Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesdays With Wylla

Brace For Impact !
Shameless Shakedown in      3.....2.....1....  !

Alrighty then, yes dear hearts, it's that time of year.

Miss Lauri over at IBKC has a fund raiser for the Tacoma area Humane society in conjunction with their charity Dog A Thon Walkies Thingamabob.

And every year I write about it.

And ask all y 'all to pledge or pass/post it forward or both..I'm easy.

Besides being a good thing to do and a cuter than hell presentation, one of the areas that the Tacoma HS addresses is one that I feel very strongly about is the issue of Senior Pet owners. Often they are in that place that is heartbreaking between a rock and a hard place..fixed income...their mobility ,  age and the age of their pets. By donating to the drive, the Tacoma HS ear marks funds to assist those in need so that folks and their fur babies can stay together as they age gracefully for as long as possible it's meant to be.

A year ago in June 2012  Gordon and I lost out senior daughter , Munckin and it broke out hearts. It was a bad period of time because we had just lost Andy Panda Pants a few months before in December 2011 .Even though Gordon and I had been through this over the course of our marriage ,  and he had lost his 22 year old girl TJ a few years ago, it reminded us of how difficult this can be .

It was further driven home over the last 3 years with Xena and her medical issues, until she went to the Bridge on Presidents day 2013. Thankfully , we could afford all of her bills because of an inheritance , and yes, it was THOUSANDS of dollars. We both have good jobs and incomes and our health is pretty damn good for being 58 ( me ) and 63 ( him),  so all in all we were fortunate . But what if things were different..

What if you needed a bit of help ? Would the funds be there ?

To me it's a no brainer , I am happy to help...and if it's not possible for all y'all to do so right now, that's fine too..just pass the word on the interwebs .

I am a tricoastal doner..I contribute to the IBKC, to BARCS in the Baltimore area  and our Houston Humane Society...and 's deductable .

YATZEE !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you .....

Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Your wish is my command oh, mighty Aunty!

kleinwort said...

GAAAAH! How did I miss it!???? Thank you for BARCS you lovely lady! xoxo