was my first impression...sorry but true.

I still love my friend but he's gone a tad over the edge.

Just my 2 cents .


Aunty Pol

I Am Sooo Ready For Spring !!!

Just Because
Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

OK ok..I know..Nekkid John Barrowman.

So sue me..kidding...I kid.

It's a lovely day today here..we've had a bit of a false spring so what can I say. SU actually played golf yesterday ( see previous post ) so I had all of the windows open.

And of course I found all of the holes in the kitchen screen that Gracie Marie has made. That damn cat can tell if you tip toe barefoot into the kitchen..she's there on the outside sill clawing the screen to get the " I know you have food " message across.

Damn cat can get a damn J O B and replace the screens...

We are still having problems with Xena...she's lost weight again and we have changed her food to the pate seems for the most part to be staying down off to Kroger tonight to buy more. I can't do the 2 or more styles of food for all of them .

Please keep paws crossed...I can't bear the thought....

Ciao for now

Aunty Pol

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Ok..I was going to finish this Friday and now it's Sunday....there is a lot going on.
SU and I had a bit of a discussion the other night...all is good never fear.
He had begun to realize something I've been watching for the last year or so , I simply waited for the " DOH " moment.
There has been a lot of stuff going on for us the last year, some all y'all know, except for the sister of my heart who knows the rest of it.
2009 just f'g sucked from start to finish.
To top that, I know my husband and I've seen some ummm...mood changes in subtle ways that have given me pause.
I haven't said anything because he has been under unusual stress with the teeth bit and the on going OMG that his mother continues to go through.
Foremost, he flat out quit playing golf last July.
I'll wait until all y'all come to .
Yup..the man who has played for 30 + years and adores the whole concept quit.
And it wasn't about the cost to play with the League tho this was the initial excuse...that and he felt he was playing just shitty....yeah right.
Even I know better than that.
But I held my peace.
He had an Epiphany Friday.
One of his co-workers needs a ride to and from work during the week , and SU being SU said sure...glad to help.
I am not sure what the male version of a TWAT is but this guy is it.
Total Freaking Downer.
From the minute he gets in the car till the time they get there, this dude is a buzz kill. Listening to him drains both your vibe and your soul .
No matter what it is , this guy lives to be the victim.
He needs the drama.
SU has told him..if you hate the job ( which there is no reason to...and we know the difference) ...get the F out of the what evs. But for right now, SU will continue to give him a ride.
Will there come a time I say ..." Honey, enough ?"
Perhaps, I don't rule it out...

All this guy wants to do is piss and moan.
SU didn't realize till lunch the other day with other co-workers how the TWAT was just draining him.
We all have enough in our lives without asking for more shit to be down about.
I am grateful now that SU realizes what it is that he can deal with it however he needs to.
I often wonder about this sort of thing about my blog.
I don't want this to be nothing but me ranting.
I don't have a topic or theme..I am a baby in the world oh blog...and this is nothing except a way for me to be able to write which I miss and a chance to make the 9 followers and my friends laugh and be able to keep up with us.
The day I can do nothing but sound like the TWAT...I will quit .,
But not today darlins...not today.
And...SU is out with the Moron.

They played golf.
And are at the Ice House watching the game....GO Saints !
Life is good.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank You Very Much Thursday

I linked over to a site that is super funny and well written and be being me , became inspired ( Oh Fuck that ...I stole the concept...shhhh) of " Thank You Very Much Thursday."
Feel free to steal the avatar linky pic shown above...feel free to leave a TYVMT comment if you need to vent ...just feel what ever the F you want to ,
It's been one of those days.
To the twink who thinks that I am going to be impressed with every single designer label brand Icon that she can insert into every single sentence in every single conversation we have..
" TYVM..You are a paralegal and unless you have elevated the word " hummer " to a new economic level...get over it. I know what you make.
Feel free to participate...It will be here on Thrusdays....tip your waitress or I will hunt your sorry ass down
Aunty Pol

New Eyrballs


New glasses that actually stay where they are supposed to.

Click on Mr. Linky to see.

I have the bronze ( dark copper) with the brushed accent on the ear piece wingy

They will stay on the face when I have to bend over for any reason.


