Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the Expanding Universe That Is In Fact My A** ~
Above is the link to Pastor Ryan's Monkey bread via Miss Ree and Pioneer Woman.
Yes Miss Lisa and Sister of My Heart...I am stoping at Kroger on the way home for the canned biscuits and cinnamon.
As my ass and the universe continue to expand....
I wonder what a dash or 3 of nutmeg would do for this.
Aunty Pol.....aka Starvin Marvin

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, Aunty, I haven't had to damn you in at least a week, so I guess it was due!

It's like you knew I had a pot luck to go to this weekend. And that I was to bring a dessert. And that I love Monkey Bread. And that I will make a fool of myself if I bring it by eating half the dang cake despite the fact that there are 6-8 women there. Make that a fat fool.

And that I will make this anyway. You knew that and yet you published the recipe anyway, didn't you????? Damn you, Aunty!

And yeah, nutmeg sounds perfect. ;-)