Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

A tad early , I know, but I am out of the office starting tomorrow and all of the really darling vintage bits i have stored are on the office pc.
Yes, I have a sh*tload of pictures on the home pc but the way that they are loaded is still problematic and would take away from my FB time.
Please note that the middle picture is of the cutest child on the what appears to me to be a vintage mid century inspired Easter outfit.
I almost fell over from the giddyness of the cute....but then recovered as I realize that I dropped the ball and didn't think to get her the mandatory Easter handbag..white patent of course.
Bad Granty Pol....Bad Granty Pol
Note: Granty = Great Aunt
Our plans for the holiday and my birthday are mild to say the least.
Hisself is going to play goof tomorrow with the Moron...and then they will attend the Shell Open...thanks to JEB for the passes...
I want to dig in the dirt and sleep in and get the Casa spiffy and if I can't have World Peace and a will do.
I would really like to go to the nursery to get some more plants...but the kids need their advantage and I need to stop at Slammin Sammy's...we did Kroger last night....and the ducats will only go soooo far.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday....
Be Safe, eats lots of chocolate...and if you have little ones....either bipeds or the 4 on the floor variety...or both....please be careful of that green Easter basket grass stuff...anyone can choke on it and it's really bad for dah kittehs.
I'll post from the
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Only the cutest on the planet? Not in the universe??? Getting chintzy with our compliments, are we, Granty? ;-)

Happy Easter, honey! Play hard, sleep snuggly!