Friday, April 09, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday Everyone .
I'm Back !!!!!!!
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and celebrated in what ever fashion makes them the happiest.
For myself, I finally took some time off, just a few sorely needed days to putz about.
The kitteh's , especially Madame Xena became totally spoiled with the idea that the Momma was going to be home to cater to her every whim and need.
I do however wish that the concept that Momma can actually sleep in to 8 am registered with her.
Oh hell no.
Momma...Momma the small itty bitty paw smacks me in the head....
FEED ME>>>>>FEED ME>>>>>>>FEED ME >>>>>>>
Um...darlin..didn't her Daddy feed her at 4: 30 when he gets up ?????
Yes ?
Well then ....let Momma sleep.
NO !
Whap , whap , whap .
It always amazes me the power that a tiny itty bitty bebe can pack into a wallop.
Needless to say, they ate well and often.
The herb garden is done....yes dear....if it is more than 2 pots of herbs , it is in fact a garden.
Sage ( x 2 ) , Thyme, Cilantro ( x 2) and Chili Peppers were planted. Hopefully to be followed by Tarragon and Rosemary.
I replaced Geraniums, planted 2 more Hydrangeas....yes...SU dug the holes in the beds...I am not crazy but if it went into a pot I did it. We also planted Verbena and Petunias , a rose for my birthday, scented Geraniums , Lavender and I moved a few plants .
All in all I am very happy with the way that it all turned out and have only a few more plants to buy before the mulch is purchased and delivered, never ends....LOL.
I also got ruthless and cleaned out all 3 of my closets....Sister....I found a size 8 jacket...yes has been that long overdue.
Other than is much the same save for the passing of SU's Aunt Genie last Saturday. She had been in a nursing home up in Lufkin and it really was a blessing.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

So glad you unplugged and went to play in the dirt! Welcome baaaaack!