Monday, August 27, 2007

Thus Far

Wel, the Pro's from Dover made their plane. The Moron thought that G would drive to his house Friday night, spend the night , and then they would drive to the airport.


Granted , the last time they flew out, they flew from Hobby, on the Moron's side of town . South of us .


This time .

the Pro's from Dover were flying out of IAH . For the tourista's........IAH is Houston Intercontinental ...yup. The one we live across the road from. So why the hell they would go south and then double back is way beyond me...except that this is once again the Pro's from Dover.

G thought better of it ( DOH ) , so we put the Moron up for the night. This in and of itself is not bad , except whe you have a couple of guys who are 12 when they are together ( Ludden and Meador..hmmmm? ) who have to talk over the top of each other .

My ears bleed .

The NG drove them to IAH.

G took great pains to remind me of the chores that needed to be done . Like I am 9 .


I can clean the cat boxes.

I can put out the trash .

I can check the doors.

Yes , this is very sweet...............................arrggh.

Somehow , I managed to survive prior to the 20 years we have been joined at the hip.

God knows how.

But I have .

Have a great week, I am on vacay.

Whoot !

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally got it figured out...

For the life of me , I haven't been able to figure out why I am so eager for this particular vacation . More than the usual...whooooo hooooooooo . More along the lines of dear Jeebus...when..?

Life here at the Seitch has been pretty normal for us this year. Hisself is working the usual week and then a smidge over half a day on Saturday . Sunday he plays golf..all normal there . And no...I don't mind the golf, he's earned it and anyone who actually knows the SU knows he was a bear with a sore butt during the nine ( yes..9) weeks it rained every day. We set records here for rainfall this year. Trust me here...we are all in agreement on that bit . The Kitteh's are all fine, learning to stand up to Andy Panda Pants, and he of course has us trained on ..TREATS..!!!!!!!!!!! Family is all fine, or dealing with their situation at any given moment with good grace as always . Work is fine...insane..completely f'g insane...and completely usual. My WOA brothers and sistah's on arms are all fine and dandy. The appliances are all in working order, knock on wood. Same for Pearl the Wonder Car , baby girl is fine and almost paid off.

So it again begs the question....why ?

Then it hit me.


As is my custom, I take the first week off April off for my birthday . First , because it's my birthday , dammit ! Secondly, the first week of April is usually the to the's spring...wheeeee....woot !

Not this year .

Yes, I did in fact take that week off.

And we had the house painted. Not all the interior, just the two hallways ( wall, ceiling and trim - 3 colors) and the living room/dining room = great room ( again , wall, ceiling and trim) . This required packing all of the bookcases, the china hutch and buffet, removing all of the art, covering all of the furniture , moving all the furniture, wall prep . You get the idea. I realize that this doesn't seem like a lot until you realize that we have been in the house for 1 7 1/2 years now .Then there was the putting all the krep back, after cleaning all the carpets, washing the windows..well...hey the krep was all packed up...LMAO.

After today I am out until the day after Labor day.

I may not get out of bed tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Come to the Darkside, we have cookies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And for the record

Sigh .

I kow my late father loved California . My step mother is native and quite happy there. Nice place to visit.........but.

All y'all on the Left me a favor and get the F over yourselves.

My law firm is a member of Meritas. Good thing to be for many reasons...for the virgins...look it up. As a member of this affiliation, we give guest space to another member firm when they are in the city and need it.

It called courtesy , folks.

Not a big deal, just being nice.

We had a group come in from San Francisco today that needed a couple of our conference rooms to camp in.

Fine .

No biggie, glad to help.

That being not parade your superior , smug arrogant asses in there and act like the Duke of Earl. News flash Brainiac...see it done better...not impressed.


Thankfully , hisself is all packed up and raring to go. It's hard for him to only get one vacay a year, especially since he is now working the regular Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 but also on Saturdays from 7 'ish to noon or 1 p.m. It is going to be this way till the end of the year or longer since the company is moving in January or February. He can play all the golf he can on the weekends...I don't care.