Aunty Pol

My Head Just Exploded

Loaded with more cuteness than the San Diego Panda Cam.
I have to put my head down for a moment.
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh God...Are You Going To Make Me Watch Ianto Die Again ??????

Soooo....RTD ( Russell T. Davis ) and Fox have the balls to think that they can re-make Torchwood and that it will be okay ??
Ok..hear me out.
Yes , they remade Dr. Who, and it was brilliant. But it never lost it's sense of being a BBC production. You knew when you were in Cardiff, you know when you were in London and it didn't try to dumb itself down for the Yanks who ate it up like clotted cream.
And yes, they remade BSG....the saving grace there was that the writers and actors knew that any viewer that tuned in was apt to have an active brain and they didn't dumb it down. No dogs that looked like Hoovers....hell...we even forgave than completely supported a gender change for Starbuck....tho I am still unsure of the angel bit at the finale.

But this is BULLSHIT.
Begone I say.

A Miffed Aunty Pol...who still mourns the loss of Tosh, Owen and Ianto dammit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet The Kittys Part 3

Hi there, my name is Gracie Marie .
Not Grace, thank you very much Daddy .
I have a middle name .
I answer to Floofy, Floofy girl or Hoover.
I had heard about this nice house with kittys a couple of years ago so I checked it out. There was an orange varmint out on the patio, but he didn't bother me and I sure as hell didn't bother him. I am a southern girl kitty after all and I do have some manners....except for food but we will come back to that part in a bit.
The city had built a new runway across the road from my now forever home and a lot of the animals had to find new places for kibble and so forth.
The big ape who lives in the brick box told my mommy that he had thought there was a raccoon in the back yard.
Two nice ladies used to sit outside in the evening and they encouraged me to come over.
There was food there.
And Water .
Once I found the bowl , I never left.
Not once.
The nice lady had to show the big ape that I was not a raccoon because there used to be a kitty that looked a lot like me who had to go to this Rainbow Bridge place.
The apes not really bright .
Anyhoodle, it got cold that winter so the nice lady and the ape took me to the stick you place to get checked out.
I am perfect of course and at the perfest age..4.
I am a quiet girl except when there is something between me and my food. I am also a very good little sister because I make sure that all of the food plates are A-OK...I test them all myself.
Aren't I just the best girl ?
Even though I don't have a lot of what they call car sense, I do know how to use a box and where it is.
The others don't know it , but I am the one who is really in charge.
Now...where is the food ?
It's been 10 minutes and I am Starvin Marvin....who ever he is.
Bye for now .
Gracie Marie

Another Favorite Author Has Passed Away....Dammit

OK..updated with the top picture which really is one of the best of RBP .

WBZ-TV Local Coverage Robert B. Parker, the blunt and beloved crime novelist who helped revive the hard-boiled genre and branded a tough guy of his own through his "Spenser" series, has died. He was 77.Parker wrote more than 60 books, but he is best known for his Boston-based novels featuring the private detective "Spenser."Those novels were turned into the TV series "Spenser: For Hire," starring Robert Urich. An ambulance was sent to Parker's home in Cambridge on Monday morning for reports of a sudden death, said Alexa Manocchio, spokeswoman for the Cambridge police department. The death was of natural causes and was not considered suspicious, Manocchio said.A publicist for Parker's publisher, Penguin Group (USA), confirmed the death but had no further details.Prolific to the end, Parker wrote more than 50 novels, including 37 featuring Spenser. The character's first name was a mystery and his last name emphatically spelled with an "s" in the middle, not a "c." He was the basis for the 1980s TV series "Spenser: For Hire," starring Robert Urich.A native of Springfield, Mass., Parker openly worshipped Raymond Chandler and other classic crime writers and helped bring back their cool, clipped style in such early "Spenser" novels as "The Godwulf Manuscript" and "God Save the Child." Within a few years, in "Looking for Rachel Wallace" and "Early Autumn," he was acclaimed as a master in his own right.

Man..SU is going to be completely bummed out as am I . This man was a favorite author of his and them mine and we avidly collect his hardcover books.

We even nicknamed the car " Pearl the Wonder Car" after Pearl the Wonder Dog.

SU collected/s Spencer Books the way I collected Marion Zimmer Bradley..

I am sooooooooooo Bummed.

