Friday, February 26, 2010

So Now We Know

Simon names who's 'So Vain'
Feb. 26, 2010, 9:54 AM EST
WENN- Carly Simon has ended nearly 40 years of speculation by finally naming the man who inspired her hit "You're So Vain" - her target was gay record label boss David Geffen.
The song, which catapulted the singer to fame in 1972, was rumored to be about one of her ex-boyfriends, who include Hollywood legend Warren Beatty and rocker Sir Mick Jagger, but she had persistently refused to name the man behind the track.
But Simon has now revealed who was so vain by giving fans a cryptic clue in an acoustic version of the song, which features on her upcoming album "Never Been Gone."
She tells Uncut magazine, "You know what, I'm just going to tell you this. The answer is on the new version of 'You're So Vain,' on my new record 'Never Been Gone.' There's a little whisper and it's the answer to the puzzle."
The singer whispers Geffen's name backwards in the track, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.
Geffen ran Simon's Elektra Records label at the time of the song's release and instead of being about a failed relationship, the lyrics are now thought to hint at the singer's lingering resentment after Geffen allegedly put more effort into promoting rival star Joni Mitchell.
Aren't you glad no one made any real money bets on who it was ?
Your Aunty Pol is..I am broke ass enough as it is , thank you very much .
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol


Check out the link to the following. I told Lady L at Space Paws I was going to steal it so there ya go...I did.
After the rant of the previous post..Minnie and the Moochers are gonna make me smile all day.
Lordy, I love Tuxies.
Aunty Pol

Self Explanitory

I get that we live in Texas.
I get that it is Rodeo time.
I get that the Rodeo does in fact generate a lot of scholarship money for 4 H kids and alike that work very , very , very hard .
I admire them.
I really do.
But the Trolls.
Yes, Bitches....I am talking about you.
Some of all y'all give even Buckle Bunnys a really bad name.
I mean damn.....Dolly Parton would not wear some of the crap that I've seen. Evidently even a bedazzler can go up in flames from over use.
Worse than that ...ahem....the "Tude "?
I've seen hyena's with better table manners.
It amazes me that your size 10 ass in a pair of maybe size 6 jeans hasn't sucked out all the oxygen from your brains..........oh wait.... it did , didn't it ?
Not every one opted for western wear today.
Myself included, because flash......I don't own any.
I don't do costumes.....not for work.
In my youth , I was one of those SCA'ers who did do the full regalia for the Renaissance Festival.
The difference being, we stayed in character.
The fashion parade or lack thereof was certainly interesting.
For all you sweet young things who feel entitled because said orifices are lined in gold and you have nothing better to do than prance up and down the halls in a wrangler/Cavenders walkoff...
I have one word for you .
In years to come it will be your new BFF.
Hugs and Kisses,
Your Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday

I chose the above because it's Rodiddio time down here in H town again....I hope those that need to , figure out which end of the horse is the bidness one.
Have a great weekend
Aunty Pol
P.S... I am not going to spoil the manly goodness that is Bruce with what will keep for another post so...carry on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is This A Face Or Is This A Face ?

An Itty Bitty Update on Myron and a SHAMELESS PLEA to please vote for Purrfect Pals.

Yes...I am a nag.

Yes , I voted again and will be voting every day for Purrfect pals till they pry my cold dead fingers off the keyboard.

I mean really.....Is that a face or is that a face ?

Other than that, life is as usual down here .

The trail riders are headed this way the the HLSR..Houston Livestocki Show and Rodeo y'all.

It's a big annual event here and every year that the trail riders set off to head this way the weather turns 9 kinds of f'd up...rain...cold...fog...more rain...snow up north...



It's snowing in Austin.

It's snowing in Abilene and Amarillo.

Even if we get some snow's tooo damn warm to stick.

Suck it up.

Yes, it did did snow here recently and yes , we made national news. It was a ginnormous pain in the ass. Houston is simply not equiped for it and God forbid we get slammed like the east coast did......Specs would be empty by gawd.

It ain't gonna be that bad y' calm your selves.

If your're going to get all that worked up..use it in a positive way and vote for Purrfect Pals...donate if you can for Myron...spread the word across the innertubes .



