Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ask Dr. Baltar

Dear Dr. Baltar,

As the legitimate President of the Colonies , you have had vast experience dealing with the diplomatic nuances necessary to successful negotiations between two or more opposing parties. As such , I seek your expert guidance in a matter of some delicacy.

Even before the destruction of beloved Caprica, I had noticed more and more that the social niceties were becoming more and more rare. Familiarity between the different strata of our society had become so ingrained that one rarely had the pleasure of hearing ones self being addressed as ones station would have demanded.

As our journey has now progressed, I see this further erosion amongst the various ships and personnel of the fleet and often am at a loss as to a solution.

With out a proper address denoting ones family , much less rank, how is one to determine the best way to offend no one and thus ensuring that one does not make the mistake of thinking the filthy pilot just back from patrol is just that ...and not Adama ?

Dear Boot Licker

Quite simply, unless you know exactly whom it is you are addressing, a simple Sir or Madame should in most cases suffice. If possible, model your behavior after your betters when you are in their presence . We are after all easily identified .

Gaius Baltar, President in Absentia.

I have only been blogging for a few years and really embraced it only in the last year or so.

I have used the name Boschka as a gaming avatar in the RPG's for so long ( usually when I write as my character Duchess Polgara ( see Anne- there it is again) Moritani in our beloved Dune games. I've gamed with one group for so long , over 10 years in fact ( shout out to CE and BT) that they still call me this day.

I am registered as Boschka at Miss Ree's Tasty Kitchen.

Boschka , by the way is the name of one of our girls.


Boschka was always easy for me to use as it is so unusual that I knew no one else had it...and if they did was an account that I had already registered for and had simply forgotten...DOH !

Others know me from here as Aunty Pol.

A few that I have struck up real friendships know me by real name ...I rarely let that slip here.

I had to laugh my ass off today.

I so admire Calamity Anne's creativity , I can't draw a straight line much less any thing else, but in fairness ..I have some small modicum of talent in the garden.

I found her Etsy shop and just fell in love with a set of tile coasters that she did. There was only one set of a particular design so I figured " Screw It" .

I was a good girl and paid the taxes today so I deserve a prezzie.

I know now to save a copy of a picture of a onsie if I want to blog using the picture ....sure ' soon as the sale was made, as a reliable merchant will, Anne took the picture off of her shop site....WAH !

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa.

It's a wonderful picture of an antique French Guinea stamp....and I lub them.

I got the sweetest e mail from Anne .

She did not realize that Aunty Pol and Boschka from Tasty kitchen were the same gal.


See..I really do have little voices in my head ...and they all have their own names.

Have a good day and try to get through tomorrow as best you can.


Aunty Pol


Roger said...

Heh, has it been 10 years? Ye gods it has been...
A lot has happened in those years and I am sincerely glad that I had agony aunt Boschi to turn to. (Hmm... will baby gadget know you as Boschi as well I wonder? probably)


Aunty Pol said...

Roger dear,

Are you actually going to have a blogy ?

Aunty Boshi is just fine for the gadget

Love to you both