Aunty Pol

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet The Kittys Part 2

Well Hello There.
My name is Loki . I am the eldest of 3 triplets ( I know I am the oldest , I just do so there !) and we are all 10 years old .
I am a gorgeous manly man cat who is working the sexy silver for all it's worth.
I also answer to Loki Lo, the Lokinator, Number One Son or Goober , which is just my Mommy's way of saying gorgeous. She's weird that way .
We started out pretty rough if you ask me. A lady that my Mommy works with has a friend who found us abandoned in the parking lot of the K Mart in Pasadena. Now personally, I would have preferred Neimans but we didn't get a vote. I guess it was because we were FIVE days old.
FIVE Days old.
Our sister Keisha had gone to the Rainbow Bridge 2 days before and my Mommy and Daddy were very upset . Even so, my Mommy made an executive decision ( what ever that is ) to at least look at us . My Mommy says that we were so determined to live she couldn't say no....even though we were the size of mousies .
I even had one eye already open. I was looking out to protect the females ya know.
But there was a problem.
You see, my Mommy and Daddy have full time jobbies and can't be at home all the time. My Mommy talked to my Aunt Nee Nee who talked to her parents.
Big Daddy and Momma Chrissy agreed to do " little kitten day care". Mommy bought all of our supplies and stuff and they took care of us.
Now we had a good upbringing since Big Daddy is a Baptist Minister , so when he and Momma Chrissy had to go to their jobbie, they took us with. So we were raised right as we say down here.
Big Daddy taught me how to eat donuts and all sorts of stuff.
Aunt Nee Nee and Unca Big Guy had the night shift so we really got out and about.When I got to be a big man cat, Aunt Nee Nee brought me to my forever home.
And boy was it a mess.
Whats Renovation ?
My new Mommy and Daddy made sure that we had plenty of toys and a box just our size so it worked out pretty good. I learned that I like to share my Mommy's peanut butter sammiches ( crunchy thank you very much ) and even though I don't like to be held, I an SUPER HEAD BUTT BOY OF THE UNIVERSE.
My stupid sissers want their turn so I gotta go see of Mommy has a sammich maybe.
Dudes Rule !
The Lokinator

Let's Play Meet The Kittys

Memo To The So Called Managers/Parents :

We protest.

You talk about every one else but the most important creatures at the Casa.

Namely US.

We are taking over this bloggy thingy.

Ransom demands will arrive shortly.


Ahem...move aside Brats....I get to go first.

My name is Munchkin. I also answer to Nee Nee, Nee Nee Puddins and Snuffalupalus ( Which I hate by the way thank you very much Mommy ) .
I am 14 years old and am the oldest one here at the Casa so of course it's my way or highway. My Mommy and Daddy found me at Petsmart in this terrible glass box and Mommy had to come sit in the room in the middle of all of us. Since I was the smallest , I backed up into a corner and forgot how to get out but that was okay because I was a baby kitty . Mommy said that since I was the smallest with the loudest voice that she picked ME !
I had an older brother and sister who went to the Rainbow Bridge just before the ride home , so I had big paws to fill.
And fill them I did.
When I was about 4 years old , some really mean nasty peoples broke our back door in and took our stuff , but the nice man across the street called his police officer son and the bad people didn't get nuthin but jail time . We got all out stuff but it scared me so I stay in the big bedroom most of the time ( I do know where my box is tho) and my Mommy has kibble and a big water bowl in MY room for me. I'm a very smart girl because I know that this means that I get to call dibs on the sqwooshy bed and my Mommy's pillow.
I do come out when it is time for my Mommy to go to bed and I tell her but she doesn't listen...Daddy and I think she is hard of hearing but she does lay out the nip on the special rug on Caturday so I bear up the best that I can.
I have 5 Brats...oops...sorry...bubbies and sissies and I think I need a raise because they are a pawful to supervise .
I have to go now, I need my beauty sleepies.
I guess I'll let the B............bubbies and sissies have a turn...but I got to go first cause I am the oldest and prettiest after all.
Bye for Naow.
Queen Munchkin of all her domain...and yours too if I sees it first.

