Friday, June 21, 2013

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The expressions says it all...

" So the Food Network isn't going to renew Paula Deen's contract at the end of the month ? Color me surprised....NOT ! "

I've been rather half assed following this whole Paula Deen cluster F until today. Now let me begin by saying that I no longer watch her show but did in the beginning .

And then it changed.

The producers ( and by that I mean Gordon Elliot ) got a hold of her and told her to basically rev up the Southern bit. Which she did, to the point of becoming a parody. It was never clever enough to be considered self mockery, which would have been funny, especially if you actually live in the south.It became all too much and too easily gag inducing. ....and then the revelation of her diabetes...Now , I wanted to commend her on this bit of real life honesty ...until it was revealed that she had in fact a deal in place for compensation from the company whose medicine she takes....while whipping up artery clogging sugar laden " Home Cooking ".

And now the law suit.

Parts of the deposition have been released and they are interesting to say the least. While she admits to using the racial slur N.... in the past ...she never really apologizes for it , and basically poo poo's it as being in the past here in the south.


A person knows when they are using a slur or a curse word...and they know that it is wrong. They do it anyway more often than not i am sorry to say....and while I admit to cussing myself..I have not and will not use a racial husband and I are adamant about this. I don't care what color you are , you can be purple for all we care...if you are a lazy arrogant ass hat..well then yeah ....we have a problem with you .

When asked if her brother watched porn while at  work at their place of business , her answer was basically boys will be boys.


Any business, any size business has to have some rules. If it's a small place with an owner and one or two employees, it may be as simple as the boss saying .." This is how we do things, this is what I expect from you while you are at work and here is what I won't tolerate while you are at  work."

If you are larger , you have a set of employee rules and guidelines.

Labor law is very clear on what is to be tolerated and what is not.

Rather than confronting her brother with concerns about the sexual harassment issues and the atmosphere that is core to the basis of this suit...and telling him to straighten up or he was out....again....she poo poo'd it as boys will be boys.

I hope the plaintiff wins.

We've seen this all a thousand times or more...she ill be pilloried in the media ala Martha Stewart....punished..and then when all is said and done...she will bask in the glistening, butter washed light of redemption.....

I have no use for people who do not have the grace to admit their mistakes, apologize for them, make amends and more forward.

Being a grown up means accepting responsibility for your actions...unless you are a star it seems.

Have  a great weekend .

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

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