Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is This A Face Or Is This A Face ?

An Itty Bitty Update on Myron and a SHAMELESS PLEA to please vote for Purrfect Pals.


Yes...I am a nag.

Yes , I voted again and will be voting every day for Purrfect pals till they pry my cold dead fingers off the keyboard.

I mean really.....Is that a face or is that a face ?

Other than that, life is as usual down here .

The trail riders are headed this way the the HLSR..Houston Livestocki Show and Rodeo y'all.

It's a big annual event here and every year that the trail riders set off to head this way the weather turns 9 kinds of f'd up...rain...cold...fog...more rain...snow up north...



It's snowing in Austin.

It's snowing in Abilene and Amarillo.

Even if we get some snow here...it's tooo damn warm to stick.

Suck it up.

Yes, it did did snow here recently and yes , we made national news. It was a ginnormous pain in the ass. Houston is simply not equiped for it and God forbid we get slammed like the east coast did......Specs would be empty by gawd.

It ain't gonna be that bad y'all...so calm your selves.

If your're going to get all that worked up..use it in a positive way and vote for Purrfect Pals...donate if you can for Myron...spread the word across the innertubes .



Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Rock it, Aunty!!

Sue said...

Will you be my aunty?