Monday, February 27, 2012

AWWW..Get My Lawyer On The Phone !

I love " USA TODAY.

They put stuff on their front page that makes me go " W T F ?????????????????????????? "

For Example:

" Inmates To Be Allowed MP3 Players " by Kevin Johnson

Basically, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons is unveiling a program that will allow many of the over 200,000 inmates to carry MP3 players , packed with personalized music lists to pass the time.
Bureau spokeswoman, Traci Billingsley says that the program is intended to help inmates " deal with issues such as stress and boredom associated with incarceration."

Or my idea:

"If you don't want to be bothered with the stress and boredom associated with incarceration...DON'T COMMIT A CRIME ".


If you commit a crime, are arrested and convicted , you should have no rights until the sentence is served in my humble opinion.

It's called PUNISHMENT !

Once your debt to society is paid, you deserve a fresh start but until then...your sorry ass can get as bored as it wants.



Aunty Pol

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday Y'all.

Yep, it's that time of year .

Bruce, Baby Burros and Buckle Bunnies.

It's Go Texan day in Houston .

Yippie Kai Yeah MoFo..It's Rodeo time !

I went down stairs this morning on break and on my way back I looked up and across the green space and guess what ?

Bebe Burros.


Two of them.

With lil baby Burro bankies and saddles and reins and stuff on 'em ...

I almost cried from the cuteness...or stress..but I am preferring the cuteness.

I spent about an hour or so on the phone with step sis, I am concerned about her too . She is on a leave of absence until....... so I wanted to talk to her and see how she was doing. ES ( Evil Stepmother ) has had one radiation treatment and it seems to have reduced some of the pressure on the area of her brain stem that affects the ability to walk so she was able to walk a bit which is HUZZAH and so on..

I am going to stop on the way home and get a bag o dirt at Chrome Depot..I have geraniums on the patio that Gordy bought for me last weekend and I need to dig in the dirt....badly. I also have a chit load of domestic Goddess things to keep me occupied so that is good...I really need to be busy as I sort all of this in my head.

Have a good weekend.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heavenly Sweet Rolls And Heaven Bound.

Boop the link, these are super easy and I love a recipe that doesn't require me to roll out dough of any kind given the challenge of available counter in we don't have any.

There is some stuff going on right now for me in real life that might include an emergency trip to San Francisco in the very near future so bear with me..if I wander off or don't post a lot..lets just say Cancer is a bitch and Cancer that produces tumors on the brain stem is....ah hell...this will not be an isolated post so I'll give you the basics.

Evil Stepmother ( hey..she LOVES the nickname) has been dealing with breast cancer for over a year now . She lives in Daly City , just outside of San Francisco . She and I have over the years become close, not actual mother daughter close , but close and I write to her once a week if not every 10 days. She tells us as much as she is comfortable with and Gordon and I completely respect that , as does my youngest brother John , who is struggling with all if this . He is extremely close to her, having gone to high school with step brother. There are 6 kids all together, all grown, her 3 and dads 3...Anyhoo....All seemed well or as well as is the normal in this case...until Monday night.
Contrary to what Southside Johnny thinks, my cell phone is usually on .I used to be bad about that but have gotten in the habit, except after this past Sunday. Gordy was home, or if he went out he forgot his cell on the pass through ( again , rather unusual for him) so I didn't think about it.
I should have.
My step sister sent me a text that ES ( Evil Stepmother ) was now in hospice on Monday.
Southside called Gordys phone screaming at me to " turn on my GD phone."
Southside was sober.
I get it John...enough.
The cancer has spread and formed tumors on her brain stem.
Her hearing, sense of balance and bladder control are gone.
They are going to try radiation to give back some sense of is a rehab center and hospice, not just a hospice.
This doesn't usually help.
I have had many friends who have had their breast cancer return and the likely target is usually the brain.
The doctors give her anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months.
I have contacted everyone I needed to except my Dads sister which I will do today.
Some one here at the office ( I've only told a very few at work) suggested we go out there while she is still alive.
That is a lovely thought but this is Mary's time to be with her children. She knows that my brothers and I love her very much.
I hope she doesn't suffer long, her quality of life sounds nil .

I'll keep everyone posted.



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moules a la Mariniere and Baked Pomme Frites

Ah..moules a la mariniere and pomme frites.

This is right up there with any serving of beef for a meal in my favorite meal category.

I am craving Carrabas right now .

Lest we think that Aunty Pol has gotten all hoi poloi as my mother used to's streamed mussels and french fries.

It's the Belgian equivalent of a Whataburger and fries.