Partners In The Mayhem And Scenes Of The Crimes ~Pt . 1

My Best Friends.
The Family I Choose.
What can I say about these goobers.....
We never landed in jail.
That was a bit of a surprise at times.
These are the people that make me a better person. The gentleman is one of a very few men I know that I trust completely . The kind of person that will be there at the 2 am crisis, no questions asked to get you out of peril or who will just be there .
He is also the one that will have the balls to razz your ass when you call with what appears to be a crisis when in fact it is something sooo stupid he will tell you that you are being a dumbshit and then laugh....and then listen anyway.
He is both kind and smarter than he will ever realize.
He is surprisingly modest in his way , thoughtful and not afraid to be completely mental when the sillies take over .
He is my friend and I love him more than my shoes .
The lovely lady next to him is his bride.
The woman has the biggest heart and the most insane giggle of anyone I have ever known. Be careful when we are on the phone because we will be laughing so hard , we have to gasp for air.
And then have to go pee .
It's a girl thing.
She loved me enough at one point to wait for me to ask for help when I needed it, never mentioning the black eye(s) or bruises I thought I was so clever about hiding.
She never faulted me for my choices , or berated me for not taking action sooner .
She gave and gives me respect.
They both do....God only knows why.
Like her husband , she will bear witness to the truth when I need it and is my port in the storm that I can come home to .
The bonus is that they both just love SU .
They know that the second time around makes up for the torment of the first.
They have given me the gift of being their child's Godmother and have allowed me to be a part of his life every day.
In many ways they have filled the empty part of me that formed when my own children died and did it with such joy and generosity that it would be amazing except for the simple fact that this is simply who they are.
I hope they know how much they are loved .
I hope we have another thirty years together.
They make me better every day.
They are my family.
Aunty Pol

If Its Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time~

Happy Monday People !
For those of you who have the day Moi....Enjoy it !
It's a bit odd here at the Casa today. The house is still clean , if you have furbabies you get that bit so other than the usual laundry etc , I am at a bit of a loss here.
I have found a stash of pictures on the PC that are going to become posts and the stories behind the image or people so stay tuned this week.....mwahahaha .
I kid.
Or Not .
Aunty Pol

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What A Lovely Weekend

Yeah , I know ......I wish.
Well dear hearts, the weekend was lovely.
The dinner party was a rousing success as SU is fond of saying , the food and wine was superb and none of the children embarrassed their parents by urping on the freshly shampooed carpet.
Huzzah all around !
Of course , I over did it with the cleaning .
Stop it , I can hear you .
Yes, the guests were our dearest friends who are more family than anything else , but I do have my own set of standards and the house will be as I see fit. SU has grasped this after all of these years and knows that I am going to take the day off before any dinner party to do my thing.
I could probably use paper plates and they wouldn't care , but I do . I like to have a proper table with the linens and crystal and makes me happy and is my way of showing my guests that I appreciate their company and the work that SU does to prepare the meal.
Of course I pay the price.
Given my stage with the polio, it is difficult to walk the next day. My left leg is pretty much dead weight so I take it easy.
Would I do it again ?

Every single time.
So , right now I have an adult beverage and the Angels are singing.
Fancast has " Poltergeist , The Legacy".
Twenty seven episodes of the yumminess that is Derek de Lint.
I am blissfully happy.
Of course , having tomorrow off doesn't hurt one damn bit either.
Stay tuned for Barrowman Monday.
Oh Pt 2.... Miss Agie got 'dopted.

Blessed Be
Aunty Pol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Less Thing To Take Care Of

Well so far today , it's been a rather odd day here at DAH FIRM.
It's been one of those days where folks are just sort of goofy. It makes me wonder if they amp'd up the Klonopin in the water -:)
Not that I am complaining mind you, it sure as hell beats " Mazel Tov , Grumpy Butts ".
But still , for a Thursday and a rainy one at that....
I suspect that there are quite a lot of people that are going to be out tomorrow in order to grasp a full FOUR day weekend.
Go for it.
I am.
I'll start the laundry tonight after a mini Kroger run so that I can get a head start on stuff before the dinner party.
We have a system.
Since everyone adores the crab cakes, and SU does a wonderful job with them, he will be doing them. Our kitchen is a galley style and we have found that over the last 20+ years that the only sane way to operate is to have one person at a time in the kitchen....especially for a dinner party.
Thankfully the kitchen , dining room and living room are a basic great room open floor plan so he can cook and yak and so on and not be cut off. The prep work will take place after he gets home tomorrow so it works out.
I will spend the day cleaning and preping the table linens and policing the latest spot that my " child " has decided to decorate the carpet..." Urp Fest 2010" ..I know...I know...but they are what they are and thank Gaia for carpet betcha.
I know that it sounds like a lot of work, and these are our best friends , but I have certain standards that SU has learned to initially accept and then expect...and that's just the way it is.
We're all grown ups and even tho there will be wine's not like we are going to trash the joint.
He cooks....I clean...and we all act like it's a last supper .
And I am cheating this year...the above photo is of the dessert...from French Gourmet Bakery.
They call it their " Chocolate Mousse Cake".....I prefer death by chocolate.
I will post Bruce of the day when I take a break.
Have a great weekend /holiday.
Aunty Pol

