Friday, April 30, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Well..that's about par for the course today.

Blogspot won't let me upload the usual photo from the office..I'll try to add one later.
edit: Finally today ( Monday ) I can upload my BC - huzzah !

Thank ( insert deity of your choice here ) that it's Friday.

Thus far today I have:

1. Lost and retrieved my keys .

2. Located and repo'd my ATM card .

3. Slipped on wet tile but thankfully this time no broken bones to report.

4. Realized that my sinus headache will no go away not matter what I do or take.

5. Realized that Blogspot will also not let me make an edit....grrrrr.


Tomorrow has to be better but I suspect it will be busy so ..lucky me...I'd better address Mt. Maytag starting tonight.

Oh and SU has had as bad a day as I have had ..happy happy joy joy.

Have a good weekend if you can.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pistol Packing Perry

Yep..that's our Gov.
Pistol Packing Perry.
It took me a minute or two to go "Baroo?"
Dah GOV went a joggin.
Dah GOV went a joggin with his daughters lab puppy.
Dah GOV went a joggin with his daughters lab puppy and his Ruger.
Dah GOV went a joggin with his daughters lab puppy and his Ruger because there were snakes in the area .
Dah GOV went a joggin with his daughters lab puppy and his Ruger where they met a Coyote.
Dah Gov want a joggin with his daughters lab puppy and his Ruger and sent Mr. or Mrs. Coyote off to dirt nap land.
I am semi calling bullshit on this one.
I used to have and raise lab puppies in the 7'th level of Hell known as my first marriage. You don't jog with a puppy. You chase after them , even if they are on a chase after them because , Bless them their one reaction to anything that is not food or a chew toy is " Shiney....Let's play with it ."
A lab puppy doesn't know from snakes.
A lab puppy is going to see a stick or a snake and think..." Play Play Play."
You don't jog in an area with a lab puppy and potential snakes.
Common sense tells us that.
But as dah GOV has aptly shown .." F dat..I got mah Ruger."
He probably did have to put the Coyote down before his daughter's puppy charged it to try to play.
With a Laser sighted Ruger .380.
And he want's my vote ?
Guess my answer.
Aunty Pol

Santa's Ebil Elf

Miss Anne's Bread Dipping Oil :

Originally Posted On Calamity Anne's Adventures
adapted from Anne Fleetwood ( Author )

You'll Need :

2 cups olive oil
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoon dried parsley
1 tablespoon fresh garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried & crushed rosemary
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dried & crushed red pepper
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
Mix all the ingredients into either a bottle or jar, and blend well. Give a jar a good shake before pouring into a serving bowl.
Serve with lots of fresh crusty bread!
Store in the refrigerator, but bring to room temperature before serving.

Calamity Anne's blog has some of the most wonderful recipes that I know of.

Other than PW..her's is the one that I check every day for the yummies. She and I share a love of Mussels steamed in white wine sauce, Carabba's and the tile coasters that she made for me...

Yes...she's the one.

SU and I love bread dipping sauces but with his dental issues over the last few years we've had to set that aside. Sourdough or an good artisan bread is the only way to do this so that it tastes right. The bread must have a certain amount of body to it to be properly enjoyed. I hope this will soon change.

As I am drooling over the post on her hit me.

Christmas prezzies.

Yes..I am already thinking about it.

Make up a batch of Miss Anne's Bread dipping Sauce ( see Anne....I named it for ya ) , put it in an artsy fartsy cute bottle with a copy of the recipe..


Have a great day.


Aunty Pol...Santa's Ebil Elf.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Think My Heart Is Broken

For an explanation , please go to

My heart goes out to Miss Nancy, Miss Alice and Miss Jane , not to mention the survivors who are left. Parvo takes few pisoners so please say a prayer to St. Francis for all those involved.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The End Of An Era

Rest In Peace Mrs. Post.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am known for being able to put the arc in Snark. Anyone who reads this blog is assured of that. For that I do not apologize for it is who and what I am .