One more day more day.

It's late...

Ni Ni


Aunty Pol

P.S. I have flying Monkeys and I am not afraid to use them !

Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I am tired of..

A dear gal pal has a thread on her board that started me thinking about things that I am so weary of , that I can't see straight.

1. In the Movies..I am tired of the lead character getting the crap beat out of them and never saying " God Damn, that hurt. " It doesn't matter if you are Bruce Willis in a " Die Hard " movie or Pierce Brosnan in " Die Another Day ." When you get smacked/shot/ pummeled /hit with a's going to HURT . You are not going to bounce back, fix it by munching on a bayer or gulping a 'tini . Stop sucking up and own it. You just got your ass the real world it takes a while to heal...and so just stop being brave/stoic/MANLY..just stop it .

2. In the Movies/On TV...Relationships always work out. Calling Bullshit on that one. The expectation excedes the reality here folks . Boy meets girl..or boy meets boy ...or girl meets girl . Problems arise ..well double damn'd DUH ! They aren't always resolved in the real world. Hell..half the time problems aren't even identified in real life relationships. And if they are, it does not always work itself out to everyones satisfaction. Often people fail to work out a resolution and either call it quits or agree that the problem needs to be shelved for another days agenda . One hundred and twenty minutes on the average is not time enough to fix a problem when they occur.

3. In the Movies/On TV...Lead characters always have a trusty sidekick who is more than willing to drop everything in their life at a moments notice and ride shotgun into whatever insane, lame-ass plan the main character has . Just once I'd like the sidekick to say.." a pass on this one , have fun and do not call me for bail money." Just once. In real life sometimes ou just need to let a person perform what ever stupid act they have dreamed up..just to be given the opportunity to rub their faces in it when it falls apart. What wouldn't do that ?...LIAR....

4. In the Movies /On TV...Children are always cute , clever, talented...what ever., actually they are not . In real life, sometimes they behave so badly you just want to pre-dial CPS because there's a beating a-coming. In real life until people are willing to admit that the precious child should not be allowed to run amok without some form of consequences...oh don't get me started. Wally World/Sam's/ Big Box Store deserves every lawsuit filed against them when their employees fail to step up to the plate and tell child and more importantly the parent's of said child " Stop doing that." Period. The managers of these stores more often than not are afraid that by actually being responsible that they will lose customers. HAH ! They lose far more in attorneys fees and settlements, not to mention customers like ol Pol here who refuse to shop in them on a regular basis.

Oh I am so ready for vacation..sigh.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

P.S. Amazon ROCKS ! I just got a dvd that I have waited years to get my mits on...." Go Flash Go."...Heeee ! Time to Happy Dance.


Once again CE saves the day...WOOT !!!!!

Oh sistah, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. I thought I was the only one who hated RR with a passion that I usually reserve for my ex . But noooooo....RR is up there. Now, we do watch the food channel, yes...we KNOW how lame that is...what evs...I can no longer stomach RR and her flying fists of Fury. And they had this twit on as guest judge for the food network star competition thingy ?



I mean come on...anyone with more than one brain cell knew Jag was a liar . And that Amy was going to win...But I digress.

I do not need this twit telling me how to visit a city with a food budget of $40.00 per day. And news flash's NO big deal to ask the front desk of your hotel for coupons . Yes, Paula Deen works my last nerve, and I was actually happy to see her lose the seafood competition that was recently filmed in NOLA...but she's authentic. Bobby Flay is a smug prat...but again , authentic.

But you RR...Grrrrr.

Grow up.

Would it kill you to wash your hands after handling raw chicken ? Sure, 30 minute meals would be a nice concept, if you'd own up to the fact that someone, ( guessing not you ) did all of the prep work.

I'm gonna take up that bet CE.

Here is 5 lidas of spice.

Find the pink bullets yet ?

Have a good week.


Aunty Pol

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well gang, I am for one glad that last week is OVER !