This Is Bizarre,+Falls+Church,+Fairfax,+Virginia+22044&gl=us&ei=d4FPS7CJLJDmM8WjpZIJ&ved=0CAgQ8gEwAA&ll=38.85926,-77.15503&spn=0.008288,0.013754&z=16&layer=c&cbll=38.858201,-77.155172&panoid=U1-QE9MtQoMUFgYThO_V3w&cbp=12,179.97,,1,5.41

This is our old house in Virginia .

I can't believe how overgrown the trees on the cul-de-sac are ..yes's been a long time.

Like since 1975.


I am old.

I am suprised I remembered the address .


Aunty Pol

Who Knew Today Was A Holiday ?

Well who knew ?

Evidently today is " National Dress Up Your Pet Day ."

I'd prefer not to host the dinner party this coming Saturday night as " Laceration Lucy."

Thoughts ?


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Need These NAOW !

See...I want some more stuffed Japs..immediately...if not then for Saturday nights dinner party .

Okay..we need this .
I ordered the Corers .
Love the
Home of the original Chile grill.
Yes..that is how they spelled it.
Is it time for lunch ?
I'm starvin Marvin.
Aunty Pol

Yes....I Will Be Watching This

Nuff Said.
Aunty Pol

Monday, January 11, 2010

See...Hell Does Freeze Over !

I know it's nothing compared to other places and I am surely grateful not to be in China right now . Those poor sould have no residential central heat for the most part...oh wait....that's us too at the Casa...but at least we have safe space heaters.
Thanks and a shout out to the sister of my heart for sending me the email on this...
Love ya Kiddo !
Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!'s Jack and Spike....sue me.
I kid.
Well, I am off in 45 minutes or so for a late lunch to run next door and spend an obscene amount on new eyeballs.....or glasses as the rest of the sane world calls them.
Yes...I still want those Ralph Lauren sunglasses.
I am obsessed with them.
More than my shoes .
Yeah, that bad.
I may have a way to pull that off , but it's early days so....stay tuned.
Update: $367.00 after Insurance discount.
Ralph will have to wait....
Aunty Pol

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I have been sitting here for an hour and a half trying to get the #$%^&*( bloggerdash board to open................
It has to get better , it really does.
Aunty Pol

Friday, January 08, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~ A Twofer

Happy Friday !

It is stupid cold down here in H Town.

28 degrees with a wind chill factor of " Oh My God."

We have been told that we can wear blue jeans by the powers that be because of the weather ....woooohooooo.

But this leads to the second picture.

I have told Nee Nee that she may be as blunt and rude as she needs to be if she ever sees my fat ass in a pair of jeans tucked into boots.

Been there , done that in my much thinner days...yes I was too...I have pictures...mwahahah...Sister of my Heart and Double O Mullet will back me up..they were there.

I can understand the younger gals who see this as new. Having never done it before, the fashionista lemmingistas feel the pull to experiment as surely as the tides will pull away from the shore.

I have no problem with that.

It's called learning and growing.

My problem is with women my age ( 55+) for whom this is a recycled trend.


Jeebus H ...use a full length mirror.

If you don't have one...Shame !


Look at the expression of Bruce's face...

Look at the picture below it.

If that is not pure " WTF ?"...

I don 't know what is .

