Monday, June 24, 2013

~ Just Another Manic Monday ! ~

Happy Freakin Monday y'all.

It's officially boob sweat season as the temperatures are approaching triple digit in the humidity arena..which is the polite was to say that it's f'g hot out there. On the one hand, your laundry that is drip dry takes no time at all to dry which is again good because you are sweating so much you end up changing outfits like you are a toddler again.

Yippee , more work.

Every night when we get home I now have the added layer of watering all of the plants on the deck . I know that it's not much and I do love them , hell , I planted them there after's just the enforced chore-ishness ( Look ma....a new word,...LOL...) dampens the ardor of my green thumb.

It's too hot to heat up the kitchen so alternatives are preferred , I just have to remember to ask SU about the levels of the tank for the grill. In case of a storm where we lose power the grill is a handy toy to have as long as there is gas in  the tank,. I promise you, if the storm is bad enough again , God Forbid like IKE will be hilarious to try to find propane since we won't be the only ones who ran out .

On the up side, it means that I can catch up on some of the stuff we dvr'd and favorite old movies..winner winner chicken dinner ..I got a chance to watch 2 of my favorites yesterday..the original Stargate and Love Actually.

Could be worse..folks in Minnesota are in various stages of flooding from all the rain to the point that the ground is so saturated that trees are toppling over from the roots...big bounce...NOT.

Stay safe where you are..Monday's almost least the really shitty part where you are at work surrounded by Mo'Rons.

Aunty Pol

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