Aunty Pol

Monday, February 22, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Well gang, another Monday is upon us.
I wish I could say that the weekend was all rainbows and that's gonna happen at my Casa.
Unless the rainbows are induced via chemical ingestion and the unicorns are in Goth mode....fergit it.
I am feeling better, except for the episodes where I try to launch one of my lungs toward Vancouver via my nose or you a whole new mental image if curling doesn't it ?
Rarely have I been this sick.
The only reason that I am here is that I am out of PTO.
Paid Time Off.
I did not blow it all on a beach in the Turks and Caicos.....Le Sigh.
I had to use it up to pay for Pearl's repairs which I would gladly do again..
Of course I get a stomach virus and now have to cope with pollen issues.
I lost my voice which SU found beyond hilarious this weekend...GRRRR
I found it along with the cough from hell.....
This will pass.
What will not pass on a larger scale is our neighbor gal's real life crisis with her father. He is going to have to go into a home.
Very few take advanced stage Alzheimer's patients.
The gals came over on Saturday and Sunday night to sit in the dining room and talk.....or listen.
NG's mother had to write the letter to her children that let them know that she can not be the caregiver anymore.
It's all just become too much for her.
They all knew that this day was coming..and it still is heartbreaking.
Last night she found out that her fathers dementia has progressed more than anyone knew and that he is basically is so agitated that when he gets up out of bed..he falls.
All SU and I can do is listen and be there when she needs to talk about all of this or not.
We love out neighbor gals very much.
If anyone knows of a resource or support group that I can throw her way...please let me know.
Have a good week and remember to vote for Purrfect Pals.
Aunty Pol

Vote For Purrfect Pals....Do It Now For Myron

I copied this from Lady Lisa over at Space Paws.

I JUST VOTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets all vote daily.

If you are a follower or even an occasional reader....please...spread the word...copy this ...copy pictures that I have here of Myron.....lets do what ever we can to help Purrfect Pals have a chance at winning the's FREE !

Another Way to Help Myron's Forever Home!
Ok folks, time to use the force of the intertubes for good! Have you got a blog? Consider letting your readers know, too (And "Yay!!" and thank you to everyone who already has!)!If you don't know about Myron, scoot down one post and catch up! The wonderful group, Purrfect Pals, who took in Sue's little man can be helped without spending one single penny! (But of course we encourage you to throw as many green papers their way as your budget allows!) Because Myron tested positive for FeLV, he was a danger to Sue's other fosters and had to be moved. We were so thrilled Sue found this fantastic group which has facilities geared for these sweet kittehs and does not turn them away, as many other shelters would have had to do.So here's the deal on helping them even more:The $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge, hosted jointly by The Animal Rescue Site and Petfinder, started on January 18th. The Animal Rescue Site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible member rescue organizations to help animals. The grand prize is a $10,000 grant, and there are many other prizes!Visit www.theanimal to vote every day for Purrfect Pals and learn more. You don’t have to register, and voting is free. Support Purrfect Pals and vote today! (Click on the "Free Food & Care" then, on the next page, scroll down and click on the challenge. Enter Purrfect Pals and WA as the state, click search, then vote.)Purrfect Pals takes in, and rehomes over 2,000 animals a year. In addition, they offer free and low-cost spay neuter services to low-income families, and to feral TNR groups. Take a moment to vote for them, and help fund these wonderful folks. go! Let's do some good!!
Thanks !
Blessed Be .
Aunty Pol

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~ A Twofer

OMG I freakin love this.

Brisco and Lord Bowler in one shot !!!!!!!!!!

Yowza !

Happy Friday Y'all.

It's been a real mixed bag this week at the Casa.

The Good:

We are both on the mend after being sick.

The Bad:

The stomach bit kept me home for 3 days and now there is some sort of pollen out there that has made my sinus's feel like they have been scrubbed with a rusty ass Brillo pad and chlorine bleach...El Ewwwww !

The Good:

Xena has been eating a bit more and I know now which are her real preferences.

The Bad:

The $$ RX Canned Stuff.....she tries to now bury. I need to rotate more as she is beginning box issues again and dammit daughter...I spent green papers on the RX " Special Princess Foods."
SO you will at least eat some before La Hoover gets to it.

The Good:

We got the carpet cleaner back.

The Bad:

The water heater in the hallway is leaking and the Moron is supposed to have come by to replace/fix the piping.

The Good:

Jimmy Buffet tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

The Bad:

See Water Heater .

I am trying to not lose my mind folks , I really am.

We scrambled last night to get showers and teeth done....water bowls and pitchers filled and so on before cutting the water to the house .

Dear Bast,

Please let the Moron fix the beast.

Now bear in mind...the Moron knows we call him the Moron. It's a family joke. Other than the Cajun, he is SU's best friend, running buddy , beer hound and in general partner in crimes of any and all sizes. He still has his home remodeling bidness and when SU needed the work, the Moron hired him on.

