Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Windy Wednesday

Don't faint y'all.

I found a recipe that is not yummy baked goodness to share.

SU and I are cuke lovers, some people are , others not.

I call it more for me.

Betty Crocker was recently telling me about Pinterest , I think it 's called and it appears to be an organizational app of some kind so I checked into it , signed up for it ( minus points..still waiting for the confirmation e mail guys) and noodled around.

I found a new food blog, naturally and this recipe that I wanted to share.

The above photo is from her website and so in the interest of not killing us all with yet another calorie laden recipe, here you are .

Boop the linky below.

Regarding today's title..

The weather wonk, cutie pie Mr . Anthony on channel 2 claimed that it was going to hit mid 70's by 2 pm today.


It's very overcast and windy. should know better honey, the trail riders are heading into town.


Aunty Pol

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