Friday, February 19, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~ A Twofer

OMG I freakin love this.

Brisco and Lord Bowler in one shot !!!!!!!!!!

Yowza !

Happy Friday Y'all.

It's been a real mixed bag this week at the Casa.

The Good:

We are both on the mend after being sick.

The Bad:

The stomach bit kept me home for 3 days and now there is some sort of pollen out there that has made my sinus's feel like they have been scrubbed with a rusty ass Brillo pad and chlorine bleach...El Ewwwww !

The Good:

Xena has been eating a bit more and I know now which are her real preferences.

The Bad:

The $$ RX Canned Stuff.....she tries to now bury. I need to rotate more as she is beginning box issues again and dammit daughter...I spent green papers on the RX " Special Princess Foods."
SO you will at least eat some before La Hoover gets to it.

The Good:

We got the carpet cleaner back.

The Bad:

The water heater in the hallway is leaking and the Moron is supposed to have come by to replace/fix the piping.

The Good:

Jimmy Buffet tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

The Bad:

See Water Heater .

I am trying to not lose my mind folks , I really am.

We scrambled last night to get showers and teeth done....water bowls and pitchers filled and so on before cutting the water to the house .

Dear Bast,

Please let the Moron fix the beast.

Now bear in mind...the Moron knows we call him the Moron. It's a family joke. Other than the Cajun, he is SU's best friend, running buddy , beer hound and in general partner in crimes of any and all sizes. He still has his home remodeling bidness and when SU needed the work, the Moron hired him on.

I think the world and all of him.

He and SU are their own version of Lucy and Ethel.

Not Ralph and Norton.....

Lucy and Ethel.

They are almost female .

Think I'm crazy ?

You should hear them on the phone...f'ng hilarious.

Le Sigh.

It will get better.

We've been lucky over all considering that the house was build in 1976.

Keep Paws Crossed I have water at the Casa tonight .

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Paws crossed, as requested, dear! I remember days without... no fun!