Friday, March 30, 2012

Twice Daily At The Casa

If you added 2 more tails...yep..

Vacation Mode Aunty Pol

I don't Know If This Is True Or Not, But It Makes You Wonder...Yes It Does !

I'm sorry I couldn't get it to load with a bigger picture so y'all may have to hit Le Zoom.

Carry On .

Aunty Pol

Things That Made Me Laugh Out Loud At Work

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ! Bruce Of The Day ~!

Happy Friday everyone.
I owe a solid shout out to Miss Frieda and Lady Lisa who tactfully reminded me that I had no need to go bat shit crazy over the changes Blogger has made as indicated in the previous days post....all I had to do was use Reader.
Voila !

I still do not like the changes one bit  and Frieda is right, I DO NOT like it when someone moves the furniture on me , much less moves my cheese, but I an not in charge of them and over all they have been the least Orwellian of the formats out there so I will adjust....dammit !

Six hours and 8 minutes to  go and then I am AMF until April 12'th.

Part of my brain is almost giddy at the idea of all that time off, the other part of the brain has the biggest freaking list of stuff to do imaginable.
It's what I do and Lady Lisa and I have talked about this issue.
I know what NEEDS to be done ( Honey....ceiling's time dude.) and I know what I want to get done and one can tend to bleed over into the other and then I either :

A. Kill myself getting it ALL done.
B. Get so overwhelmed , that NOTHING gets finished..started..YES....finished ....NO.

I'll keep all y'all posted on the progress..because being the good blogger that I am...of course I will be taking a " break" from what ever chore I am in the middle of....blogging can sometimes be a better diversion than tv.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Blogspot Powers That Be

Dear PTB's

I would lilke to start by telling you that your little site is one of my best friends. I visit every day, sometimes more than once if I can. My husband enjoys you . I have reccommended you to others. I have been kind and faithful to you , I have forgiven your lapses in judgement but I am afraid that my tolerence is nearing an end.






Your former friend ,

Aunty Pol

Lookey Honey..>!

New Shiner !
I bet Spec's has it already.
The Wife Unit .

Chocolate for a Leaner You?

Dying for Chocolate: Chocolate for a Leaner You?: So the latest study shows that chocolate is good for weight loss. This shouldn't surprise a real chocoholic that eats the very best chocolat...

I knew it.
Boop Ms. Linky above  for the story.
Daily chocolate intake is necessary for maintaining good health.
So , I deserve Cadbury creme eggs and anything Russel Stover makes in the chocolate covered marshmallow variety...
That's it !
I'm making Rocky Road for mah birfday .

Dr. Aunty Pol who is prescribing Midnight Milky Way's for everyone !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Although it is not Xena, this bebe is damn close.
Nuff said.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday !

Happy 81'st birthday Mr. Nimoy.

It appears you have the whole " Live Long And Prosper " thing pretty much covered.

Rock On Dude.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SIstah....I promise Not To Do THIS !

Sistah, I promise I won't be this stupid when "our " Grandbaby arrives.

I prefer size fits all.

I miss you more than I can say.


Your partner in crime.

For The SU

Gee honey , is this you and the Moron ?
Love ya,
The Wife Unit

These Are Amazing !

Cupcakes , styled as shoes and purses !

I am in awe of this kind of talent.

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Bruce as Superman, ya gotta love it !

Happy Friday dear hearts , it's about time for Friday , isn't it ?

We've come through a bit of rain here in H town and now the weather is simply too pretty for words. It's 88 degrees , according to the captivate screen in the buildings elevators..( what did we ever do before tv in the elevators ?) ..but I doubt that. It is warm, but not that warm.

Still , I'd rather be out than in right now.

This may be what ever spring we get and Jere and I are already fighting the urge to run like hell to the garden center...but before I do that I need to get my voluptuous ass out into the garden to start some pruning of the roses and tying up the canes that are long enough to be tied back to the trellis's that SU built last year. I still need Mr. Trejo to come out and clean out the beds but they are so over grown with weeds that I need to get out there to actually see what needs to be done .

You see, we had no real winter down here, yes we get a bit of real winter here in Houston but that usually happens after the first of the year, aka just in time for Rodeo and Mardi Gras..but not this year the weeds and crap are having a party out there ...bastards. Most of the shrubs need to be cut back and shaped up , then fed..but I have to get an idea of where they are first.