And yet, it is with sadness that I saw the above on MSNBC's home page.

Yes...I sincerely believe that manners matter , now more than ever.

Being kind, gracious and thoughtful seem more often than not to have gone by the wayside and I am not referring to the calling card white glove wearing days that have gone by.

Putting another person at ease, not causing distress and taking a genuine interest in another's point of view....whether you agree with it or not is what I believe is an essential part of good manners.

I am to try to work on it every day and the older I get the more I not only see a need for it but improvement on my behavior.

Essentially it boils down to being treated as we all would like and to do our best not to hurt anyone else

On that note..I need to dash off a thank you note to the Step Mother for my birthday gift...

Good manners do count.


Aunty Pol

Dear Hearts And Lovely Readers

In great humility , I come to you to talk to you about a new organization that I am impressed with ,and it needs your support.
Drum Roll Please
You see, certain lifestyle choice that we have made have had a direct effect on our disposable income . We have tried and tried and tried..but the siren song of food has just been to hard to resist.
Sadly, through no effort on our part, Pearl the Wonder Car has decided to take an early retirement and so we are in dire need of financial assistance .
We accept cash, credit cards, cashier checks, money orders, baseball cards with a certain collectible market authentication, promissory notes, Treasury Notes, bearer bonds , green stamps , winning lottery tickets , metro tokens, loose sofa change , precious metals, aluminum cans, and most foreign currency.
Do what you can it today.
Bless You .
This is a sarcastic response to yesterdays bit on Bankruptcy such .org exists.
A joke.
I will open up the biggest can of whup ass ever made if I think for one minute any of y'all think the above is for real.
You are all clearly smarter than that .
Carry On.
Aunty Pol

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Aunty Pol

Restoring Bankruptcy Baldwin


Ok....I was going to buy a new car next month...we've had some bills ya know...

But wait...

I'm gonna do a Bankruptcy Baldwin !

That's the ticket.

I'll get some pal/chum/co-worker/hapless wino off the street corner to offer up a moving and sincerely heartfelt testimonial as to why SU and I need to set up a dot org like this one to fund dah new ride.

F'G Brilliant !

I blame no one but BB.

His faith appears to be sincere and I applaud that , but do you really think the Deity of his choice is particularly pleased at this Evangelical Shakedown ?



I guess a loan from Alec is out of the question since he hasn't decided wether to run towards Canada or not anytime he often threatens.

Just go Alec..ok...?

Shatner's still doing Shatner so you really don't have a lot going on do you ? The funniest thing you've done lately is that HULU commercial , and it's been a while since I saw that one come to think of it.

Take BB with you please .

I've got some lakefront property you might want to look at too.


Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Heh Heh Heh..Gwen and her lads..Gawd I miss that show but am grateful to all the Lords of Cobol that the deal for FOX to " re-do and Americanize " the show fell flat...
Neener Neener Neener.
All in all it was a lovely weekend , even with the continual issue of Princess Super Pooper. Yes, we did go get the new boxes...blah blah fishcakes, but for her it is a matter of GTG NAOW.
I am hopeful it will resolve itself...failing that we LUB the new floor cleaner...swift , judicious attendance to the problem or as I call it " Being on Poop Patrol" helps...that and new Yankee Candles.
Why is is that when ever I find something that I really like and rely on , the PTB's decide to discontinue it ?
Be it auburn hair dye..oh noes...the secret is out....LMAO...or a candle scent, it never fails. The closest I could find to my beloved Greenhouse ( smelled just like the original Herbal Essence Green shampoo..or fresh cut grass...) is Dune Grass. Works pretty well and he doesn't hate the scent. I have learned over the years to save receipts as he has a very sensitive nose and will just go all John Barrymore on me if he hates something.
He played golf yesterday so the ladies and I played in the yards, it was warm but there was a wonderful breeze..hells bells it was windy which made it nice.
I think the Verbena is pffft so our record between the NG's and I is in tact..we just can't grow it....sigh.
Have a great week.
Welcome to the readership Nik.
Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lookey Lookey Lookey Lookey !

