Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moules a la Mariniere and Baked Pomme Frites

Ah..moules a la mariniere and pomme frites.

This is right up there with any serving of beef for a meal in my favorite meal category.

I am craving Carrabas right now .

Lest we think that Aunty Pol has gotten all hoi poloi as my mother used to's streamed mussels and french fries.

It's the Belgian equivalent of a Whataburger and fries.

For the traditional way to cook this, and you will be inviting me won't you ..I will bring the wine and fresh bread..BUT YOU WILL BE INVITING ME , WON'T YOU ??!!??!!???...boop Mr. Linky below.

Now, for a broiled version of this , and I like this link more because Deb really gives detailed directions on how to safely clean the mussels so it's worth the read...go here :

Get Real Dept:

I doubt that I will ever attempt this at home , simply because SU doesn't care for mussels and so it would be a waste and then some to do all of this just for Moi.

The recipe for the fries is another story.

Don 't faint, I do have some sense of reality on this sort of thing.

So it will have to be Carrabas.

I'll soldier through.


Aunty Pol

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