I think the world and all of him.

He and SU are their own version of Lucy and Ethel.

Not Ralph and Norton.....

Lucy and Ethel.

They are almost female .

Think I'm crazy ?

You should hear them on the phone...f'ng hilarious.

Le Sigh.

It will get better.

We've been lucky over all considering that the house was build in 1976.

Keep Paws Crossed I have water at the Casa tonight .

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Myron Huggins

If for any reason Mr. Linky above does not work...go to
Before I go any further.....I am not asking anyone to donate.
That's a matter of choice.
I did .
It wasn't much.
I lost a son named Oogie to this disease in 1982.
He was my first furr baby son.
He was my first experience with losing a furr baby.
I miss him and his sister Missy to this day.
Every time I hear " Shake Your Booty" by KC, I think of him.
When he was a baby and it was a current hit , he'd raise his right paw and wave it back and forth.
Even at the age of 8 weeks , he was a genius.
Sister..he was the one we got from Tina and Claude..remember , he looked like Garfield.
Oh yes he did .
Anyhoo , just like FIV, there are more options than in 1982 when I lost Oogie.
It's hard and heart breaking at times but I truely believe that raising awareness for these kits is soo important....besides..
It's not like my fat ass needed another sammich from Jason's Deli.
Myron needs it more.
Kissy Face...Love the Boo !
Blessed Be.
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tired Of Feeling Puny

Yup..the above says it all.
SU and I BOTH managed to get sick late Sunday night with what we assumed was a huge case of indigestion.
The kind where you actually wonder if you are in fact having a heart attack and if so where the F are your glasses so that if you need to dial 911 you have at least a chance of getting it right.
NO..we did not have heart attacks.
I felt so bad that having gotten no sleep after 1 a.m. , I stayed home.
I have been home for 3 days with a bad bout of stomach flu...
The fever is finally broken...thank Bast....but I am still on with /off with sweats because my body cannot pick a temperature that it's happy with.
In other news, Xena is eating on a more regular basis and up until this morning had not yakked up her food.
The volume is less and of course the carpet cleaner is on loan to one of SU's co-workers but I will get the beloved beast back after work on Friday..
I WILL get it back Friday.....right ?
If will NOT be loaned out again.
Just sayin dear...that's all .
Off to find some broth...yummy !
Be warm and safe.
Aunty Pol

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready For This !

I have decided that I am ready for spring.
The top picture is Bluebonnets .
They are to just flat out die for .
It is traditional that folks travel north of the city every spring to go gasp and the beauty of the fields and fields of native Texas wildflowers. People take their kids up and I am confident that damn near every house has at least one photo of said child/children in fields of Bluebonnets , Indian Paintbrushes or a combination. If you have any common sense at all, you also know to check for fireant mounds before you plotz your kids ass down for that Kodak moment.
Oh shit.
Kodak moment.
I am that old.
Sorry peeps...I know of this thingy called a digital camera. I have been known to use one.
Digital moment just doesn't sound right to me so Kodak moment it will be.
Back to the blooms.
We can tell every year how much water we have gotten or not by the rate of blooms and their duration. You see them all along the big airport here and along the sides of the road..
God Bless You Lady Bird Johnson , if not for you , we would not have this abundance before us.
The second picture is of naturally Mr Boo Fay.
He who is not related to Warren .
DAH MAN is going to play here .....
He didn't play in town last year...the angels wept.
So did the Parrotheads.
As luck would have it , he will be playing on SU's birthday at the little house on the prairie, aka the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.
We are going !
Like we always have.
The office knows I won't be in the day after.
Not as one might suppose from over consumption of various adult beverages...oh did think that ...can't fool me.
I 'm taking it off because :
1. I can.
2. I am too old to handle the lack of sleep. It will be midnight before we get home at the earliest and the alarms go off at 5 am.
You read that right.
5 am .
So , SU has a mission next Saturday.
I buy , he flies.
Fins up y'all.
Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

She Lives.

Sorry that there hasn't been a lot here this week. Truth be told there wasn't a lot to tell.

How weird is that ..?

Pretty Damn Weird if you ask me .


I am officially tired of the thrice damn'd cold weather .

Yeah, I know , I know .

We don't have it as bad as others.

Lady L comes to mind up in B'More.

The sister of my heart and Double O Mullet have that sort of weather for about half of the year, but they are up in the wilds of the big Paloose so this is their normal.

I left that shit in 1982 and didn't miss it a bit.


