Thursday, June 06, 2013

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ...

My brain has melted.
It's 95 degrees out there now currently at 4 pm CST USA ...and my brains melted.

It's gonna be a bad summer. I don't need the magic 8 ball to tell me, I just have a feeling..and I've been down here for 31 years now. No Sistah..I don 't mean like Ike..that was a once in a lifetime event..I just have a bad MoJo right now.

But..on a brighter note, Burn Notice returns tonight so I can get mah Bruce Fix  so if I hustle with the watering ..yeah , dragging hoses is not one of my favorite things but it has to be done and I have worked to hard to lose all of my babies now . Perhaps SU will help...

Now all I have to do is re think the food/dinner thing because I am not going to heat up the house with traditional cooking...bless you oh mighty grill.

Aunty Pol

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