SU is going to freak out when I tell him tonight that my hair appt is at 11 am tomorrow, that is usually when I am still chugging coffee, bleary eyed watching the latest ep of "Merlin" from the night before...but this should work out fine. I will be up and having been out , I will be set to get out there. No..I am not suicidal enough to think that I can get it all done in one weekend, but I want and need to start .

Other than that ...we are both taking some much needed time off during the first part of April. I always take the week of my birthday off and he had planned to go to Pascagoula Easter weekend to see family but my SIL can't get off of work so that is set aside. For which I am grateful.

You see, I have been my usual irrationally panicked self that we would get the call while they are in Pascagoula..and that would fubar up a lot of stuff . As it is , he will keep those days off " To get under foot as he puts" , because he needs the time off as much as I do and it's already scheduled at his office...he can always find something outside of the house if needed..I know the man after all these years.

And..there is no change in the situation with my we wait for the call.

It is what it is.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's The Same Damn Thing People !

Night line had an interesting piece last night that made me think a bit.

No, not the one about the bazillionaire southern boys who make tons off of hand made duck calls that look like home made bongs,...

Gas Buddy.

Interesting idea..and OF COURSE THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT !

People who sign up to do this and get the app drive around and make note of the various gas prices, one assumes on their regular commute.

It makes no sense at all to burn gas beyond a certain point to source cheap least to me, but I can see it if it is your regular commute.

And the reporter and the camera man are chatting away at various drivers that they are using in the piece and my mind hits the proverbial brakes.

Drivers who are making these notations on their smart phones are basically texting while driving.

The creator of this idea is all but turning his head to make eye contact during his driving interview and my mouth is about to fall open.


We scream at teenagers who text and drive.

Laws are being seriously considered that affect usage of any electrical device in a car , whether it be a phone , MP3, IPad or e-reader.

My husband and I car pool and have to navigate the streets around the court houses in downtown Houston to get to the HOV lane for 59. The HOV is for High Occupancy Vehicles - Buses, motorcycles or cars with 2 or more passengers aka carpoolers . We see every day day, both directions people paying no attention to the traffic because they are too caught up on their phones, regardless of whether they are using the bluetooth or not.

It doesn't matter one damn bit whether you are using a phone or bluetooth to speak or are actually texting while driving,


I cannot tell you the number of times we have been cut off, nearly hit and so on because PEOPLE CAN'T STAY OFF THE F'G PHONE WHILE DRIVING.

Now some might say that the bluetooth ( teeth - ?) are better because you are not using your hands...yes...hands free.


Next time you notice some one being rude enough to subject John Q Public to their phone conversations via the bluetooth, really observe them..just go ahead and do it. You will notice that their body language and eye focus are not on the area that they are in, mentally they have connected to the caller and the conversation that they are in. It may not seem complete but I assure you it is enough to distract a driver.

So my point is..and yes....I have one..

Isn't it more than a bit hypocritical to laud this new gas buddy idea when the driver is doing the same thing that we are all railing against..cell phone use/ texting while driving ?

Yeah...I thought so.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Letter To Andy

Dear Pooky Bear,
First of all, your Mama, Daddy, Loki, Xeni Gabbini, The Baby, Nee Nee Puddins and Goldilocks miss you very much.
Mama is very upset tonight.
Aunty Nee Nee told me of a furr baby who needs help.
Her Forever Home is really not Forever.
You see honey it's like this.
Like you she has Aids and she is 8 years old.
The shameful people that abused her trust in them decided that she is not "convenient" with her condition.
Aunty Nee Nee told me about her and she understands that while Daddy and I are very comfy with this situation seeing as you and Jakey Jay also had it...but we just can't take her in .
Xeni Gabbini is still sick and while it has been a while, it would just be too much for Wooby Diddums to have a new sib thrown in the mix.
Your Mama is very upset.
You babies are not throw aways when it becomes hard or inconvenient.
You are our babies and we are your parents.
Aunty Nee Nee and I are going to do what ever it takes to save this kitty girl and find her the real forever home she deserves.
I have to go now, Daddy is probably snoring on the sofa and you know who wants in.
I miss you baby boy.
Your Mama.

Happy Vernal Eqinox !

Happy Vernal Equinox everyone.

Here in H town , we are under a flash flood and tornado watch since there is a line of storms that hit the DFW area last night and made it 's way here. it is gray and crappy and fugly and just plain icky out there.

