Monday, April 12, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Ok...Ok...It's not just a photo of John's Ianto and Gwen too...don't say I don't ever do anything for you
It's been a quiet Monday for the most part which is good because I swear to Gaia, everything I touched yesterdat afternoon went all pear shaped on me and I do mean everything .
Even the thrice damn'd oj jug.
I just finally had a small melt down and walked out of the kitchen because I was damn near about to throw the SOB in the trash .
And of course , every time I turned around some kitty urp'd on the carpet and the carpet cleaner is acting all wonky so we have the girls spot bot and I need to get us one of our own but the taxes are due this week and a new car is in the offing in a month and the car is on it's last legs and I think that my brain is going to implode....
It will get better.
No dear, it's not you , it's just a lot of stuff right now so please do not bug me over all of this ..I'm just having a walking anxiety attack right will all blow over.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

I soooo know! ((((Aunty)))

If misery loves company, here ya go! Everything is at critical mass here, too.

Don't ask what work is like with 3 out in a staff of 9. Don't ask me if I've started my taxes (oh, hell... 3 days... plenty of time... prepare financials for the council meeting tonight, go to council tomorrow... oh, yeah, that leaves me one whole night for taxes... nooooo problem!). Procrastination (on the taxes, not the other stuff) bites my butt again.

OK, deep breath, let's get some perspective. Go upstairs to change into something comfy. That'll make things seem better.

Cat barf dripping down the side of the bed. Not a hairball barf. Somebody has pooped outside the pan. OK, who is sick??? Go from one furkid to the other looking for signs. Everyone looks fine. Great. So then who is pissed... and why??

Clean barf'n'poo. Message from church sec - need shut-in B'day cards asap. 30 lousy cards take... oh, let's see... an hour. Print one, jam two. No multi-tasking, as planned, here. Start blog post. &$#@! blogger keeps changing the font on me. Grrrrrr...

Realize stomach is rumbling. WTF!!??? It's 8:00 already! No lunch 'cause of aforementioned staff shortage. Bust budget and waistline ordering Chinese.

Realize I have not yet started aforementioned financials. Decide it's just gonna be one of those weeks. Sleep? Who needs it?

Say, "Well, hell, since I'm doomed anyway...," and go to read my Aunty instead of working on aforementioned financials.

See Aunty is as miserable as I am. LMAO - it's an epidemic! Or at least the phase of the moon or something.

Thanks, honey!

Aunty Pol said...

First of all...I know that we have never met but I thought about you as I watched BBT and did my total scraming monkey ass fan girl over Wil Wheaton...

I so appreciate the fact that even tho you and I have never actually met that you get me and my angst..your replies make my day and you get the snarkyness that is me.

If no one has told you lately, I appreaciate you in a very real way and consider you a gal pal.

And I hear ya sistah.



Aunty Pol said...

Oh....and as for adult beverage helped as I work for TAX attorneys

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, do not say it! You too????

9:00pm Financials are underway. Make adult decision not to watch BBT, even though it's the WW reprise episode.

9:18pm "Maaaan, I'm going to miss my show 'cause of the stinking job, stinking church and stinking cats." Adult me replies, "My that was mature. Remember, responsibilities first. You've already blown off time you don't have on the intertubes." Reaffirm above decision. It's JUST a TV show. There will be reruns. There's Hulu.

9:29pm Whiny little voice in my head reminds me this is my very favorite comedy, sure to put me in a better mood, and it's only half an hour after all. Adult voice firmly says, "Shut up!"

9:34pm Stare longingly at the dark, silent screen. Hand starts to reach for remote. Adult voice says, "Shut up, NOW!" before the whiny one even has a chance to get started. Snatch hand back from remote.

9:37pm Whiny voice does a lightning raid, "You love WW and he only does guest shots these days and you love him as Sheldon's nemesis!" Adult voice screams, "Shut TF UP already!!" Drop remote which has somehow materialized in my hand.

9:41pm Silky smooth voice appears from nowhere. Reassuring, rational. "You will be unproductive for the entire duration of this show, so watch it, enjoy, and then redouble your efforts at work."

TV ON. Screaming fan girl breaks free from her self imposed prison and wallows in the wonderfulness that is Wil Wheaton!

And now I know. That silky smooth voice was my Aunty, reaching out telepathically across the country, urging me to self care and peace.

Thanks, honey! And I'm so glad you get me, too. I have no doubt one day we shall meet, share a lovely adult beverage and affirm our snarky solidarity. You are the outward expression of the inward me!