Yippeeeeee !
I found a photo to grab from her Etsy shop
and I just had to post it.
I love them.
I adore them.
I displayed them to the NG's like it was 1955 and I was showing off my new fangled Tupperware.
I want more.
I want to give them as Christmas gifts.
I want to figure out how to get a particular design done for Jeri Lee but the Craw de Lis ( sp) is a copyrighted work since it is original art and's Hammer Time.
" Can 't Touch This "
Now that song is stuck in your're welcome.
Go check out her shop.
The package was better than Dillards or Amazon had ever done. The tag was beautifully hand drawn and damn...the tape on the bubble wrap..I would have gladly sacrificed a nail.
You heard me SU.
After you " BARK THE VOTE", visit her shop.
I know you did , because you are all wonderful folks who know the peril of pissing your Aunty Pol off.
Have a great day .
Aunty Pol
NOW >>>>>GO VOTE !

In the Expanding Universe That Is In Fact My A** ~
Above is the link to Pastor Ryan's Monkey bread via Miss Ree and Pioneer Woman.
Yes Miss Lisa and Sister of My Heart...I am stoping at Kroger on the way home for the canned biscuits and cinnamon.
As my ass and the universe continue to expand....
I wonder what a dash or 3 of nutmeg would do for this.
Aunty Pol.....aka Starvin Marvin

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ask Dr. Baltar

Dear Dr. Baltar,
I find myself becoming increasingly anxious over the lack of real communication and news within the Fleet.
It is easy enough to lose track of time itself unless aided by the 33 minute clock so as a Doctor, what course do you recommend that I use to reduce my concerns.
Thank you,
Sweating Saul
Dear Sweaty,
Time ?
News ?
Little damp person, you would do well to make up your mind as to what it is exactly that you are demanding to know...I pride myself on the precision of my denials.
Good luck and good day to you sirrah.
Adios Brooklyn Bradshaw.
Or as I truly prefer:
Well kids..Brooklyn Bradshaw is gone and I for one am happy of heart.
To re-cap:
This little paralegal twit is the one that was consumed by designer labels that frankly I suspect she could ill afford.
In her Marc Jacobs boots, working those 2 size too small clothes from Barney's with her Prada bag, her whole life was a walking vogue.
In the 4 ( the MOST 5) months that she has been here, we are still at a loss as to what she actually did here other than collections for a Shareholder.

Well...other than cupcakes.
Now don't get me wrong...I love all forms of bakery goods.
Hers were eye pleasing as far as the presentation...but the execution.....tough,
Not what I want in a baked good.
Some of the heathens around here, both the grabbing free shit for all it's worth variety and those of the jiffy poppin lifestyle thought she was cats ass...sorry babies...
I can bear with that .
My issue was simple.
From almost day one that she became employed here, she has done little but run down the firm and her co-workers , both verbally and via Facebook .
It is rather hard to keep sub rosa the fact that you are interviewing when you allude to it on your Facebook page.
If you are that unhappy or unfulfilled in your position, I understand that.
Make a choice to change the current situation or find another.
It is just sooo ill mannered in my opinion to prance up and down the halls announcing to one and all the count down on the time line of her freedom.
Guess what BB ?
You never even gave the firm or us a real chance , did you ?
We were friendly and helpful, but I guess we aren't quite East Coast Metro enough for you ...Sad Panda.
Goodbye and Good Riddance you cut rate Carrie Bradshaw.
And...just in...
Your cupcakes Sucked !
Aunty Pol

To Cliche Or Not To Cliche

I was going to post this yesterday...but.....
I rather like to avoid the cliche......
Happy Post 4/2o.
Snerk !
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help Hospice Patients Keep Their Pets ~ Please !