In a way that is just fine and dandy with me..perverse lil thang ain't I ..LMAO...because for one, we need the frakkin rain in a bad way. We are most likely going to have the same situation that we had last year..another year of drought. We set records last year and it was heart breaking to see all of the trees and pasture dying.

I am in no hurry to have to deal with the pruning and can't afford Mr. Trejo to clean out all the beds and mulch ( like I'm gonna kill my back and myself doing it ..Hah ! ) rain is just fine with me. is still the first day of spring.

Sooner than we all know it, it will be OMG kill me now hot so I am looking for recipes that take very little oven time.

Trust me, my oven is my friend , but the hot flashes...oh hell no.

I love Greek food.

I have seen the above recipe done with lamb, but with the price of lamb..chicken will work too.

It's an easy recipe that uses things that I have at home on a daily basis and pita bread or narn is easy enough to get..I bet that flour tortillas would work in a pinch.

If I am not careful, this will turn into a full blown food blog...I'd better go find something to snark or rant about to maintain the balance....mwahahah.

Boop Ms. Linky for the recipe, is about a third of the way down after some cute text.

Keep the hip waders handy kids.


Aunty Pol

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Laughed All Day..Yeah, It's Monday .

Does she get the Solar or the Shellac ?
Yes..there is such a thing.

Aunty Pol

Creamy Chili con Queso | Baking and Cooking Blog - Evil Shenanigans

Creamy Chili con Queso | Baking and Cooking Blog - Evil Shenanigans

Yep..Happiness, thy name is Queso.
Full Disclosure Dept :
There are  some nights that SU and I can't come up with a dinner plan , or are simply more lazy than not.
We can happily make a meal out of Queso and chips.
And..we have used Velveta and a can of Rotell ( extra hot pls) to do this
We are lazy peasants.
But this recipe is different because I have NEVER seen one that has eggs in in.

Boop Mr. Linky to check it out .

Aunty Pol

Glorious Treats: Pretty Spring Cake {Vanilla Cake with Lemon Fillin...

Glorious Treats: Pretty Spring Cake {Vanilla Cake with Lemon Fillin...: Spring comes early here in California, and with tulips and daffodils blooming all around our neighborhood, I was ready for a little spring...

It's gray and cloudy and windy and icky and dagnabbit..Monday !
Lady Lisa is going to kill me for loading up another fat bomb here , but what the hell. I am sure that she will be retaliating soon ( Mwahahahah) so alls fair in love and frosting....and cake....and oh my.

The thing I like about this post over on Glorious Treats is the fact that she shows you in a very simple way how to do the petal effect on a cake .

And she provided the link to My Cake School which is the top link....more easy peasy steps on producing petals....or DRAGON SCALES...lmao.
More often than not, a lot of the very pretty techniques in baking are just outside our comfort enough that the idea of even trying , much less thinking it will be okay is not even considered.
I read the recipe and the links and thought, " I bet I can do that , that might just be a hoot and then some.
And I love lemon.
And turning the pastry bag inside out after the frosting is all applied to the cake to get the excess frosting out of the bag..and I admit it freely.

If your day is dreary, save the picture as your screen saver, it might cheer you up and it's not like you have to marry it ...unless you want to that is.

Aunty Pol

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aunty Pols Real Life Recipe Review # 1

I bought Ree's second book, and as usual couldn't wait to road test a recipe.
We look for things that will make enough to have for lunches the next week for both of us and we like to cook our big meal on a Sunday.
Tonight it was Drip Beef.
The recipe is a bit different that what is on the link but after reading, it is closer to the first version from Ree's friend than the second one, the difference being that in the book, I believe it just calls for Rosemary and not a mixture of Italian seasonings.
It's a basic Italian beef dip recipe.
I'm going to use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the highest.
Ease of recipe to follow : 10
Ease of Prep: 10
Overall Taste : 8
Do we recommend this recipe : Yes
Are we going to make it again : Yes
Are we going to tweak it : Yes.
Over all it was great, but it can be a knife and fork sandwich if you use too much of the juice...which I ALWAYS do. Utensils are not an issue for us
We both thought that the amount of pepperocini ( sp ) overwhelmed the dish so we are going to reduce the liquid from the jar by half and add beef broth or stock in place of some of the water called for.
Final verdict: Winner !
As I try recipes from her books, I will review them here and this is simply the SU's and my opinion.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Friday, March 16, 2012

OMG ~ Look What I Found For Pyro and Baby Mama's Lil One !

Fortune Cookie Shoes.
If they came in adult size, I'd wear them.

