Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Think My Heart Is Broken

For an explanation , please go to

My heart goes out to Miss Nancy, Miss Alice and Miss Jane , not to mention the survivors who are left. Parvo takes few pisoners so please say a prayer to St. Francis for all those involved.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol


Jane Ellen said...

Aunty Pol...Jane from Kittenpalooza here. Your words are so kind. One of the hidden gems in all this tragedy is to learn how loving and connected and caring cyber friends can be. Yes, my heart is broken and I have headache from crying so much...but I have been so comforted by people I only know through the blogosphere.

I have spoken to St. Francis on behalf of Kittenpalooza nearly every hour for the past week and I do believe there has been some "divine" intervention. I am so glad to know that others are taking our case to St. Francis as well. Again thanks...and here's hoping we see silly kitten hops and tail chasing real soon. Cheers...Jane S

purplegirl said...

Oh no, poor babies. :(