For the traditional way to cook this, and you will be inviting me won't you ..I will bring the wine and fresh bread..BUT YOU WILL BE INVITING ME , WON'T YOU ??!!??!!???...boop Mr. Linky below.

Now, for a broiled version of this , and I like this link more because Deb really gives detailed directions on how to safely clean the mussels so it's worth the read...go here :

Get Real Dept:

I doubt that I will ever attempt this at home , simply because SU doesn't care for mussels and so it would be a waste and then some to do all of this just for Moi.

The recipe for the fries is another story.

Don 't faint, I do have some sense of reality on this sort of thing.

So it will have to be Carrabas.

I'll soldier through.


Aunty Pol

Windy Wednesday

Don't faint y'all.

I found a recipe that is not yummy baked goodness to share.

SU and I are cuke lovers, some people are , others not.

I call it more for me.

Betty Crocker was recently telling me about Pinterest , I think it 's called and it appears to be an organizational app of some kind so I checked into it , signed up for it ( minus points..still waiting for the confirmation e mail guys) and noodled around.

I found a new food blog, naturally and this recipe that I wanted to share.

The above photo is from her website and so in the interest of not killing us all with yet another calorie laden recipe, here you are .

Boop the linky below.

Regarding today's title..

The weather wonk, cutie pie Mr . Anthony on channel 2 claimed that it was going to hit mid 70's by 2 pm today.


It's very overcast and windy. should know better honey, the trail riders are heading into town.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My House.



Aunty Pol

Russians revive Ice Age flower from frozen burrow

I can't get the thrice damn'd Hydrangeas to do much of anything no matter how much I pamper them....and not this !

Irony much ?

I am so gonna dig in the dirt this weekend !


Aunty Pol

It's Fat Tuesday People !

It's Fat Tuesday y'all, and it's feeling s bit strange.

First of all , I am at the office.

And there is very little of the bead thang going on here .

I've only seen one Kings Cake.

Much as I noted around the Christmas holidays , the whole atmosphere is " meh."

Makes me want to break out some Beaujolais and cue up some BeauSoleil.

Come on y'all.

I feel bad enough that hisself is not going to be points east , tossing beads about 11 am , yes dear , I checked the Choctaw Krewe schedule...because that's how I am .

I am sure that there are a ton of parties all over town tonight because this is how we check the calenders.

New Orleans really is one of if not my favorite city in the world because there is so much to it.

I love the quarter, I love the shops and the antique shops and the food and the food..and the food...and the charm, and the music and the feeling.

You have to go there to experience it, I know that people say that about a lot of places and i am sure that it is all true...but it's fer real in New Orleans.

And did you know that Moon Pies qualifies as throws ?


Ok.."throws" is the common term for all of the beads that you see thrown off floats, along with doubloons and what nots. They are not free, as many people think, they have to be purchased by every crew member and there are some restrictions as to what can and cannot be thrown. They are not thrown away, they are sorted out and stored every year to be used the next. I wish I had pictures of the sorting process in the living room, it's worse ( my hand to Gaia) than a kitten and a ball of yarn.

Slap this linky to learn about Moon Pies, courtesy of Dying For Chocolate. :

Anyhoo, in the spirit of all of that, here is a recipe for Cajun Dump Cake from OuR KrAzy kitCHEn :

Now, Jere Lee does hers with pie filling , and hers is to die for. The kind you request for a birthday cake kinda good and I am gonna get that recipe.

Don't shoot me Lady Lisa.

Oh and for you NCIS junkies..tonight starts Jamie Lee Curtis's eps with MY Gibbs.


Hands Off.

Oh and Yes dear, I do like BeauSoleil..don't faint.


Aunty Pol

Monday, February 20, 2012


Yeah, I'm this big a fan of B5.
Aunty Pol

I am a huge fan of TWOP..or Television With Out Pity.
It is a more often than not uber clever review of current programing.
I frequently find the re-caps better written than the shows themselves..can you hear me Smallville..." Zombies..OMG...REALLY ? ".
Yeah, I still have a hard time with that one.
Point in case.." Celebrity Apprentice..or " What the hell is The Donald's Hair going to do this time ?"
We missed the premier of " Celebrity Apprentice" because f all if I know why, so when that happens, I know that I can rely on TWOP to bring it.
Go slap Senor Linky.
Anyone who has the charm to use the word facile in a recap has my undying fan girl - not a stalker - LOVE forever.
Aunty Pol

Happy Monday

Well, hisself is home today , partaking of that glorious holiday knows as " Presidents Day ". otherwise knows as " Buy an over priced mattress because one has nothing to do with the other and we are going to scare the crap out of you with statistics on mites. Don 't make us show you the statistics on bedbugs,,because we will ."
Personally, I think it's fair because I get MLK day off so he gets this one.
Of course , the kids are weirded out to the point that Munchkin became visibly pissed off ( ears flat, tail bushed ) after her daddy deposited her on the bed with me. I watched her bitch at the doorway for a few minutes..I am a light sleeper and I had to see what the hell was going on..anyhoo...she trots off to rejoin her father..on the sofa. They trot off finally and she leaves him to come to her usual spot.
Lesson: Her terms.