Look..needle work like my grandma used to do...^!

Swooning from dah cute.


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday y'all.

It's been a weird week.

The usual happy hour for St. Patricks is at Kennaellys after work and as usual I am not going.

We have a rule, St. Patricks and New Years Eve are amateur hour and we won't play reindeer party on on Wayne.

The weather has been wonderful this week, mid 70's for the most part so of course this is the one bit of Spring that we will have....and the garden centers will be packed this weekend rather than Easter.

The problem is that we are going to have another summer like last year with the most gawd awful droughts..yeah us.

There is no news from the coast so I am trying to put it in the back of my head, knowing that in reality it is a ruse of sorts..the bathrooms will be done this weekend and I guess I'd better start organizing some stuff..

Please, have a safe weekend. I know that St. Patricks is a cool holiday and all but really...if you are gonna party...stay home. The lines for the bathroom are a lot shorter.


Aunty Pol

For Gracie Marie


I just realized what Lady Lisa meant.

Gracie is fine, she did not go to the Bridge.

She just does the in the door out the door all damn day and night to her father and me and the cartoon reminded me of that.

She's fine, and I am soo sorry if I gave any one a heart attack.


Jane aka Aunty Pol

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Pinterest is way too much fun..virtual hoarding ...wheeeee.


Aunty Pol

For Southside Johnny.

Just giving you a hard time little usual.

Love Ya,

Your Older Sister

Bag O Cat

Oh I miss paper grocery bags, best damn cat toy ever !


Aunty Pol

I Heart Joe Pastry's his header.

Dude does not have a photo I can use.

Not a problem.

Anyone who really enjoys cooking and baking knows that there is always something to learn.

It is considered to be an art and truth be told,while some consider that ego has no place in it ,I disagree....ego must be kept in check

SU and I watch " Top Chef" etc and I privately laugh at the ego's at play .

Some chefs yell, in fact most do . It is the nature of the beast and very few act as if they could be bothered to teach.

Again, it is the nature of the industry.

Chef's expect those under them in the kitchen to have a proficiency and experience level that qualifies them to hold the position that they have .

It's tense and nerve wracking and a calling .

And there is a huge difference between cooking and baking.

Boop the linky and check out Joe's tutorials :

Read any of them , and you will see it's like having a cup of coffee with him , and a conversation where questions might be encouraged and answered .They are easy to understand and handy as a ref.

Then check out his step by step photos and recipes, especially the Knishes.


Aunty Pol

Happy Birthday Miss Bean !

Today is Charlene Butterbean's birthday.

She is the official kitten wrangler over at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee site run by Miss Laurie .

The IBKC is also the site of the telethon every spring where I shake all y'all down for donations..and where I donate and drool over the operators who are standing by.

Boop over and tell her Happy Birthday..I did .


Aunty Pol


I found this over at TWFD and almost scrolled past it...heh...never fear.

After SU had his denture nightmare surgery..and actually just before come to think of it, I was obsessed with finding things that he could eat. Between the actual recovery period and the fact that for 6 months or more they did not fit...he had a hard time actually chewing.

And we BOTH have sweet tooth's....don't say it..I know..dentures/teeth/lame/..LOL.

And I love cake donuts.

Plain .

Cake .
Donuts .

At the time we didn't have my lil dutch oven and I wasn 't willing to break out the big ass double fryer to experiment..and then I found a recipe for baked donuts over at King Arthur.

And the required pans.

And stuff.

The donuts weren't bad , weren't know how a recipe in progress goes.

I need to work on it though .

And then they opened up Don's Donuts by the house...amazing Kolaches by the way.

We love Don's.

I have better luck with muffins.

So..these loom on the horizon

Don't Shoot Me Lady Lisa.


I heart Jane Maynard !

Boop Mr. Linky and then see below for Salgar.

Salgar From Jane Maynard,

This Week for Dinner

1 Tablespoon turbinado sugar (i.e. sugar in the raw)-

1/2 teaspoon ground sea salt.
Mix. Done and done.

Salt and chocolate and potato chips.



Aunty Pol

No Apologies ~ I laughed Out Loud !

Yep , I'm ebil like that.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Up With All The Brussel Sprouts Lately ?

Gawd, just looking at them makes me gag.

I thought it was me but after some discussion amongst gal pals, we all concur.

Brussels Sprouts are the new " it " veggie.