Please...go to this site and vote every day .
It's FREE.
Imagine the pure hell of having to go into hospice or extended long term care.
Then imagine you are a pet parent.
Then imagine you have no one to help with their care.
Grim ?
It happens every damn'd day.
BUT .............
Darlins...we can make an effort and quite possibly a difference.
Use Mr. Linky above.
Aunty Pol

Monday, April 19, 2010

OMG..They survived.

The above is a picture of a Carnation of India. baby that is under the bedroom window in the middle of the rose bed is coming back. NG and I saw lil bitty green shoots at the base of the shrub which is more the size of a small tree.
The same can be said for the Plumbago so Andy will be a happy boy even tho he damn near gave his mother a heart attack on Saturday by hiding in the NG's garage which is fine ....except that the other neighbor ..the crazy one came by about 11 am to see if Andy was in the house because she saw a dead yellow cat ( K..Andy is orange you idiot) in the on sentence much ?
The Duranta is doing it's are the Biskits ( Hibiscus) ...the Flame bush ..ditto all in all we did really luck out.
SU did a weed and feed this weekend so I can't complain about the rain that we had today..I did do some watering but who the hell wants to own a MUD..don't ask about the bill...m'kay?
NG had gone to Chrome Depot and had gotten a new baby...a small Bougainvillea called Bambino in a really pretty lavender and of course I had to have them so while we moved some overgrown Salvia she had into bald spots in our beds...
" Honey....I need three of these..go get 'em".
Thanks can you dig a hole for one of them ?
Yes dear , you can go to the Ice House
As he shakes his head..yes..Monkey See Monkey Do....... is how we roll in our gardens,...LOL .
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

I know , I know that this is usually the John Barrowman post....

I watched the premier of the latest Dr. Who, and I have to say that I just flat out loved it.

Matt Smith may be the youngest one EVER to play the Dr. but he more than held his own.

From the new opening intro graphics ( kick ass by the way ) to the dialogue to the pace to the inclusion of Annette Crosbie ( those of us that are older than dirt will remember her as Catherine of Aragon in the Six Wives Of Henry The Eighth staring Keith Michell.)

Dear PTB's at BBC..Please , oh please do a cross over ..!

Check it out ..really...

Have a great week .


Aunty Pol

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Ok..Ok...No....I have not lost what little mind I have left .

All y'all should have figured out by now that I am NOT a morning person.

I am of the " Do not talk to me before 10 am and I've had my Dunkin Donuts coffee " variety gal.

SU should remember this.

It would save me being less that ladylike in any reply to him as he yammers all the damn way into town first damn thing in the morning.

HINT much ?

Anyhoo...for one reason or another , I am going to be buying that little beauty tonight after work.

NO...not Bruce...Gawd don't I wish...Lisa..I'd even share honey honest and true I would ~ LMAO.

We've had our carpet cleaner at least 12 years because it's been 10 years since the robbery and we had the new carpet then and I'd bought the cleaner a couple of years before Sonny installed the carpet and I don't recall how long he's been gone...

So lets say 12 years and be done with that bit of malarky.

I have got to have a carpet cleaner that really works right now with Xena's issues.


I think we've work the original one out and while it is sweet for the NG's to loan open ended their spot bot..that ain't cutting it.

I hate to admit this as a world class shopper , but I've never set foot in a Kohls .


Guess who has the best price from all of the on line research I've been doing ?


Hello Kohls

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

More Than Flowers Bloom Every Spring

The below is posted/copied by permission from Sue over at .
As I have always said ..bluntly...if I am asking you all to do something I will say namby pamby in my shakedowns..thank you very much.
It's kitten please read and consider the following. This applies to puppies too...Aunty Pol loves all de bebes.

