Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Fat Tuesday People !

It's Fat Tuesday y'all, and it's feeling s bit strange.

First of all , I am at the office.

And there is very little of the bead thang going on here .

I've only seen one Kings Cake.

Much as I noted around the Christmas holidays , the whole atmosphere is " meh."

Makes me want to break out some Beaujolais and cue up some BeauSoleil.

Come on y'all.

I feel bad enough that hisself is not going to be points east , tossing beads about 11 am , yes dear , I checked the Choctaw Krewe schedule...because that's how I am .

I am sure that there are a ton of parties all over town tonight because this is how we check the calenders.

New Orleans really is one of if not my favorite city in the world because there is so much to it.

I love the quarter, I love the shops and the antique shops and the food and the food..and the food...and the charm, and the music and the feeling.

You have to go there to experience it, I know that people say that about a lot of places and i am sure that it is all true...but it's fer real in New Orleans.

And did you know that Moon Pies qualifies as throws ?


Ok.."throws" is the common term for all of the beads that you see thrown off floats, along with doubloons and what nots. They are not free, as many people think, they have to be purchased by every crew member and there are some restrictions as to what can and cannot be thrown. They are not thrown away, they are sorted out and stored every year to be used the next. I wish I had pictures of the sorting process in the living room, it's worse ( my hand to Gaia) than a kitten and a ball of yarn.

Slap this linky to learn about Moon Pies, courtesy of Dying For Chocolate. :

Anyhoo, in the spirit of all of that, here is a recipe for Cajun Dump Cake from OuR KrAzy kitCHEn :

Now, Jere Lee does hers with pie filling , and hers is to die for. The kind you request for a birthday cake kinda good and I am gonna get that recipe.

Don't shoot me Lady Lisa.

Oh and for you NCIS junkies..tonight starts Jamie Lee Curtis's eps with MY Gibbs.


Hands Off.

Oh and Yes dear, I do like BeauSoleil..don't faint.


Aunty Pol

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