Monday, July 30, 2007

Words Fail

It is ironic for ol Pol here to be at a loss for words. Anyone who knows me or who has stumbled across my dithering path will attest to this . This is neither good nor bad, it simply is.

Words fail me right now.

What do you say to someone that you have worked with for many years when their child drops dead from a heart attack at the age of thirty , due in part to an enlarged heart.


What do you say ?

I know his mother , in the sort of casual way that co-workers do. We'd discuss books and such . We have a love for all things Jane Austen, and I introduced her to Diana Galbadon, as I had been introduced. Like me, she was hooked. She is Lutheran . I am in a loose sort of way with apologies to my late Grandfaather..sorry Grandpa, that is just the way this agnostic rolls.

When I got to the office this morning , it was already all over the office. Having not spoken to her, and not knowing solid facts, I refrained from speculation.

As noted in my previous post, if the widow and her three children lived in the area, I would have taken over a ham or something.

We do that in the South.

I am just at a loss here.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

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Susan said...

Oh sweetie, I don't know what to say, either. ((hugs))