I'm forwarding a message received from Monica, our Volunteer Coordinator. It occurs to me that this time of year, the same message could no doubt be sent from a number of shelters and rescues.Please consider helping a shelter in your area. There are scads of babies being born that need to be fed.Thank you!As moms and babies roll in, we like to supplement their diets with canned cat food. They seem to do better on the chunky, sliced in gravy kind (Friskies, Meow Mix, etc) as they can slurp up the gravy as well as chunks.Whatever you can provide is appreciated and very helpful. This will get these special guys the extra good stuff they need (including the moms) so they can pack some weight on and be ready for altering and their new homes.The donations can be placed in my office so they can go directly to the vet staff/foster area and not be mistaken for food bank supplies. Customer Service can write up any donation receipts you might need for your records.
There are shelters in every ones area.
There are donation boxes at the front door of both Petco and PetSmart.
Google your local ASPCA or Humane Society.
Google " No Kill Shelters " in your area.
Ask your vet.
Ask a pet parent.
Ask a pal.
Thank you all for reading this.
Blessed Be.
Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Well..another Casa Crisis averted..nothing big but a pain in the ass nevertheless.
On the up side, it appears that the " Growing Of The Herbs " experiment is doing well.
In other words, I have not managed to kill them all yet.
Don't get me wrong, I am usually quite successful in whatever I under take in the garden having learned through trial and error over the years.
For example...pale white way .
Plant a rose that is supposed to be rather compact ?
Shazaaam !
It's a climber !
Who knew ?
We got some rain today for which I am grateful because I dread the approaching summer water bill.
It is what it is.
Other than that I am happy that the Duranta appears to be coming back, I saw some small green leaves last for once , I an going to stay on top of pruning so that it doesn't get out of control...this plant grows fast and leggy.
Now , if only Andy's Plumbago would cooperate...sigh.
I wish I was as brave as Miss Calamity Anne and her seeds....she is rather gifted...I am not.
Oh well she said .
Have a great day .

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ask Dr. Baltar

Dear Dr. Baltar,

As the legitimate President of the Colonies , you have had vast experience dealing with the diplomatic nuances necessary to successful negotiations between two or more opposing parties. As such , I seek your expert guidance in a matter of some delicacy.

Even before the destruction of beloved Caprica, I had noticed more and more that the social niceties were becoming more and more rare. Familiarity between the different strata of our society had become so ingrained that one rarely had the pleasure of hearing ones self being addressed as ones station would have demanded.

As our journey has now progressed, I see this further erosion amongst the various ships and personnel of the fleet and often am at a loss as to a solution.

With out a proper address denoting ones family , much less rank, how is one to determine the best way to offend no one and thus ensuring that one does not make the mistake of thinking the filthy pilot just back from patrol is just that ...and not Adama ?

Dear Boot Licker

Quite simply, unless you know exactly whom it is you are addressing, a simple Sir or Madame should in most cases suffice. If possible, model your behavior after your betters when you are in their presence . We are after all easily identified .

Gaius Baltar, President in Absentia.

I have only been blogging for a few years and really embraced it only in the last year or so.

I have used the name Boschka as a gaming avatar in the RPG's for so long ( usually when I write as my character Duchess Polgara ( see Anne- there it is again) Moritani in our beloved Dune games. I've gamed with one group for so long , over 10 years in fact ( shout out to CE and BT) that they still call me this day.

I am registered as Boschka at Miss Ree's Tasty Kitchen.

Boschka , by the way is the name of one of our girls.


Boschka was always easy for me to use as it is so unusual that I knew no one else had it...and if they did was an account that I had already registered for and had simply forgotten...DOH !

Others know me from here as Aunty Pol.

A few that I have struck up real friendships know me by real name ...I rarely let that slip here.

I had to laugh my ass off today.

I so admire Calamity Anne's creativity , I can't draw a straight line much less any thing else, but in fairness ..I have some small modicum of talent in the garden.

I found her Etsy shop and just fell in love with a set of tile coasters that she did. There was only one set of a particular design so I figured " Screw It" .

I was a good girl and paid the taxes today so I deserve a prezzie.