I had a flirtation with the krep that is floating around the office. General Malaise , nothing graphic, just what my father used to call " Feeling Puny". Bad enough that after the 9 weeks of rain that we are now hotter than Satan's Underoos . I know, I know, carp , carp , blah blah , but Damn Skippy, when the weather wonk says that it's gonna hit 100 degrees with a heat index of 107..OMG. Feel cruddy with sinus on top of that...not my best and shiney el momento . And it's gonna be that way till it ain't as we say down here . The weather, not the puny.

Hisself and I are soooo looking forward to vacay. His office is super busy, their management theory being that of " Herding kittens ". I kid you not. Hisself is blessed with the ability to just roll with it so it doesn't make him as nuts as it might a normal human.....yeah dear , I know you read this and I meant deal..M'kay ? My office does the same thing but after 25 + years , I just go WTF , over ? We manage to survive the insanity and it does help in the rough draft of the future best seller that I am theatening to pen one day .




Run Some more.

I do try to count my blessings tho .

My family for the most part is healthy . Those that aren't have dealt with it long enough to inspire awe . It is what it is. Our friends are all good, raising an incredible passle of children, which continues to amaze the sh*t out of me. They are the people I admire to the point of being teary eyed . They balance work, kids and maintaining healthy marriages with a grace that is both instructive and graceful . I hope they all know how very much we love them . Through all the dark days, the crazy Cajun's , the white water yakers, Nee Nee and Wavey Davey have been there . Well...WD is the quiet one..but he is there. And I can't tell you how sad I would be without the NG's . They especially have given support this year when changes had to be considered then made manifest. They prop me up, bust my ass when needed and love me / us warts and all.

Then there is the Clan O ' WOA . They are such a huge part of my life, I doubt they have any clue. After 5 years....we are still all here......and I am still gonna kick Rael's ass..sorry Chris. And CT....your turn is coming my dear. Poison me....Polgara does not forget. Love to you and Rae by the way. You and Rae need to let us know when you get moved to Cornwall ....seriously .And to the GM....Dude........You know what I mean.....Jonesing here....! ...Oh and lest I forget, Love to S and A . You ladies Rock ! Oh and props to much fun is this ...Can you tell I miss the gameage ?

I am so lucky at times it scares me, not getting the lottery numbers correct..nothing that mundane. I have people who love and respect me and I feel the same towards them.

Hisself is happy and healthy as are the furr babies.

It truely doesn't get much better than that.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Friday Froods's been a veritable borgassmord of a week here. There have been confirmed sightings of brief periods of sunshine. We no longer know when we leave the casa at oh dark thirty wether to let the damn cat out ot leave him in. Sorry Andy , I know you are frustrated too. Why do you think that both Mommy and Daddy are filling your lard butt with....TREATS..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? He knows where the treat locker is and will make a bee line for it when he is let in . The entire tribe has discovered or re-discovered the wonderful world of stinky goodness , yeah ......I know.....but Nee Nee Puddins is 12, and she will soon be entering the era where due to teeth and or digestive issues , stinky goodness will be the ticket. Diddums, Goober and the BABY all throw it back too , and you can't give to one and not the we have different seating areas in the main dining salon ( kitchen) . When Sgt Panda pants out on patrol , his basic slop shute is the patio floor. When it is about to rain or the food could get wet, he gets the Fiesta Deck on the Love Boat ( the pvc wicker coffee table ~ what..?? ~ you don't have a coffee table for your patio /deck ????? ~ I'm stunned..simply stunned ) . And of course when Goober hoovers the stinky goodness...occasionally he will yodel it back up..GAWD I love hairball our house it's 365 days a year.

And we are getting ready for vacation . Jeebus H , I am so ready..other than a few days the first week of April, this is the vacation for this year. And it is the only one for SU. My internal clock is set for the " Only X more days..hang in there ..". It no longer bothers me that SU would be packed already.....3 weeks early if he had his way. That used to drive me bats and now it's " dude..I'm TRYING to watch Alton Brown..M'KAY ???????? Shutty Uppy.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol