Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ask Dr. Baltar

Dear Dr. Baltar,
I find myself becoming increasingly anxious over the lack of real communication and news within the Fleet.
It is easy enough to lose track of time itself unless aided by the 33 minute clock so as a Doctor, what course do you recommend that I use to reduce my concerns.
Thank you,
Sweating Saul
Dear Sweaty,
Time ?
News ?
Little damp person, you would do well to make up your mind as to what it is exactly that you are demanding to know...I pride myself on the precision of my denials.
Good luck and good day to you sirrah.
Adios Brooklyn Bradshaw.
Or as I truly prefer:
Well kids..Brooklyn Bradshaw is gone and I for one am happy of heart.
To re-cap:
This little paralegal twit is the one that was consumed by designer labels that frankly I suspect she could ill afford.
In her Marc Jacobs boots, working those 2 size too small clothes from Barney's with her Prada bag, her whole life was a walking vogue.
In the 4 ( the MOST 5) months that she has been here, we are still at a loss as to what she actually did here other than collections for a Shareholder.

Well...other than cupcakes.
Now don't get me wrong...I love all forms of bakery goods.
Hers were eye pleasing as far as the presentation...but the execution.....tough,
Not what I want in a baked good.
Some of the heathens around here, both the grabbing free shit for all it's worth variety and those of the jiffy poppin lifestyle thought she was cats ass...sorry babies...
I can bear with that .
My issue was simple.
From almost day one that she became employed here, she has done little but run down the firm and her co-workers , both verbally and via Facebook .
It is rather hard to keep sub rosa the fact that you are interviewing when you allude to it on your Facebook page.
If you are that unhappy or unfulfilled in your position, I understand that.
Make a choice to change the current situation or find another.
It is just sooo ill mannered in my opinion to prance up and down the halls announcing to one and all the count down on the time line of her freedom.
Guess what BB ?
You never even gave the firm or us a real chance , did you ?
We were friendly and helpful, but I guess we aren't quite East Coast Metro enough for you ...Sad Panda.
Goodbye and Good Riddance you cut rate Carrie Bradshaw.
And...just in...
Your cupcakes Sucked !
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hmmmm, dear. Not like you to hold back. How do you really feel? ;-)

*sigh* Let's hope she grows up a little for the next firm.