Monday, February 06, 2012

The Other Bowl

Aberdeen dearest, you wuz robbed lil dude.

You should have been given the MVP ( Most Valuable Pup ) award in Puppy Bowl VIII !

OMG...the cuteness !

Yes, I am one of those people who watch the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet channel...and the program just before it with the cutest cat videos. Maru is by the way just as famous on the AP channel as Youtube.

And then there was Tiny Dancer.

She was the runt of the Abyssinian litter on a program that followed three breeds of kitten ( Persian, Aby and Bengal ) from birth to 12 weeks, and they were all pretty stinking cute...But TD..Oh Mah at first sight for Evil Old Aunty Pol here. She , being the runt and all needed some extra help and as she grew, she was a bit more solitary than her brothers and sisters which is odd for an Aby in the first place because they are very social as a breed...and you bet...she was the first one to explore a new room or try some thing new....NO FEAR Baby Girl....NO FEAR..which of course made me love her all the more .

The reality is that we are not in the market..if for no other reason than the fact that losing my Pookie is still to raw a wound and then there is the fact that the surviving 5 are not going to be open to a kitten and a solitary age wise kitten never works so there would have to be 2 and that puts us up to seven....


That face....look at that face....


Aunty Pol

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