If you follow cooking blogs as I do, look to see how many of the more recent recipes and or posts are about Brussels Sprouts. Hell, it's even become a regular part of the Sunday morning pater from David Venable, QVC's giddy foodie host to go on and on and on about how much he hates them ( I hear ya David) in a clear marketing ploy to get the guest cooks to amaze him and trick him into actually swallowing them... "Will he actually like them or won't he....stayed tuned to find out next week...remember the show is on from 11 to 1 on Sundays..." ..yeah , subtle as a rash.

Because I got curious..and inundated...I did actually to a bit of reading.

Now, as I have mentioned before my late mother thought the Green Giant boiling bags were a miracle on a par with penicillin.

Fer real y'all.

Unless it was as tuber as in spud or an ear of corn, Betty routinely overcooked veggies , as she had seen her mother do...yeah.

Now, for myself, unless they are a spud, ear of corn or a not expect me to ever eat cooked veggies.

Steamed yes, blanched,,,yes,,,raw...yes..cooked..HELL NO !

I blame my mother.


When Brussels Sprouts are over boiled , the give off a sulphur smell that you cannot get past.

I've always felt a bit sorry for Southside when he was a see ..we didn't have a dog..

Yeah, it was mean.

But I'm still not eating them.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Cook Book Is Here !

Ree has done it again.
This thing is so friggan beautiful I can hardly stand it.
More Walter !

And yet..may be it's me , but it seems heavier on the photo's than it does on the actual recipes.
Maybe it's the new layout. It will take some getting used to and I still would recommend it to any one who loves to cook. Yes the recipes are there from the last episode and I am craving the steak bites right now...but what the hell.

WTF , She's got her French Onion recipe in there....I think I lurvs her !

Sistah's copy is on the way to her and I hope she loves it.
Damn thing is though , I'm having a moment..
Did I send her the first one, I know I sent her the one about Ree's and Ladds courtship..

Brain Fart for the win.

Aunty Pol

Friday, March 09, 2012

Baaah ~

I love lamb.
Lamb chops, leg of name it..I'm nom'n it.

My mother used to make the most outstanding Greek style leg of lamb , to this day I miss it and she's been gone 30 years .

When SU and I went out to Daly City for my birthday a number of years ago, knowing of my love of all things lamb-ish, my father and step mother made me leg of lamb for my birthday dinner which coincided with Easter that year. They got to watch SU's skill at whipping up gravy from el scratcho..lovely dinner all the way around. I do see that this recipe does not call for rinsing the lamb in vinegar prior to cooking so I am going to check into that and will post it here also...

Ok..there is the discussion over at chow hound, and they talk about more than rinsing. It seems that I recall that ebil stepmother once told me it tenderizes the leg oh lamb.

And yet..I also loved Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop...

Yeah..let's not go there.


Aunty Pol

Capers !

Oh Lordy...CAPERS !

I love capers and chicken.

With the price of beef and pork not far behind, we eat a lot of chicken.

Todays lunch in fact was left over roasted chicken on Jalapeno Cheese bread...yeah..I am a brown bagger.

Trust me, Jalapeno Cheese bread rocks !

You know the drill..boopa dah linky.


Aunty Pol

I Love Williams Sonoma !

Lady Lisa ..Honey I tried to e mail this to you but ...yeah..I'm gonna blame the Solar Flares....Bazinga..!

Miss You !

I love their recipes and blog.

Hell , I love their stuff anyway.
I wonder if this would work with spinach pasta , yes I am still on that kick..and no, I don't think I will be making pasta from scratch..just being honest y'all.

Boop Mr Linky and prepare to drool.

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Entitlement Never Goes Away, It Just Finds a New Sponsor.

I almost fell over when I heard this on the news.

As far as I am concerned , this is fraud ( Right Gene ?) and she should be charged as such.

Ok..she took a lump sum after taxes..whoopie.

You have to pay your taxes on this regardless of how it is paid out. Its a rule in the contest...YOU PAY TAXES .

She is entitled because she is a parent of 2 children ?

Really ?

She sees nothing wrong in what she is doing.

People with a legitimate need go through hell often to get all of the documents needed to qualify for assistance, and she is not only okay with what she is doing , but appears to be rather proud of beating the " System".

Sadly and more often than not, you see this type of behavior. Most people I know would never have this done this, much less thought of it in the first place. And if that is not the case, they they are not the sort I would associate with.

One thing that will happen because of this is that future applicants for assistance will find it even harder to qualify. The rules will become even harsher and more will be required as proof of eligibility. Some who may desperately need assistance won't even bother because of the potential changes in the rules.