I know now to save a copy of a picture of a onsie if I want to blog using the picture ....sure ' soon as the sale was made, as a reliable merchant will, Anne took the picture off of her shop site....WAH !

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.

It's a wonderful picture of an antique French Guinea stamp....and I lub them.

I got the sweetest e mail from Anne .

She did not realize that Aunty Pol and Boschka from Tasty kitchen were the same gal.


See..I really do have little voices in my head ...and they all have their own names.

Have a good day and try to get through tomorrow as best you can.


Aunty Pol

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Dare You Not To Laugh Out Loud !

Ok..this made me almost spew the work no less.
NO.. not the adult kind silly people .
Aunty Pol

Thanks to Lady Lisa

Ok..this made me laugh out loud.

Thanks sweetie...I really needed that .


Aunty Pol

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Ok...Ok...It's not just a photo of John's Ianto and Gwen too...don't say I don't ever do anything for you
It's been a quiet Monday for the most part which is good because I swear to Gaia, everything I touched yesterdat afternoon went all pear shaped on me and I do mean everything .
Even the thrice damn'd oj jug.
I just finally had a small melt down and walked out of the kitchen because I was damn near about to throw the SOB in the trash .
And of course , every time I turned around some kitty urp'd on the carpet and the carpet cleaner is acting all wonky so we have the girls spot bot and I need to get us one of our own but the taxes are due this week and a new car is in the offing in a month and the car is on it's last legs and I think that my brain is going to implode....
It will get better.
No dear, it's not you , it's just a lot of stuff right now so please do not bug me over all of this ..I'm just having a walking anxiety attack right will all blow over.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Friday, April 09, 2010

And This Is Another Reason We Revere Spring Time In Texas

We really only have two seasons down here .
Hot which is mid April til mid November...or cold and rainy as in Mardi Gras or the Rodeo.
Except for a few blessed days like now when we have what we consider skeeters are not that bad yet and you haven't watered enough to own your very own MUD district.
Bless you Lady Bird Johnson and everyone who makes sure that no matter what , Brenham and the Hill Country have their Bluebonnets.
Aunty Pol

