Friday, January 29, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Yeah , that's kind of the way I feel.
Dayum , what a day/week !
Xena is losing weight again and doing the atomic puke. No blood or anything, but we suspect some food issues. She'd put on a smidgen of weight after the diabetes scare last summer but is back to the old bit of dropping it again. On a Burmese, it shows easily and she is a tiny girl anyway..think Kate Moss as a cat......with out the Heroin .
Graphic Alert for non pet/human parents who have weak gage reflexes....skip over this bit ...
Just sayin .
Part of her deal is that she inhales her food. We make sure that the others don't bother her to the point that I literally stand over Gracie to make sure that she ( Gracie) doesn't head butt the others aside to commence dah Hooverage. Xena needs a chance to eat .
And yes, we're tried moving Xena's food.
Nope..she wants to eat in "her " place.
So when she urps it is whole.
Non chewed.
Now , she had done better with the wet food for a while and she loved it but over the last few months , we noticed that the shreddy bits were coming back up intact at times and then as a constant.
She no longer wants her Temptations either .
So we got the pate style.
And then the urping began again..
I don 't know if its teeth ( just like her Daddy...awwww) or nerves ( just like her Mommy..awwww)
I feed her smaller portions more often when I am home and still play guard ..
I think that she is sooo hungry that she over loads her tummy...and now she has some box issues to so Daddy is taking her to the VET first thing .
I want my Xeni Wubbie Diddums to get mo bedder.
She is alert, plays, drinks her sparkly clean..grooms...the coat is a tad dull....has energy....
Yeah...we're worried.
I'll update as I can this weekend..


purplegirl said...

Aww, I hope your kitty is okay! I know how worrisome it is, had that kind of issue for a while with one of mine. Keep us posted!

Aunty Pol said...

Any advice ? We have her on the prescriptive hills per vets advice..and she like'd it and now turns her nose up. I am all about getting her to east what ever and doing small bits often so that it will stay down .

It just kills me when we have to give her the liquid meds,,,,she gets soooo upset.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, honey, wish I'd gotten back to visiting sooner. Saw the later post and zipped on down!

Hugs and purrayers. Urp issues are tough. Wish I had more experience there to help. Have you tried baby food (veal, chicken)?