Daddy got served !

It rained like all Billy Hell wait a sec.
Who is Billy and why is he in Hell ?
Anyhoo, they are saying that this has all helped the drought and we do expect this sort of thing since the Rodeo trail riders are making their way into town...but methinks it will be bad again.
So of course , I buy more geraniums.
SU saw them at Chrome Depot Friday when he was there with his father and knew as soon as he told reply would be :
" Get Thee to Chrome Depot !!!! Rapido ! "
Now they won't get planted till next weekend, but the idea makes me happy. A lot of the plants are coming back, some unexpected so..more and bigger pots and it begins.
I miss the garden.
I miss not dead things.
I miss Saturday evenings at the Ice House with the girls.

I miss Andy being there .

Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Friday, February 17, 2012


Duke is a dear friend of mine.
They lost their beloved furbaby to cancer .
Gypsy's illness was along the same time as Andy's so say a prayer, get the nip. Love on the ones left behind.
Blessed be our babies, we love you and you live on in our hearts.
Andy's Mom

Happy Briday ~ Bruce Of the Day ~ !

That's right kids....a double dose of Bruce.

I have been rather remiss in the Friday postings for The Bruce, so I decided to double down.

And if only he was running..sigh.

We are under a flash flood watch for most of the weekend , commonly known to the rest of y'all as the first weekend of Mardi Gras, but I don't think it's going to be that bad. We have had rain off and on for over the last two weeks which is good because the ground was so hard packed that it took quite a while for saturation to kick in..which we are desperate for. It is forecast that we are going to have another truly awful spring to speak of and that is heart breaking because we cherish what little bliss we have. And of course all of the spring nursery catalogs are coming in the mail and making me slightly more mental than usual because the things that I so desperately want to plant..the petunias, geraniums and so on will all but burst into flames if we have a repeat of 2011. Point in case..we lost geraniums that were over 8 years old. On the other hand, after Mardi Gras , we have Rodeo..don't laugh..HLSR ( Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo for the tourists in the audience ) is a huge deal in Houston and gives away a ton of scholarship money......and it is not unknown for a real cold snap to hit down here during Rodeo . Look come the Buckle Bunnies !!!!!

Other than that, life is pretty damn good. I managed to get some photos scanned for the cousins facebook page of my late mother , Xena has managed to keep bits of cooked hamburger down but Gracie is working her nerves right now so she ( Xena ) is biting her hair off..sigh. SU is taking today off , along with Monday which he really needs..and he planned on spending the day with his father so there is that ...and there will be beer on the horizon for him later..lmao I have no real plans for the weekend other than getting the nails done and baking a loaf of banana bread for one of the gals at the over due promise....damn my mad baking

Have what ever kind of weekend YOU want to have.


Aunty Pol

Belle Oaks Orange Pecan Bread

I will look at any thing that has orange in it.

White Barn Candles used to have the best scented candles that actually smelled like a REAL orange, not some funky cheap ass orange candy flavored BS.

Yankee Candle has yet to come close to a scent I will buy..I want orange dammit not a pina colada, no Tahitian sunset, no tequila sunrise...ORANGE .


I get a lot..a LOT of recipes sent to me via e mail subscription.....don't we all ?

This one caught my eye .

It first glance, I thought , " Oh , it's some monkey bread variation".

Then I read it again.." Cream cheese ? Yum."

Then I looked again.." Stand biscuits on their an orange wedge..hmmmm..".

Boop Mr. Linky for the recipe.


