Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Frriday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday y'all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The inmates are running the asylum today !

All ( well 99 % of  them) of the attorneys are at the annual hootenanny ( whole lot of hoot and a lil bit o nanny )  in San Antonio so while they are up there...heh heh heh..I kid...really guys....wink.
We are closing at 2 so yours truly is skipping next door to get the do done . SU wouldn't be able to pick my up anyway , so why the hell not. It saves me trying to take an extended lunch and if I work it right , I can get it done again one more time before vacay.

Other than that ..nothing going on. It's hotter than hell right now and my only plans are to stay inside in the A/C . I have plenty to do and since it's supposed to hit 100 degrees..without factoring in the humidity for the heat index..flat out 100 me..between chores, recorded shows on the DVR and my new top..I have enough to stay busy.

New toy ?
Ah you caught that ..clever you.

I bought a google certified ( whatever the hell that means ) android tablet with a 9 " screen. I guess we really will need wifi at the house

Have a great weekend .

Aunty Pol

Outstanding !!!!!

You have to check this out , it is amazing !!!

I've been playing this at the office all this week.

Out Friggan Standing !

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Has A Sad

Thank you Olivia for being the best hairdresser ever !

~ Sniff ~ !

After seven and a half years, my hairdresser is leaving me.

It was announced via e mail today that the office will be closing at  2 pm the day after tomorrow because all the attorneys will be in San Antonio at the annual hootenanny ( whole lot of hoot and a lil bit oh nanny) so's not as if there is any actual work going to be done so why not close.

Perfectomundo sayeth the Pol !

I can go over to Supercuts and get mah do did.

My white roots ( hair ) are grateful.

So I zippy bop over to check Olivia's schedule and she says that she won't be there on Friday ?Um....okay...Mary...can you work me in about 2:30 ? " Sure Mommy."..Hot diggity !

Then as I am almost about to leave,  I turn to tell Olivia have a great weekend since she is taking a long one and she briefly leaves her client and walks over...

Olivia : " No ..this is my last day here "

Me:  " WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?  "

Olivia  " I won't be here at this shop. I  got a promotion "

Me : "You're leaving me ?????? "

Olivia : " Yes sweetie. I am going to be the District Manager over 8 shops in the Pearland area where I live ."

Me:  " Buh..buh...but..who gets custody of me ? "

Olivia :  " Mary will take care of you , she's done your hair before and has done the color mix for you ."

Mary is smiling because we like each other and she knows that I am a GOOD tipper.

Livie, I'm gonna miss you babe , but if you are happy then I am happy..



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tedius Tuesday

Meh !

I can has bored ?

It's so hot down here right now that my brain has melted. It's expected to hit 99 degrees this weekend , and that does not factor in the heat index so I think that my happy ass will be staying in the house .

I was so bored in fact that after I saw a few things about the Deen Dilema that made me ponder if they can be verified ,,then I went over to google ( still bored and at work ) and even before I  completed a  search..using "Anti Food Network....

Yatzee !

Sandra Lee  !

Now don't get all twitterpated if you are a fan of hers, I am not and I will tell you why...just breathe deep and think of England.

Anyone who knows us , knows we love cooking. No, we haven't graduated from any formal school but SU did go to college to study Hospitality ..what ever ..( sorry honey, I forget ) the Hilton school here at the U of H . He also was a cook in the Navy and I have worked both BOH and FOH not to mention managing a restaurant or two.

We like to cook from scratch but are not above or adverse to using some convenience products from the pantry...we just don't try to pass if off as home made as in from scratch...or even semi home made. We share recipes and the girls are my regular guinea pigs when it comes to a new recipe...we taste it, critique it, discuss modifications and decide ..keep or not.

Between the tablescapes that make my eyes bleed to the rabbit hole acid tripping kitchen motif that changes on a daily basis according to what she is wearing during that days filming....Sandra Lee makes me nuts because taking a pre - bought angel food cake , covering it with a tub of premade frosting and presenting it as a yummy semi homemade dessert is just bullshit. If you want to use a store bought cake,,,,go for might be useful for Sandra Lee to demonstrate that actual frosting from scratch is so easy to make my cats could do it..with out thumbs.

Maybe I should have stuck to my first inclination when I am this bored in the summer....working on my Christmas List.

