Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Am I Ready For Spring Or What !

My husband is not quite sure what to make of this jacket from Chadwicks. It is a bit different for me , it has PINK in it, but not some insipid , baby ass pink.....HOT PINK...and ORANGE !

What can I say..old cat, new tricks etc.

You see, I am trying to get out of the rut of only buying clothes for the office. I first saw this jacket in a lovely cream and black print which screams Aunty Pol because I wear some form of black every suits my mood..LOL. But the shopping Goddess was not being kind to yours truly that day because they did not have my size....bastards !

Then I saw this.

I'd been wanting to find some cute things that did not scream Monday through Thursday for the summer since we can wear blue jeans on Friday ...and I have some nice jeans by " Not Your Daughters Jeans" that I want to wear with sandals...high heel sandals....yes, even with jeans I will wear heels . I do want to get a couple more pair of the NYDJ jeans and have them hemmed to a shorter length because I have some REALLY cute flat sandals..but it is what it is.

Anyhoo...I got a wild hair and bought the jacket..on sale no less...and I friggan love it.

You see, I have red hair, dark red...really dark right now and I can to this day even though she's been dead 31 years ( hi Mom ) still hear my mother's adamant insistence that " Red Heads DO NOT wear PINK !!!!!! "

I have an aversion to pink to the point of almost being a liver and onions level aversion.

Think about it..people have a clear stand on liver and onions.

They either love it or turn green at the very idea of it.

Somehow the orange balances it out and I have never shied away fro any form of orange.

And then I found the earrings on ETSY.

Yup....we may not have much of a spring since they are saying that we will start hitting 100 degrees as early as April.............jeebus H.

It's going to be as bad as last year....

But...I'm gonna be looking GOOD !


Aunty Pol

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