Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Has A Sad

Thank you Olivia for being the best hairdresser ever !

~ Sniff ~ !

After seven and a half years, my hairdresser is leaving me.

It was announced via e mail today that the office will be closing at  2 pm the day after tomorrow because all the attorneys will be in San Antonio at the annual hootenanny ( whole lot of hoot and a lil bit oh nanny) so's not as if there is any actual work going to be done so why not close.

Perfectomundo sayeth the Pol !

I can go over to Supercuts and get mah do did.

My white roots ( hair ) are grateful.

So I zippy bop over to check Olivia's schedule and she says that she won't be there on Friday ?Um....okay...Mary...can you work me in about 2:30 ? " Sure Mommy."..Hot diggity !

Then as I am almost about to leave,  I turn to tell Olivia have a great weekend since she is taking a long one and she briefly leaves her client and walks over...

Olivia : " No ..this is my last day here "

Me:  " WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?  "

Olivia  " I won't be here at this shop. I  got a promotion "

Me : "You're leaving me ?????? "

Olivia : " Yes sweetie. I am going to be the District Manager over 8 shops in the Pearland area where I live ."

Me:  " Buh..buh...but..who gets custody of me ? "

Olivia :  " Mary will take care of you , she's done your hair before and has done the color mix for you ."

Mary is smiling because we like each other and she knows that I am a GOOD tipper.

Livie, I'm gonna miss you babe , but if you are happy then I am happy..



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