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday Everyone .
I'm Back !!!!!!!
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and celebrated in what ever fashion makes them the happiest.
For myself, I finally took some time off, just a few sorely needed days to putz about.
The kitteh's , especially Madame Xena became totally spoiled with the idea that the Momma was going to be home to cater to her every whim and need.
I do however wish that the concept that Momma can actually sleep in to 8 am registered with her.
Oh hell no.
Momma...Momma the small itty bitty paw smacks me in the head....
FEED ME>>>>>FEED ME>>>>>>>FEED ME >>>>>>>
Um...darlin..didn't her Daddy feed her at 4: 30 when he gets up ?????
Yes ?
Well then ....let Momma sleep.
NO !
Whap , whap , whap .
It always amazes me the power that a tiny itty bitty bebe can pack into a wallop.
Needless to say, they ate well and often.
The herb garden is done....yes dear....if it is more than 2 pots of herbs , it is in fact a garden.
Sage ( x 2 ) , Thyme, Cilantro ( x 2) and Chili Peppers were planted. Hopefully to be followed by Tarragon and Rosemary.
I replaced Geraniums, planted 2 more Hydrangeas....yes...SU dug the holes in the beds...I am not crazy but if it went into a pot I did it. We also planted Verbena and Petunias , a rose for my birthday, scented Geraniums , Lavender and I moved a few plants .
All in all I am very happy with the way that it all turned out and have only a few more plants to buy before the mulch is purchased and delivered, never ends....LOL.
I also got ruthless and cleaned out all 3 of my closets....Sister....I found a size 8 jacket...yes has been that long overdue.
Other than is much the same save for the passing of SU's Aunt Genie last Saturday. She had been in a nursing home up in Lufkin and it really was a blessing.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Good Friday Y'all.
There is something that I feel a need to vent bear with me.
I was raised by two parents who tried , and more often than not failed, when I was young to instill certain modes of behavior in me.
One in particular was " It's not what you say but the way you say it."
All well and good.
As an adult , I do sincerely try to be mindful of this and embrace it.
Partially because of the nature of my position at the office.
Partially as an attempt to embrace civility.
Partially because I can still at the age of 55 hear my late parents voices in my head....yeah...I know...scary/sad but true.
It just amazes me how a simple statement , sans attitude can be taken so amiss.
Bear in mind that I am not exactly proud of the fact that I have a mouth like a sailor on shore leave.
And there is often a disconnect between the brain and the orifice.
And I have a considerable temper.
And I do not suffer fools.
Egad, " Confessions R Us ".
Here are just two examples.
A few years ago, we went to go see family out of state. They had /have a young child and I made the remark to them that I was " going to be careful."
I assumed they knew that to mean my language around their child.
They know my love of any 4 letter word.
SU will tell you that I am always on his ass ( see....that word just wrote itself.) about his language around children.
The phrase " Going to be careful " was assumed to mean my consumption of alcohol.
As a child of alcoholics , I have had issues with demon rum or bourbon or get my drift....and I am aware of my own issues.
I would not and never have gotten trashed around a child.
They made a judgement that I should have corrected and never did.
It is what it is.
They are my family and I love them.
They will think of me what they will.
I cannot change that.
The other example that just grinds my ass ( see ..there it is again,.....Dammit) is courtesy of one of the entitled princess poo poos at the office.
Poo Poo got a 'tude with me when I told her that when she books a conf. room that for a meeting that has special needs ( snerk) that she really needs to let me know so that I can accommodate the need.
Her answer was ..." Sorry to bother you."
Poo Poo....
First of all....I am your elder.
Do NOT go there with me.
I used a pleasant tone with you and smiled.
I've got your number Poo Poo......but unlike you, I will be pleasant and mindful of not only what I say but how I say it.
See Mom ?
See Daddy ?
I did listen.
Have a wonderful holiday...I have 2 bathrooms to tidy so..yeah...huzzah for the day off.
Now where the hell is MY chocolate bunny ?
Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bye Bye Lil Drewster

Sadly, Laurie and Craig over at the IttyBittyKittyCommittee had to say goodbye to their Grande Dame , Miss Drewy who passed at the age of 18.
We have been through this and know how hard it all is so we know that Missy, Oogie, Sarge, TJ, Casey , Bubba, Peaches, Keisha, and Jake are waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge with nip, toys and tuna.
Blessed Be.
Aunty Pol

Happy Easter Everyone

A tad early , I know, but I am out of the office starting tomorrow and all of the really darling vintage bits i have stored are on the office pc.
Yes, I have a sh*tload of pictures on the home pc but the way that they are loaded is still problematic and would take away from my FB time.
Please note that the middle picture is of the cutest child on the what appears to me to be a vintage mid century inspired Easter outfit.
I almost fell over from the giddyness of the cute....but then recovered as I realize that I dropped the ball and didn't think to get her the mandatory Easter handbag..white patent of course.
Bad Granty Pol....Bad Granty Pol
Note: Granty = Great Aunt
Our plans for the holiday and my birthday are mild to say the least.
Hisself is going to play goof tomorrow with the Moron...and then they will attend the Shell Open...thanks to JEB for the passes...
I want to dig in the dirt and sleep in and get the Casa spiffy and if I can't have World Peace and a will do.
I would really like to go to the nursery to get some more plants...but the kids need their advantage and I need to stop at Slammin Sammy's...we did Kroger last night....and the ducats will only go soooo far.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday....
Be Safe, eats lots of chocolate...and if you have little ones....either bipeds or the 4 on the floor variety...or both....please be careful of that green Easter basket grass stuff...anyone can choke on it and it's really bad for dah kittehs.
I'll post from the
Aunty Pol