Aunty Pol

Monday, June 24, 2013

~ Just Another Manic Monday ! ~

Happy Freakin Monday y'all.

It's officially boob sweat season as the temperatures are approaching triple digit in the humidity arena..which is the polite was to say that it's f'g hot out there. On the one hand, your laundry that is drip dry takes no time at all to dry which is again good because you are sweating so much you end up changing outfits like you are a toddler again.

Yippee , more work.

Every night when we get home I now have the added layer of watering all of the plants on the deck . I know that it's not much and I do love them , hell , I planted them there after's just the enforced chore-ishness ( Look ma....a new word,...LOL...) dampens the ardor of my green thumb.

It's too hot to heat up the kitchen so alternatives are preferred , I just have to remember to ask SU about the levels of the tank for the grill. In case of a storm where we lose power the grill is a handy toy to have as long as there is gas in  the tank,. I promise you, if the storm is bad enough again , God Forbid like IKE will be hilarious to try to find propane since we won't be the only ones who ran out .

On the up side, it means that I can catch up on some of the stuff we dvr'd and favorite old movies..winner winner chicken dinner ..I got a chance to watch 2 of my favorites yesterday..the original Stargate and Love Actually.

Could be worse..folks in Minnesota are in various stages of flooding from all the rain to the point that the ground is so saturated that trees are toppling over from the roots...big bounce...NOT.

Stay safe where you are..Monday's almost least the really shitty part where you are at work surrounded by Mo'Rons.

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

The expressions says it all...

" So the Food Network isn't going to renew Paula Deen's contract at the end of the month ? Color me surprised....NOT ! "

I've been rather half assed following this whole Paula Deen cluster F until today. Now let me begin by saying that I no longer watch her show but did in the beginning .

And then it changed.

The producers ( and by that I mean Gordon Elliot ) got a hold of her and told her to basically rev up the Southern bit. Which she did, to the point of becoming a parody. It was never clever enough to be considered self mockery, which would have been funny, especially if you actually live in the south.It became all too much and too easily gag inducing. ....and then the revelation of her diabetes...Now , I wanted to commend her on this bit of real life honesty ...until it was revealed that she had in fact a deal in place for compensation from the company whose medicine she takes....while whipping up artery clogging sugar laden " Home Cooking ".

And now the law suit.

Parts of the deposition have been released and they are interesting to say the least. While she admits to using the racial slur N.... in the past ...she never really apologizes for it , and basically poo poo's it as being in the past here in the south.


A person knows when they are using a slur or a curse word...and they know that it is wrong. They do it anyway more often than not i am sorry to say....and while I admit to cussing myself..I have not and will not use a racial husband and I are adamant about this. I don't care what color you are , you can be purple for all we care...if you are a lazy arrogant ass hat..well then yeah ....we have a problem with you .

When asked if her brother watched porn while at  work at their place of business , her answer was basically boys will be boys.


Any business, any size business has to have some rules. If it's a small place with an owner and one or two employees, it may be as simple as the boss saying .." This is how we do things, this is what I expect from you while you are at work and here is what I won't tolerate while you are at  work."

If you are larger , you have a set of employee rules and guidelines.

Labor law is very clear on what is to be tolerated and what is not.

Rather than confronting her brother with concerns about the sexual harassment issues and the atmosphere that is core to the basis of this suit...and telling him to straighten up or he was out....again....she poo poo'd it as boys will be boys.

I hope the plaintiff wins.

We've seen this all a thousand times or more...she ill be pilloried in the media ala Martha Stewart....punished..and then when all is said and done...she will bask in the glistening, butter washed light of redemption.....

I have no use for people who do not have the grace to admit their mistakes, apologize for them, make amends and more forward.

Being a grown up means accepting responsibility for your actions...unless you are a star it seems.

Have  a great weekend .

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

Our House...This Really Happens More Often Than Not !

This happens often on our deck.
I kid you not...and it doesn't bother Gracie Marie in the least.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesdays With Wylla

Brace For Impact !
Shameless Shakedown in      3.....2.....1....  !

Alrighty then, yes dear hearts, it's that time of year.

Miss Lauri over at IBKC has a fund raiser for the Tacoma area Humane society in conjunction with their charity Dog A Thon Walkies Thingamabob.

And every year I write about it.

And ask all y 'all to pledge or pass/post it forward or both..I'm easy.