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ass Expansion And Other Realities ~v.2010

Other than PW's Tasty Kitchen site, my other go to sites include the above one:
She had the above picture and post there with a link to 101 cookbooks.
I lurve Madelines.
I may have to go to Amazon or whereever to get the pans.....
Cause ...
Oh Lordy...I have to make these.
The mandatory ass expansion will be scheduled as usual...
Yep...gotta do what I gotta do.
Aunty Pol

A PSA From Lady L and Hubble Space Paws

Dear Hearts and gentle readers ,

Please hit the link about and read the post from Lady L over at The Adventures Of Space Paws.

It's important and worth thinking about .

As the mother of 6 , I don't know what I would do if something happened to my husband or myself and one of us had to go into this situation.

Granted , we are middle aged and in good health could in fact happen.

If you have your own blog, please feel free to grab the link above , or at least be aware that this is a real life issue as we pet parents carry on through life.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Retail Therapy For The Win !

I HAD to have this.
The weather is crappy , people are more ignorant than usual and it's on sale !
Oh hell yeah !!!!!
Aunty Pol
P.S. It was on sale dear so don't go ballistic on me - yeah --SU reads the blog.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Memo From Management

Dear Son,
You are an idiot .
You know your Mommy and Daddy love you very much.
We buy your food before our own and do our very best to be attentive to your scheduling/hygiene needs.
We are generous with treats and would remind you that not all the kittys in the world eat off of real plates and have real cloth placements..( note...don't ask y'all....really ) ....
You get real tuna on holidays and bits of your mothers dinner whenever possible.
But you are an idiot.
Yes, you have a wonderfully floofy winter coat and snowshoe sized feets ( he's a Maine Coon) and so on ....
It was 3o degrees when you decided you had to go out at 7 am as we were leaving for work.
It's gonna be a hard freeze tonight and tomorrow.
You live in Houston...this doesn't happen often here.
Your Sister Gracie Marie does this crap all the time.
She at least will come in any given door for treats /food/treats/food....
But you Sir ?
You are an idiot.
Your Momma.

Monday, January 04, 2010

BSG - The Plan

Anyone who knows me knows I adore BSG .
So of course when I could get my hands on the above via Netflix....oh joy..oh rapture.
Oh ...not so much .
Don't bother, it's a long episode that can be summed up as follows.
The Toasters ( Cylons) all hate mankind and want to kill us people die.
End of story .
Don't waste your time here, it will only piss you off.
Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Two Thousand Ten.
Not Twenty Ten.
Two Thousand Ten.
I know , I know , there will be a lot of the abbreviated version for all those who want it.
I am as guilty as the rest of using various short forms for one thing or another . I've always assumed that it is just another part of growing up in the Military .
You hear letter/phrases a lot.
I really want to break myself of the habit if for no other reason than the simple fact that it is lazy.
Language identifies us in so many ways, as a culture, as a nation and often as a gender.
As someone who studied the English language and who has an abiding love for it, it never really occurred to me until the whole " Twenty Ten vs Two Thousand Ten" semi debate started that I had become sooo lazy about all of it.
Words convey a nuance that cannot be realized in mere abbreviations .
They give information in ways often too subtle to be ignored.
If you have a small child who is still at the non verbal stage, you avidly wait for the moment when they can say their first words, and then pray like hell that the word isn't a dreaded four letter one . You wait until they can tell you that they don't feel good or are happy or proud of what they just it potty training on their own or tying a shoe lace. You want them to make the connection of words to feelings....not OMG LMAO.
Teenagers have their own language for peer usage, which is as it should be. It binds them together in groups in their society and offers the protection of the herd. We certainly did not want out parents to discover the Rosetta stone of our is a right of passage for many of us. Only as we grew and began to see life through more mature eyes did we discover that our parents gave us language and the ability to use it. Comprehension between generations is a wonderful bond and one of those moments where everyone involved is assured of their place in the world . You don't always have to know the language to know when a connection has been made.
New Years is a wonderful time, full of promise and a sort of cosmic do-over where we get to take stock and think about the changes we'd like to make. More often than not, we go a bit overboard with the resolution list and thus set up the expectation of failure.
I choose to not make a list, I rarely do if ever .
I prefer to take it one day at a time and concentrate on the idea that for today, just for today , I will do things that I need to in order to improve my life.....starting with not using abbreviations as often as I have in the past.
Language is a gift we get to open and re-open every nice is that ?
Aunty Pol

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lady L~ You Rock ~!

Love Ya !
And this is my first post of the new year so hear ya go darlin ~!
Aunty Pol