Friday, June 07, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

" REALLY ? "

Ok..before I go any further, I have a runt...a tiny rant as it were.

Cha Cha sent out an e mail earlier in the week that she needed to leave at 3:30 today for a doctors is her custom to schedule ALL her appointments on Friday afternoons.


Then I get the daily out list and see that she is listed to split from work half an hour earlier than she had stated in her e mail.


She just called me and told me that she was going to have to get a warm body to cover her desk ( a warm body is someone who is nothing more than that , untrained on the board but can deal with the walk up clients so all of the traffic and we have a lot on the phones is all on me. would be like Nadine and Virgie closing both their boards so I have to take all of the calls.)

You had a lunch hour didn't you ? Why, yes , you did.

And so now ...20 minutes before you are supposed to leave, you find a warm, body to cover for you  ?

You had better have clocked out !

Le sigh.

On the brighter side, the rain that blew through here yesterday and woot....we got some at the house seems to have cooled the temps off a lot and there is a breeze so it should be lovely at the Ice House tonight. SU has promised to work on the book cases and there is a bit of cleaning that needs to be done. I am very proud of us both because we are making a directed and genuine effort to keep everything tidy , so much easier with the wood it takes no time at all. Dusting is still an issue but getting better week by week . Since he has taken up golf again this is an added benefit because we are not so out of control as we were when Xena was alive. Her health was the only thing we focused on so other than laundry and the barest of cleaning, it got out of hand....It was the way it was and we have no regrets on making her our priority.

Other than the few errands tonight and the pawdicure..dare I say it ?

A gentle weekend ?

Outstanding !

Maybe, I will get that Orange Yogurt tea Bread done after all.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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