Besides being a good thing to do and a cuter than hell presentation, one of the areas that the Tacoma HS addresses is one that I feel very strongly about is the issue of Senior Pet owners. Often they are in that place that is heartbreaking between a rock and a hard place..fixed income...their mobility ,  age and the age of their pets. By donating to the drive, the Tacoma HS ear marks funds to assist those in need so that folks and their fur babies can stay together as they age gracefully for as long as possible it's meant to be.

A year ago in June 2012  Gordon and I lost out senior daughter , Munckin and it broke out hearts. It was a bad period of time because we had just lost Andy Panda Pants a few months before in December 2011 .Even though Gordon and I had been through this over the course of our marriage ,  and he had lost his 22 year old girl TJ a few years ago, it reminded us of how difficult this can be .

It was further driven home over the last 3 years with Xena and her medical issues, until she went to the Bridge on Presidents day 2013. Thankfully , we could afford all of her bills because of an inheritance , and yes, it was THOUSANDS of dollars. We both have good jobs and incomes and our health is pretty damn good for being 58 ( me ) and 63 ( him),  so all in all we were fortunate . But what if things were different..

What if you needed a bit of help ? Would the funds be there ?

To me it's a no brainer , I am happy to help...and if it's not possible for all y'all to do so right now, that's fine too..just pass the word on the interwebs .

I am a tricoastal doner..I contribute to the IBKC, to BARCS in the Baltimore area  and our Houston Humane Society...and 's deductable .

YATZEE !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you .....

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Feature ~ Tardis Tuesday ~ !

Because I revere both RHPS ( Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Dr. Who and all things Who-vian...I thought I'd start a new theme for random Tuesdays . I don't want to make it an every Tuesday thing because other than the plethora of easily located BRUCE photos , I don't want to box myself into yet another corner know the one where you have set up some sort of obligatory theme or expectation of having to post every day . There just hasn't been a lot going on that is actually blogworthy in my opinion.  There are things that others might consider worthy..for example..the brouhaha about Nigella and her husband and choking. This to me is not blogworthy other than to say that if it is true , no one deserves to be a victim of domestic or any other sort of violence..Nigella ..get to the lawyer and get the hell out. Miss Utah and he flub-o-rama at the Pageant...Give the poor girl a break. Each and every person who has been asked to speak in public has had a moment of " OMG WTF..Brain Freeze" where you just seem to string together a bunch of nonsensical drivel and pray for a speedy death. There are other more important things that are political and while I have my own opinion, I  am going to do the world at large a favor and keep that to myself. If you want political commentary or insight , go read the Huffington Post, I promise you I won't be offended .

So in other words....the above made me laugh out loud .I have may a fond memory of our " Youthful Enthusiasm" in college for RHPS ...and I maintain that it is only a rumor that we got the film banned form the CUB by judicious throwing of ice cubes at the screen...never happened...( my lawyer...) nope..never happened. I had read recently that Tim Curry ( I have to check to see if he is a Sir yet or not ~ checked ~ he  is not as yet been honored.) is recovering from stroke..good luck you lovely man.

Then there is the whole Dr. Who thing. Your Aunty loves her some Who. Dear Mr. Moffett, please make the next Doctor a female...just for the hell of it. Kthxbai . Now...I love Matt Smith and Amy and Rory , and I cried buckets when the Ponds died...but my Dr. is and shall always be David Tennent ....bless you for giving that " Doctor " and Rose a happy ending. Eccelston was good and so on but....I hope Mr. Moffatt continues because after all....bow ties and Fezes are cool..and who wouldn't want to zip around the universe in a blue police call box ?

Sign me up !

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday y'all.

I must be feeling better because Southside Johnny is working my last nerve...again. It's another episode of " I called you 4 times , did you lose your phone...wah wah  wah ."

No lil brother, I did not lose my phone . I had been home sick for the better part of the week and the phone was in my purse and not on the night stand. I would have usually kept it on the night stand so that if SU called , and I was able to wake up enough to answer it , I could . The reality is that when I am this sick with the sinus crap, ALL I want to do is in the sleep of the dead. My husband and I both know that when I do surface, I will check for missed VM/test and I will respond when I can . But....since Cindy Lou Who is home right now on a job search, I knew that she would check on me, and if there was a problem she has SU's cell # too and is not above using no lil brother , I didn't hear your calls. I did send you a text last night and your brother in law did say that he had spoken to you and that you would be calling me to arrange a time for you to come over Saturday ,....but again phone in outside watering plants...purse inside being pursy.

