Friday, February 12, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

She Lives.

Sorry that there hasn't been a lot here this week. Truth be told there wasn't a lot to tell.

How weird is that ..?

Pretty Damn Weird if you ask me .


I am officially tired of the thrice damn'd cold weather .

Yeah, I know , I know .

We don't have it as bad as others.

Lady L comes to mind up in B'More.

The sister of my heart and Double O Mullet have that sort of weather for about half of the year, but they are up in the wilds of the big Paloose so this is their normal.

I left that shit in 1982 and didn't miss it a bit.


Not for a Currier and Ives second.

I'm older.

My bloods thinned out.

I'm tired of washing sweats.

I'm consoling myself with a big ass brisket this I will live.

Xena is eating a bit more and I have a new title at the Casa.

Just call me the " Food Whisperer".

Stay safe and warm.


Aunty Pol

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yay on Xena!! Sorry I haven't been by much lately. Too busy for words. Dag, things need to slow down to a dull roar.

And I heartily second I'm sick of the cold. Same reasons cited.

And they're calling for more snow on Monday. *sigh* If I wanted this much snow, I'd have moved to Alaska! ;-)