Friday, July 27, 2007

Enough Already


No this is not another rant about the weather. There is no point at this stage. Nine weeks....9.


There is a good chance I may lose all of my roses. This is not earth shattering until you realize that I have had this garden for 17 years . Valentines Day, birthday....whatever the gift giving occasion......" Umm...honey..rose bush please. Thank you . Now , could you go dig the hole ? Super...thanks."

This rant is about people who seriously do not know what the F they are talking about.


I am so weary of those " experts" who have lived here for oh say....maybe 2 years who pride themselves on being the F all expert on all things in Texas, Granted they lived here X number of years ago....but by GAWD they have it down pat.

Hate it.....check.

Talk trash about it.....check.


You can say your shit when you live here , period. For Longer than a blink. If you are such an expert..go get a job with Travelocity,.....or whatever.

I chose to move here.

I was in a very abusive marriage and a friend who is the sister of my heart gave me an option to survive. I packed my grip, quit my job, and boogied. I arrived on my birthday . The next morning the radio alarm clock went off in Lestrade's guest room. It was the Who's " Two Ton Magic Bus".

It was a sign.

We being best friends since age 13 in Mrs. Brown's 8'th grade biology class in Virginia, visited.for two weeks. Within a month I had the job I still have, This was 1982 .

Back then in my stupidity , I gave marriage one last try.


I got divorced.

I got remarried.

I have friends at work and in my personal life that I value beyond my shoes.

When I was younger, I lived in Virginia . I am southern. I am not the "Hee Haw" type or the " Dallas " type. Not Paula Deen. Not Gomer Pyle. I feel no need to revisit history even though I love southern architecture .

We have the arts here in Texas .

We have manners.

I am southern.

I still say " Yes Ma'm or Sir ."

I am polite to my elders even though I am middle aged.

I open doors for women with babies in buggies.

I thank gentlemen when they open doors for me.

I do the same for my elders or those who are infirm.

When you are in trouble, you get a call.

When the shit hits the fan, you get hot food.

When you need sanctuary, the husband and I are here. Without questions or judgements.

When you need a shoulder, have one of mine...I have 2.

When you need to tell me the truth, I will listen.

When I need to make major changes in my life I will , and I WILL have the balls to tell you why.

I don't feel the need to blather on to those who are of no importance in the reality of my life.

I believe on loyalty .

We are kind to animals and children.

We are kind to each other, and if we talk trash about you, we will do it to your face. We don't go in for the kill for the rush of it.

And even if we hate your guts..if you are in a state..or trouble...we put the bullshit aside and are there for you ..because we know the difference between gold and dross.

We'll fuss at you another day if needed, we just need to make sure you are okay.

So to all those yankee asshats who pontificate about that which they are sublimely ignorant about.....stay where you are.


You are the ignorant folks we feel sorry for.

The arrogant.

We don't need your sorry ass .


Rant over.

Peace Out.

I just had to vent.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

P.S. If you think this is about you....think again. I deal with this sort of ignorance every damn'd day so get over yourself....m'kay .

I have better things to do.

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Countess Entwistle said...

Bosh, that rant could apply to me too. People think all Okies are uncultured, inbreeding (I keep telling people that's Arkansas, not Oklahoma), no indoor plumbing, having to ride horses to get places, and pretty much just about everything else you listed. I visited Boston and New York once while on summer vacation and I swear...just about every person I talked to had this idea that the south/southwest was one big desert, we were still using outhouses, and that we were all completely uneducated. I blew one girl's mind when she asked me if I'd ever heard of Shakespeare and I quoted Julius Caesar to her.