Friday, July 06, 2007


1. Why Does Sam's Club only have 2 , maybe 3 checkers open after 6:30 p.m. ? Monday through Friday it's the same damn thing . If you are lucky and you make a list and stick to it, you will spend more time in an overheated insane asylum, complete with yard apes running AMOK in FRIGGAN line than the time you spent to fill up the buggy...( basket or cart to the Yankee's) .

Why ?

Why ?

I am at the point of not going there, except that we save enough for cleaning supplies alone that I really have no other option. Usually I make SU go..but there are times like last night where I needed to look at the price of a couple of pork chops. My mother had a pork chop recipe that SU and my late father loved. I make it a lot but if you've seen the price of pre-cut chops you will understand that I buy a pork loin and we cut it up . The angst is the line. Jeebus..even SU recognizes when I am so overheated that the back of my neck is dripping as I stand and politely wait. I hate you Sam Walton, I really do. DEAL.

I am too tired to write more.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

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Susan said...

If I'm not mistaken, you can place your order online at Sam's, then they got get everything, ring it up and you just drive up and pile it in your car. Maybe look into that option? I have a love/hate relationship with them, too. Good luck!