Aunty Pol

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time that I had to set aside because for YEARS , SU refused to even consider eating eggs..I know..except for a girlfriends mother's deviled eggs ( Hey Mother Mary ! ) .
Jere Lee's father makes this all the time at home in Louisiana , so when the urge hits her , she whomps up a batch and brings me some.
During the on going hell that was " Daddy gets dentures" , when SU was hard pressed to be able to eat any solid food, he discovered that he liked this dish when Jere Lee sent brought some to me.
I almost fell over dead.
Miss Elise over at Simply Recipes posted this so of course I had to share.
We buy the big package of Wrights Bacon which contains the trimmings that are too big for the standard see through package of your personal choice of bacon.
Trust me here, you get a hell of a lot more bacon in a pkg that looks like a kilo ( " Coming Into Los Angeles..."..had to do it) ...and you will have to separate it all out and trim some but it is totally worth it. I make my own bacon and egg tacos to take for breakfast during the week and so this is a hell of a lot more cost effective.
I guess I'll have to hold some uncooked back to use in this recipe.
It's a rough life, ain't it ?

Aunty Pol

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slow Cooker French Dips

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite sandwich is a french dip. Aunty loves beef !

Now Sistah gravitates towards an open faced hot turkey sandwich which is also excellent..but me...kill the cow, plate it now .

Miss Laurie over at " Simply Scratch" posted the above photos and link after Miss Kristen at " Real Simple" magazine ( LOVE THAT MAGAZINE ) asked her to do a slow cooker recipe..

French Dip...beef, onions..beef broth...slow crock pottery goodness....

Great, now I'm hungry.

Slap Le Linky and check it out .


Aunty Pol

Facebook Will Never Be The Same !

Ruh Roh !

Double Oh discovered Facebook.

The ice storm in the middle east is now explained.


Yeah..other than SU , this dude is the only man I fully trust.

Squirrel !

Love ya dude.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom !

Happy Birthday Mom.

My late mother loved carnations and so I couldn't resist the photo. It used to be such a "challenge" to get flowers to her given the date. If I ordered too early, it was screwed up..and there is no way around getting stuff messed up around Valentines day with wire orders, at least this was the case until her death in 1981.

The older I get , the more I miss and understand her.

Rock on Betty !


Your one and only first born daughter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I just fell in love with this picture, I really did.

Do you remember when we were all kids and they had those assorted boxes of non branded, non Disney cards ?

Did you ever make a Valentines Box in class out of something along the lines of an old shoe box that you decorated and cut a hole in the top ?

Did you ever fill out a bunch of the Valentines for your classmates to put ( secretly) in the boxes ?

Granted, this could go either way, either everyone is just happy as all get out or there is one poor soul that didn't get very many if any and was crushed by the process.

Valentines Day, beside being a complete commercial rip off and artificial creation nowadays, is the first real glimpse that kids have that someone may " like " them or that they themselves may "like " someone.

For the most part, at least to my baby boomer generation , this is where the mystery of it all begins to drive all of us completely bat shit.

Simple enough.

Grab some of those candy hearts with the saying on them and go for it.

Pass notes.


Girls...grab those purple or pink pens and start doodling his and your names in a big heart or doodle his last name with yours like you are married.

Boys...pretend you aren't aware of any of this.

We didn't expect flowers or diamonds..candy was okay because it usually was the smallish heart shaped Russell Stovers.

Later on , small stuffed animals were okay too.

But we had no expectation drummed into us.

" If he doesn't get me this , he doesn't love me."

This idea is bad enough.

Now it has become more along the lines of :

" If he doesn't get me this, he doesn't DESERVE me.'

Now I am all for self esteem and so on , but ladies..what about the gentlemen ? How much time and I will be crass enough to say it did you spend on your sweet baboo ?

Not fair, not nice.

Valentines Day cards started out , I've always hoped, as the way for a courting couple to take a moment and say to each other that they are the most special person in each others lives.

Ah...courting, what a lovely concept sadly forgotten.

There was a time when people actually not only said that, they meant it.

Years ago, my husband and I decided that Valentines Day as it is celebrated and presented today is a load of crap.

My husband has probably forgotten but the year we were engaged, I send roses to his office.

Boy, did his former roommate and coworker give him hell.

My husband gives me flowers for no reason and knows that I prefer a rosebush for the garden than a dozen over priced roses that will die in less than a week.

People being what they are have ups and downs, good days and bad , but overall..we should treat each other with kindness and consideration every day.


Now, if you want to get your special some one a card today that really says what you feel, or reminds you of all means , do it.

But sweeties, if you don't get one for what ever reason and you EXPECTED IT..and this causes an exuberant discussion between you and your love bunny,...

Grow up.

You have other issues...

And Kay Jewelers isn't going to help solve them.



Aunty Pol

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate and Beer

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate and Beer: This is Beer Week , and Beer and Chocolate are a great match. Lots of ways to celebrate this duo. There are Chocolate Ales to drink : ...

There ya go honey, two of your mostest favorite things. If this was down here, hell, we'd be living there.

