Monday, February 01, 2010

Xena Wants To Speak NAOW

I am Xena and I have my laser eyes of death and destruction on you.....fear me.


I am making my Mommy batshit crazy here so I am taking over this bloggy thing tonight.

I ate.

SO far it is not rumbly tummy for me so I don't think I need to decorate the carpet yet.

I do not like going to the sticky place in the PTU.

I do not like seeing my mommy's eyes leak.

I do not like having to hear that I can't have new toysies because the green papers went to that crap they made me go through.

I know that I deserve all the attention I can get because I am after all the Princess...but not like this.

MY mommy will update and get my glamour shots and biography up there for my adoring fans soon.

I need my beauty sleep so I have to go for NAOW.

Feel free to adore me.

You know you want to .

Xeni Gabini Princess Wubbie Woo

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, indeed, your majesty, your humble subjects adore and worship you.

You are in their purrayers, too, that your tummy stays unrumbbly.


And, her overlords, Winnie, Annie, Bitty, Peggy Sue, Grey and Lilo