Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heavenly Sweet Rolls And Heaven Bound.

Boop the link, these are super easy and I love a recipe that doesn't require me to roll out dough of any kind given the challenge of available counter in we don't have any.

There is some stuff going on right now for me in real life that might include an emergency trip to San Francisco in the very near future so bear with me..if I wander off or don't post a lot..lets just say Cancer is a bitch and Cancer that produces tumors on the brain stem is....ah hell...this will not be an isolated post so I'll give you the basics.

Evil Stepmother ( hey..she LOVES the nickname) has been dealing with breast cancer for over a year now . She lives in Daly City , just outside of San Francisco . She and I have over the years become close, not actual mother daughter close , but close and I write to her once a week if not every 10 days. She tells us as much as she is comfortable with and Gordon and I completely respect that , as does my youngest brother John , who is struggling with all if this . He is extremely close to her, having gone to high school with step brother. There are 6 kids all together, all grown, her 3 and dads 3...Anyhoo....All seemed well or as well as is the normal in this case...until Monday night.
Contrary to what Southside Johnny thinks, my cell phone is usually on .I used to be bad about that but have gotten in the habit, except after this past Sunday. Gordy was home, or if he went out he forgot his cell on the pass through ( again , rather unusual for him) so I didn't think about it.
I should have.
My step sister sent me a text that ES ( Evil Stepmother ) was now in hospice on Monday.
Southside called Gordys phone screaming at me to " turn on my GD phone."
Southside was sober.
I get it John...enough.
The cancer has spread and formed tumors on her brain stem.
Her hearing, sense of balance and bladder control are gone.
They are going to try radiation to give back some sense of is a rehab center and hospice, not just a hospice.
This doesn't usually help.
I have had many friends who have had their breast cancer return and the likely target is usually the brain.
The doctors give her anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months.
I have contacted everyone I needed to except my Dads sister which I will do today.
Some one here at the office ( I've only told a very few at work) suggested we go out there while she is still alive.
That is a lovely thought but this is Mary's time to be with her children. She knows that my brothers and I love her very much.
I hope she doesn't suffer long, her quality of life sounds nil .

I'll keep everyone posted.



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Frieda Loves Bread said...

Sorry to hear about your step mom ~ I hope all goes well. ((hugs)) and prayers being sent your way!