Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tedius Tuesday

Meh !

I can has bored ?

It's so hot down here right now that my brain has melted. It's expected to hit 99 degrees this weekend , and that does not factor in the heat index so I think that my happy ass will be staying in the house .

I was so bored in fact that after I saw a few things about the Deen Dilema that made me ponder if they can be verified ,,then I went over to google ( still bored and at work ) and even before I  completed a  search..using "Anti Food Network....

Yatzee !

Sandra Lee  !

Now don't get all twitterpated if you are a fan of hers, I am not and I will tell you why...just breathe deep and think of England.

Anyone who knows us , knows we love cooking. No, we haven't graduated from any formal school but SU did go to college to study Hospitality ..what ever ..( sorry honey, I forget ) ..at the Hilton school here at the U of H . He also was a cook in the Navy and I have worked both BOH and FOH not to mention managing a restaurant or two.

We like to cook from scratch but are not above or adverse to using some convenience products from the pantry...we just don't try to pass if off as home made as in from scratch...or even semi home made. We share recipes and the girls are my regular guinea pigs when it comes to a new recipe...we taste it, critique it, discuss modifications and decide ..keep or not.

Between the tablescapes that make my eyes bleed to the rabbit hole acid tripping kitchen motif that changes on a daily basis according to what she is wearing during that days filming....Sandra Lee makes me nuts because taking a pre - bought angel food cake , covering it with a tub of premade frosting and presenting it as a yummy semi homemade dessert is just bullshit. If you want to use a store bought cake,,,,go for it....it might be useful for Sandra Lee to demonstrate that actual frosting from scratch is so easy to make my cats could do it..with out thumbs.

Maybe I should have stuck to my first inclination when I am this bored in the summer....working on my Christmas List.

Aunty Pol

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