Not for a Currier and Ives second.

I'm older.

My bloods thinned out.

I'm tired of washing sweats.

I'm consoling myself with a big ass brisket this I will live.

Xena is eating a bit more and I have a new title at the Casa.

Just call me the " Food Whisperer".

Stay safe and warm.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Clothing Drive

This is completly hillarious, but may not be safe for opening at work ..depending on yur HR guidelines. It is appropriately censored and it did make it's way through my office.

Enjoy WILL make you laugh insanely.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Angie at " Adventures In Homecooking " Has Another Winner

Adventures in Home Cooking
A peek inside my recipe box.
Find Entries

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love my crockpot. I also happen to love beer. When I saw this recipe, I considered throwing it together right away and eating it for Monday morning breakfast. Why? Because I have some major issues that need to be addressed. But I digress.This is really good, and really simple. Ridiculously simple, in fact. I almost hesitate to blog it because it isn't really cooking, and there isn't even any preparation involved, just dump it into the crockpot before work, set the timer, and come home to deliciousness. This is PERFECT for a weeknight meal, or for busy moms, or for people who like to sit at home all day and smell dinner cooking. In fact, you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now, unless you don't like which case, I don't think we can be friends anymore.
Beer-Cooked Pot Roast2-3 lb. chuck roast (or your favorite pot roast type-beef)
Salt & pepper
2 envelopes Italian dressing
mix1 envelope onion (I used onion and mushroom) dressing or soup mix
1 T. garlic powder
2 bottles light beerLight
Season beef with salt and pepper. Throw it in the crockpot. Pour in the Italian dressing seasonings, followed by the onion soup mix. Top that with the garlic powder. Pour in the beer (resist the urge to take a swig if you're leaving for work soon). Cook on low for 8-10 hours.That's it. No, really. That's it.Notes:
I have a large crockpot, which comes in super for big parties and dinners, but not so for dinner for two. Because of this, I usually top the meal with a piece of foil to fake out the roast. It doesn't work perfectly, but it's saved many a crockpot meal in the Frazzoo house.
This comes out amazingly tender and perfect. It's almost unreal.
Some reviewers said they used a dark beer and then made gravy and the gravy was bitter. I stuck with light beer because that's what we had on hand, but a nice Guiness would be great here.
We gobbled this up. It's perfect for busy nights and busy people. Life is good.
Hatsm off to Angie over at Adventures in Home Cooking.....this is a winner .
Her actual blog is :
Check it out..she's great.
Have a great day.
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oh , Today Is Not The Day For This

Bast knows that I have a quick temper in the best of times.
I cannot help it , alter it or amend it and at my age I see no reason to even consider trying.
The upside is that I get over it as quickly as it erupts and I move on , calm and able to deal with whatever the F has just pissed me off.
It is what it is .
Bast spare me from another day of the passive aggressive gossip girl roaming packs of witless wonders who think that they are immune to everything else that the rest of us are obliged to agree to , accept or generally follow along with .
Unless it's lined with gold honey,, I for one am not impressed and further said orifice is indeed lined with gold....what the Fuck are you doing here...unless you feed a burning need to confirm to one and all that you can can be both stupid AND lazy at the same time.
Aren't your parents proud ?
Aunty Pol

Monday, February 01, 2010

Xena Wants To Speak NAOW

I am Xena and I have my laser eyes of death and destruction on you.....fear me.


I am making my Mommy batshit crazy here so I am taking over this bloggy thing tonight.

I ate.

SO far it is not rumbly tummy for me so I don't think I need to decorate the carpet yet.

I do not like going to the sticky place in the PTU.

I do not like seeing my mommy's eyes leak.

I do not like having to hear that I can't have new toysies because the green papers went to that crap they made me go through.

I know that I deserve all the attention I can get because I am after all the Princess...but not like this.

MY mommy will update and get my glamour shots and biography up there for my adoring fans soon.

I need my beauty sleep so I have to go for NAOW.

Feel free to adore me.

You know you want to .

Xeni Gabini Princess Wubbie Woo

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!'s not leukemia and it is not a tumor.
She spent almost a half day at the vet's Saturday with SU,
She 's been throwing up more and had some diarrhea so off she went.
Full blood panel and x rays.
Empty tummy and bowels.....but full of gas.
We have 2 liquid Rx's that we have to give her so it's hell on earth at the Casa right now, it's just tearing me up to see what she goes through as we hold her down to shoot as much of it down the gullet as we can.
I'll keep all y'all posted.
A Very Upset Aunty Pol