Friday, February 19, 2010

Myron Huggins

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Before I go any further.....I am not asking anyone to donate.
That's a matter of choice.
I did .
It wasn't much.
I lost a son named Oogie to this disease in 1982.
He was my first furr baby son.
He was my first experience with losing a furr baby.
I miss him and his sister Missy to this day.
Every time I hear " Shake Your Booty" by KC, I think of him.
When he was a baby and it was a current hit , he'd raise his right paw and wave it back and forth.
Even at the age of 8 weeks , he was a genius.
Sister..he was the one we got from Tina and Claude..remember , he looked like Garfield.
Oh yes he did .
Anyhoo , just like FIV, there are more options than in 1982 when I lost Oogie.
It's hard and heart breaking at times but I truely believe that raising awareness for these kits is soo important....besides..
It's not like my fat ass needed another sammich from Jason's Deli.
Myron needs it more.
Kissy Face...Love the Boo !
Blessed Be.
Aunty Pol


Sue said...

Bless you. And thank you for getting the word out. Now shake your booty and go get one of those sammiches.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

You were my first stop tonight, Aunty... Myron post up at Space Paws and heading over to Purrfect Pals now for the other necessaries.

Let all the kitteh blogosphere adopt this sweet baby boy!! Thank you, honey... you're the best!

Have SU huggle you tonight and the two of you raise a glass to Oogie and Missy... I'll be doing the same here.

Aunty Pol said...

Love you too babe,,,,

We can make a difference for all the Myron's in the world.

Let's all shake out Booty's !



Sue said...

Mine's shaking as we speak! Though perhaps not voluntarily, but we won't go into that..

Cheers to you both and all that you do for the critters of the world!!