Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tired Of Feeling Puny

Yup..the above says it all.
SU and I BOTH managed to get sick late Sunday night with what we assumed was a huge case of indigestion.
The kind where you actually wonder if you are in fact having a heart attack and if so where the F are your glasses so that if you need to dial 911 you have at least a chance of getting it right.
NO..we did not have heart attacks.
I felt so bad that having gotten no sleep after 1 a.m. , I stayed home.
I have been home for 3 days with a bad bout of stomach flu...
The fever is finally broken...thank Bast....but I am still on with /off with sweats because my body cannot pick a temperature that it's happy with.
In other news, Xena is eating on a more regular basis and up until this morning had not yakked up her food.
The volume is less and of course the carpet cleaner is on loan to one of SU's co-workers but I will get the beloved beast back after work on Friday..
I WILL get it back Friday.....right ?
If will NOT be loaned out again.
Just sayin dear...that's all .
Off to find some broth...yummy !
Be warm and safe.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, honey, I'm sooo sorry! Hope you and SU recover fully... soon! Glad the fever is gone, at least!

Colleen said...

Feel better!!!