Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Non Super Bowl Super Bowl Food

Ok..time to fess up.

I only watch 2 types of football games, four if I am with Jere Lee :

1. The Army Navy Game ( GO NAVY..BEAT ARMY !)

2. Any WSU I can get down here .

3. The Saints and or LSU..Jere is from Louisiana.

I could give a rats ass about the Stooper Bowl. Don't offer me a chance to throw money on the damn squares..I barely know who is playing in any given year...and I don't win squat ever....Want to know what dog or horse will come in 4'th in any given race ? Ask me who I bet on.

We used to get together with friends on Stooper Bowl eat and drink adult beverages..and critique the commercials.

SU is usually snoring sometime in the third quarter whether we are at the gathering or at home...he ain't proud.

But all is not lost.

Stooper Bowl gives me a chance to check out all the yummy recipes out there like the one above.

Give me this cheesy jalapeno bread thingy and a cold Shiner and I will be a happy woman....fat...but happy.

Go slap Mr. Linky, you know you want to !


Aunty Pol

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