Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I just fell in love with this picture, I really did.

Do you remember when we were all kids and they had those assorted boxes of non branded, non Disney cards ?

Did you ever make a Valentines Box in class out of something along the lines of an old shoe box that you decorated and cut a hole in the top ?

Did you ever fill out a bunch of the Valentines for your classmates to put ( secretly) in the boxes ?

Granted, this could go either way, either everyone is just happy as all get out or there is one poor soul that didn't get very many if any and was crushed by the process.

Valentines Day, beside being a complete commercial rip off and artificial creation nowadays, is the first real glimpse that kids have that someone may " like " them or that they themselves may "like " someone.

For the most part, at least to my baby boomer generation , this is where the mystery of it all begins to drive all of us completely bat shit.

Simple enough.

Grab some of those candy hearts with the saying on them and go for it.

Pass notes.


Girls...grab those purple or pink pens and start doodling his and your names in a big heart or doodle his last name with yours like you are married.

Boys...pretend you aren't aware of any of this.

We didn't expect flowers or diamonds..candy was okay because it usually was the smallish heart shaped Russell Stovers.

Later on , small stuffed animals were okay too.

But we had no expectation drummed into us.

" If he doesn't get me this , he doesn't love me."

This idea is bad enough.

Now it has become more along the lines of :

" If he doesn't get me this, he doesn't DESERVE me.'

Now I am all for self esteem and so on , but ladies..what about the gentlemen ? How much time and I will be crass enough to say it ..money did you spend on your sweet baboo ?

Not fair, not nice.

Valentines Day cards started out , I've always hoped, as the way for a courting couple to take a moment and say to each other that they are the most special person in each others lives.

Ah...courting, what a lovely concept sadly forgotten.

There was a time when people actually not only said that, they meant it.

Years ago, my husband and I decided that Valentines Day as it is celebrated and presented today is a load of crap.

My husband has probably forgotten but the year we were engaged, I send roses to his office.

Boy, did his former roommate and coworker give him hell.

My husband gives me flowers for no reason and knows that I prefer a rosebush for the garden than a dozen over priced roses that will die in less than a week.

People being what they are have ups and downs, good days and bad , but overall..we should treat each other with kindness and consideration every day.


Now, if you want to get your special some one a card today that really says what you feel, or reminds you of them...by all means , do it.

But sweeties, if you don't get one for what ever reason and you EXPECTED IT..and this causes an exuberant discussion between you and your love bunny,...

Grow up.

You have other issues...

And Kay Jewelers isn't going to help solve them.



Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hugs, honey!

Yes, I remember. And my parents said if I was giving one classmate a valentine, they should all get a valentine, because one day I could be that kid who got none.

So today I giggled, left a note to my server at my fav bistro, and an absolutely outrageous tip, that said she should buy the kitchen and wait staff a drink after shift.

I smiled all the way home.

<3 you!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

And the kitchen so deserved more than a round. Seared sea scallops on a lobster and petite pea risotto with a piquant baby watercress garnish. Followed by lobster bisque, since I didn't really feel like anything sweet for the finish.

I'd forgotten it was V day and just showed up for the regular $10 'Tallian Tuesday. Oh, God, I am one happy camper.

Did I mention they served a crisp white Idunnowhatkind of wonderful wine with this? I had two. I'm going to bed now. [Insert sappy smile here.]

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, and the risotto was scented with saffron and lime. I can only gush like this to you, you know. You and the SU understand. :-D

HubbleSpacePaws said...

And the lobster bisque had a crostini with lobster pate floating in it. Better than chocolate, even. Ok, I'm done now.