Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Friday Froods's been a veritable borgassmord of a week here. There have been confirmed sightings of brief periods of sunshine. We no longer know when we leave the casa at oh dark thirty wether to let the damn cat out ot leave him in. Sorry Andy , I know you are frustrated too. Why do you think that both Mommy and Daddy are filling your lard butt with....TREATS..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? He knows where the treat locker is and will make a bee line for it when he is let in . The entire tribe has discovered or re-discovered the wonderful world of stinky goodness , yeah ......I know.....but Nee Nee Puddins is 12, and she will soon be entering the era where due to teeth and or digestive issues , stinky goodness will be the ticket. Diddums, Goober and the BABY all throw it back too , and you can't give to one and not the we have different seating areas in the main dining salon ( kitchen) . When Sgt Panda pants out on patrol , his basic slop shute is the patio floor. When it is about to rain or the food could get wet, he gets the Fiesta Deck on the Love Boat ( the pvc wicker coffee table ~ what..?? ~ you don't have a coffee table for your patio /deck ????? ~ I'm stunned..simply stunned ) . And of course when Goober hoovers the stinky goodness...occasionally he will yodel it back up..GAWD I love hairball our house it's 365 days a year.

And we are getting ready for vacation . Jeebus H , I am so ready..other than a few days the first week of April, this is the vacation for this year. And it is the only one for SU. My internal clock is set for the " Only X more days..hang in there ..". It no longer bothers me that SU would be packed already.....3 weeks early if he had his way. That used to drive me bats and now it's " dude..I'm TRYING to watch Alton Brown..M'KAY ???????? Shutty Uppy.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

I don't even know what a vacation is anymore. What are you going to be doing? You'll take lots of pictures so we can vacation through you, right?

As for older kitties and treats, we found that the moist pouch food makes a lovely treat. It's soft enough for the cat to eat it, and stinky enough to be a treat. LOL (we had one live to be 25, so we had to get creative)

Aunty Pol said...

TJ was 21 when she went to the rainbow bridge last year . Our katz average between 13 and 17 years .

Vacation..every year they have an amateur ( sp) golf tournament in Myrtle Beach and SU sho is a scratch golfer is qualified to compete. I have pondered going to Richmond to see the sister of my heart, best friend since 8'th grade, but I will probably be at home enjoying puttering around the casa and garden. I have worked full time since 1974 and have never been a housewife, except for varied post surgical recoveries, so I really enjoy puttering. It's weird, but it is how I re-center myself. I enjoy starting and completing a project...hell..I don't even mind cleaning carpets .

I am a sad case Susan.

I hope all is well with you and Glenn. How are you feeling ?


Susan said...

Doing as well as can be expected this close to the end, ya know? Somehow it all works out.

I know what you mean about working full time. I worked full time (sometimes two jobs) with Megan. Sophia came along and it was no longer cost effective. I go a bit stir crazy sometimes, but it has it's own rewards, staying at home.

No matter what you do for your vacation, if you enjoy it, it's worth it!

Aunty Pol said...


Anytime you raise three children or any number of children, that is a full time job and then some. I have always had the highest regard for parents who do are the unsung, undervalued, under appreciated ones..