I think that I am trying to come down with something.

Like my mother, I cannot sneeze once or twice for that matter.


Ten or twelve times in a row is the usual.

Not this time.

Our weather is it's usual wonky " First weekend of the islands ( Galveston that is) Mardi Gras so of course the weather is all back and forth, cold and rainy, warm and humid, often with in a 24 hour period.

It never fails, Mardi Gras, then Rodeo...cold season in the swamp , le sigh.

So, other than cancelling the nail appt ..yes...I know...I feel that crappy,....I am going to crash this weekend ..I hope.

Hisself will probably go south , which works out for the best, when I am ill..DO NOT HOVER..let me die in peace.

Or I could feel mo bedder tomorrow..

I love choices.

Happy Friday Eve.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm Not The Only One At My Office Who Does This !

One of the gals that I work with loves to cook and bake as much as I do so Betty Crocker sent me this e mail with the above link.

I had to put my head down on my desk after clutching my virtual pearls and commenting " Oh My Lord !"

We really do that down here .

Between Valentines day , Mardi Gras and voluptuous ass might just find itself ( herself ) in a new zip code if I am not careful....mwahaha.

In one respect I am lucky though.

When I make something like this , usually Jere and Cindy are over for dinner and I send a lot ( try half ) of the cake home with them.

And If I am good, the rest to SU's work.

It's the process for me that I enjoy the most ..and lets be honest..the "Oh's and Aws" aren't too shabby either .

Slap the know you want to .


Aunty Pol

Artichoke Bread

Oh Sweet baby Jesus, kill me now.

We love artichoke dip .

I LOVE it served in the hollowed out King Hawaiian sweet bread bowl,

It is amazing with that bread.

Kevin over at closet cooking had this post and photo on his blog recently and it made me think.

You could do this with almost any spreadable dip that is best served warm..hell you could make it up as you go with what you have on hand...

Be sure to check out the other dips listed there, I have already printed out the Jalapeno Popper Spread/Dip.

You're welcome honey.

Get a bib and slap Mr. Linky.


Aunty Pol

Monday, February 06, 2012

I Love Irony !

Amazon reportedly looking at opening retail stores

I wonder what the other former shoppers who used Walden Books, Borders, Crown and so on..and I include myself here will think of this.
Ironic, isn't it ?
Aunty Pol

The Other Bowl

Aberdeen dearest, you wuz robbed lil dude.

You should have been given the MVP ( Most Valuable Pup ) award in Puppy Bowl VIII !

OMG...the cuteness !

Yes, I am one of those people who watch the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet channel...and the program just before it with the cutest cat videos. Maru is by the way just as famous on the AP channel as Youtube.

And then there was Tiny Dancer.

She was the runt of the Abyssinian litter on a program that followed three breeds of kitten ( Persian, Aby and Bengal ) from birth to 12 weeks, and they were all pretty stinking cute...But TD..Oh Mah at first sight for Evil Old Aunty Pol here. She , being the runt and all needed some extra help and as she grew, she was a bit more solitary than her brothers and sisters which is odd for an Aby in the first place because they are very social as a breed...and you bet...she was the first one to explore a new room or try some thing new....NO FEAR Baby Girl....NO FEAR..which of course made me love her all the more .

The reality is that we are not in the market..if for no other reason than the fact that losing my Pookie is still to raw a wound and then there is the fact that the surviving 5 are not going to be open to a kitten and a solitary age wise kitten never works so there would have to be 2 and that puts us up to seven....


That face....look at that face....


Aunty Pol

Friday, February 03, 2012

Sweeties !

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

Puppy Bowl VIII

My alternative to all of the Super Bowl coverage the commercials of course to flip over to the Animal Planet to watch the Puppy Bowl...with the All Kitten Half Time...

Like this is a surprise ?

This year seems heavy on pit bull mixes..they are adorable klutzes at this age and Rat Terriers...aka hairless Papillons on speed.

This year airs 3 pm eastern or 2 pm central in Tejas .

Have a great weekend.

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

If Whoopie Says It...Take Heed Y'All !

She can say it, men can read it and the majority of men still won't get it.

Ain't life grand ?


Aunty Pol

For SU

Had to do it !

The Wife Unit .

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Thanks Phil.

I know that we desperately need the rain down here, and that we are going to have at least the same if not worse summer this year...hello April ,...Meet 100 degree temperatures.

I know that we need the slow soaking rain that we are getting now in order for the moisture to actually soak into the packed soil.


Damn it .....RAIN already.

The misty grey humid crap is just depressing after a week.


Carry on.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, February 01, 2012