That man needs to get a job to occupy his time, even if it is part time because he is working his older sisters last damn nerve.

My husband will be the first to tell anyone .." Do not go there.."

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ...

I was going to post something more than this but I am crashing as soon as I get home. My sinuses are so bad I feel like theye have been scrubbed out with a rusty Brillo pad and Chlorox liquid bleach.

I wants mah bed and mah jammies !

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 07, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

" REALLY ? "

Ok..before I go any further, I have a runt...a tiny rant as it were.

Cha Cha sent out an e mail earlier in the week that she needed to leave at 3:30 today for a doctors is her custom to schedule ALL her appointments on Friday afternoons.


Then I get the daily out list and see that she is listed to split from work half an hour earlier than she had stated in her e mail.


She just called me and told me that she was going to have to get a warm body to cover her desk ( a warm body is someone who is nothing more than that , untrained on the board but can deal with the walk up clients so all of the traffic and we have a lot on the phones is all on me. would be like Nadine and Virgie closing both their boards so I have to take all of the calls.)

You had a lunch hour didn't you ? Why, yes , you did.

And so now ...20 minutes before you are supposed to leave, you find a warm, body to cover for you  ?

You had better have clocked out !

Le sigh.

On the brighter side, the rain that blew through here yesterday and woot....we got some at the house seems to have cooled the temps off a lot and there is a breeze so it should be lovely at the Ice House tonight. SU has promised to work on the book cases and there is a bit of cleaning that needs to be done. I am very proud of us both because we are making a directed and genuine effort to keep everything tidy , so much easier with the wood it takes no time at all. Dusting is still an issue but getting better week by week . Since he has taken up golf again this is an added benefit because we are not so out of control as we were when Xena was alive. Her health was the only thing we focused on so other than laundry and the barest of cleaning, it got out of hand....It was the way it was and we have no regrets on making her our priority.

Other than the few errands tonight and the pawdicure..dare I say it ?

A gentle weekend ?

Outstanding !

Maybe, I will get that Orange Yogurt tea Bread done after all.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ...

My brain has melted.
It's 95 degrees out there now currently at 4 pm CST USA ...and my brains melted.

It's gonna be a bad summer. I don't need the magic 8 ball to tell me, I just have a feeling..and I've been down here for 31 years now. No Sistah..I don 't mean like Ike..that was a once in a lifetime event..I just have a bad MoJo right now.

But..on a brighter note, Burn Notice returns tonight so I can get mah Bruce Fix  so if I hustle with the watering ..yeah , dragging hoses is not one of my favorite things but it has to be done and I have worked to hard to lose all of my babies now . Perhaps SU will help...

Now all I have to do is re think the food/dinner thing because I am not going to heat up the house with traditional cooking...bless you oh mighty grill.

Aunty Pol

Monday, June 03, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Not anything to do with today's post, other than the fact that it is a Monday and this made me laugh all day long.
It was one of those weekends ...sort of ...not bad but a tad on the weirder side of life if you know what I mean.
SU flew out Saturday am to meet up with Southside Johnny in NOLA and everyone survived. My brother gave one of the most apt descriptions of NOLA that I have ever heard.

"It's like blending Haight Ashbury and the Castro District in San Francisco ."

So very on the mark there kiddo.

Bear in mind that there was no way in hell that I was going to go with SU...oh hell no. Those two...shudder.
I managed to get a lot done in the house and have to admit that I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the new-ish house. It's been getting hotter and hotter down here so I am allowing myself the luxury of sleeping in and I know that I can water later in the day...le sigh ...and then....

Well, we finally got some much needed rain yesterday morning , and of course it all came down at once and stomped my poor daisy babies , so we are of to Home Depot to buy some pots after work to save what we can.  I got a lot done anyway and scared the SU when I admitted that I even cleaned out the luggage a I call a purse...LMAO.

Nothing new on the t slant v as my late father used to call it but I did save a favorite movie..".Chaplin..." which come to think of it may have to wait for the weekend since it is 3 hours and I cannot just watch half...

All in all a good weekend...dull as  dishwater but good.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol