Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Feature ~ Tardis Tuesday ~ !

Because I revere both RHPS ( Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Dr. Who and all things Who-vian...I thought I'd start a new theme for random Tuesdays . I don't want to make it an every Tuesday thing because other than the plethora of easily located BRUCE photos , I don't want to box myself into yet another corner ....you know the one where you have set up some sort of obligatory theme or expectation of having to post every day . There just hasn't been a lot going on that is actually blogworthy in my opinion.  There are things that others might consider worthy..for example..the brouhaha about Nigella and her husband and choking. This to me is not blogworthy other than to say that if it is true , no one deserves to be a victim of domestic or any other sort of violence..Nigella ..get to the lawyer and get the hell out. Miss Utah and he flub-o-rama at the Pageant...Give the poor girl a break. Each and every person who has been asked to speak in public has had a moment of " OMG WTF..Brain Freeze" where you just seem to string together a bunch of nonsensical drivel and pray for a speedy death. There are other more important things that are political and while I have my own opinion, I  am going to do the world at large a favor and keep that to myself. If you want political commentary or insight , go read the Huffington Post, I promise you I won't be offended .

So in other words....the above made me laugh out loud .I have may a fond memory of our " Youthful Enthusiasm" in college for RHPS ...and I maintain that it is only a rumor that we got the film banned form the CUB by judicious throwing of ice cubes at the screen...never happened...( ahem....call my lawyer...) nope..never happened. I had read recently that Tim Curry ( I have to check to see if he is a Sir yet or not ~ checked ~ he  is not as yet been honored.) is recovering from stroke..good luck you lovely man.

Then there is the whole Dr. Who thing. Your Aunty loves her some Who. Dear Mr. Moffett, please make the next Doctor a female...just for the hell of it. Kthxbai . Now...I love Matt Smith and Amy and Rory , and I cried buckets when the Ponds died...but my Dr. is and shall always be David Tennent ....bless you for giving that " Doctor " and Rose a happy ending. Eccelston was good and so on but....I hope Mr. Moffatt continues because after all....bow ties and Fezes are cool..and who wouldn't want to zip around the universe in a blue police call box ?

Sign me up !

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Ohhhhhh, fun!! 2'o'my faves, too, as you well know! (We never threw nothin' at the screen, neither. Swearz it!)

Lady Doctor? Hell yeah! Open the door to that little blue box, hon, and I'm so in!

Sending up a little prayer for TC, too.

Say a little prayer for my Bitty, please, honey. Just got the diagnosis of breast cancer today. Surgery next Thursday. This may buy her a few more years. Fortunately, we caught it early. Unfortunately, doc says the chance of recurrence is high.