Monday, February 01, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!'s not leukemia and it is not a tumor.
She spent almost a half day at the vet's Saturday with SU,
She 's been throwing up more and had some diarrhea so off she went.
Full blood panel and x rays.
Empty tummy and bowels.....but full of gas.
We have 2 liquid Rx's that we have to give her so it's hell on earth at the Casa right now, it's just tearing me up to see what she goes through as we hold her down to shoot as much of it down the gullet as we can.
I'll keep all y'all posted.
A Very Upset Aunty Pol

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Calamity Anne said...

Got your comment on the coasters...they are really easy to do, though they take time. Lowe's seems to be the only place I've found (at least on the west side of town) that has the tumbled marble tiles (and are inexpensive). Good luck...and let me know how they turn out!