Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Hearts And Lovely Readers

In great humility , I come to you to talk to you about a new organization that I am impressed with ,and it needs your support.
Drum Roll Please
You see, certain lifestyle choice that we have made have had a direct effect on our disposable income . We have tried and tried and tried..but the siren song of food has just been to hard to resist.
Sadly, through no effort on our part, Pearl the Wonder Car has decided to take an early retirement and so we are in dire need of financial assistance .
We accept cash, credit cards, cashier checks, money orders, baseball cards with a certain collectible market authentication, promissory notes, Treasury Notes, bearer bonds , green stamps , winning lottery tickets , metro tokens, loose sofa change , precious metals, aluminum cans, and most foreign currency.
Do what you can ...do it today.
Bless You .
This is a joke...my sarcastic response to yesterdays bit on Bankruptcy Baldwin....no such .org exists.
A joke.
I will open up the biggest can of whup ass ever made if I think for one minute any of y'all think the above is for real.
You are all clearly smarter than that .
Carry On.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL!! I'm wiping the tears from my eyes. And I am still stunned and queazy that Bankrupt Baldwin had the chutzpa to do this and that it will probably work.

PS- You knew I was going to click through just to see if our Aunty had a funny for us on the other end, didn't you?

purplegirl said...

LOL I was reading this and I was thinking ... "Really? That doesn't seem like AP, that's pretty on-the-nose. OH ITZ A JOKE I GETS IT!" :)