Michigan ought to come down hard on this grifter. She needs to be permanently banned from state assistance, and required to repay the amount she has received .

She has no job so she cannot be garnished , so there is little that can be done...other than criminally charging her with embezzlement against the state . Levy one or both of the homes.

If convicted, her children should be removed from her custody.

Hopefully , the little grifters in training can be saved.

I am literally speechless.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


It's one of my favorite combo platters, insanely hilarious and a valid point at the same time

Yatzee !


Aunty Pol

A Note From Your Mother - AKA The Lady Who Actually Has Thumbs .

Dear Xena,

Dear , waking up your Daddy at 1:51 am by smacking him in the head with your paw and screaming in his ear is not going to get you food or treats.
It will however get you Pilot Lessons.
Ok...Daddy would not do that because he loves you, you are a tiny lil lady and most importantly..Mama would tear him a new one.

But just quit it.
He's gonna be cranky all day which irritates the Mama.
And when Mama's not happy , no ones happy.

Your Mama.

Jumping Jeebus H Christ !

It never fails.
Give people ( oh you know I am talking about work here , don't deny it ) the opportunity to fuck something up in the name of a good cause and we are your chosen demographic.
The firm has supported one charity for a very long time.
I won't name them here because I am frankly appalled at the way that this has gone and don't want to associate the victim with the assholery here.

Most of us donate through payroll deduction , I do and have done so for years because it's a worthy cause and my voluptuous ass can do without a pizza every payroll period.
A lot of folks donate.
I wish more did but that is their private decision..I respect that .
I honestly do.


There is a contest between the two floors to see who can accumulate the most pennies.
I brought in a small plastic jug full.
But in this competition, there are some pretty fucked up rules.
Silver coins count as a minus.
In other words, if you slip a nickel in the jar, for the competition purposes, -5 cents is deducted from the total...someone over thought this much ?
Dollar bills are encouraged..

Folks..when you all carry on like this , acting like you are in junior high, the Shareholders are gonna get pretty pissed off.
Some already are.
Carrying on because one floor has one collection bucket and the other has 2, sneaking in silver coins to mess up the other floors chance of bragging rights....what..y'all are 12 now ?

It is a good cause, but when supposed grown folk act like this, the PTB's are less inclined to let us have various legitimate fundraisers.

Point in case....don't get me started on how all y'all fucked up the Humane Society and animal shelter fund raisers.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dear Favorite Shopping Emporium

Dear Favorite Shopping Emporium,

Where pray tell is my flatware ?
I know that you sent me a not that it had to be ordered from the vendor, but......
Where is it ?
I am trying to be a good woman and exercise some self restraint because of current events but it is becoming more difficult the closer my birthday comes.
I want the flatware.
I need the flatware.
My current flatware is wretched, to the point that it even embarrasses me to have the girls use it .
I have looked, high and low, hither and yon, across the vast entity known as the interwebs in search of something that I like and that SU would at least tolerate for my sake.
I know that you are not the Michelangelo pattern that I adore, and I am fine with that because at an average of $50.00 per place setting and we use them all me..I am not going to pay what is damn near close to two thirds of the price of one of the tickets to the Coast that I am hunting and would for damn sure cover the cost of reupholstering my chair....
I like this pattern, it is a mixture of harmonious designs that look like one had the time and or money to cruise up and down Royal Street in New Orleans antique hunting for silverware.
Sadly, I have neither .
Of course , it will come in when we are not there...
I'd better remind the girls.

Aunty Pol

This Ones For Daddy !

My late father was the only person I have ever known who could actually do a perfect circle with an Etch -A Sketch . I suppose his engineering degree from USNA might have come in handy..

I miss ya Daddy .


Aunty Pol

Happy Absinthe Day

I had to come back and edit this because I forgot to mention that I got this picture from Janet's blog and that you can boop Mr. Linky for the full article....I'm a bad blogger !

Other than the color being akin to day glow green and the use of wormwood, I know zip about Absinthe.

That being said, what I love about this picture is the art of it .

I love the period.

I especially love Theophile Steinlin.

I started collecting Belle Epoch earrings a few years ago via Etsy and go back weekly to see what is available. I am not much of a necklace wearer and the bracelets that I do wear have to be in the cute/cheap category because I am hard as hell on real gold bracelets.
Trust me, I have more than a couple set aside to sell.

It's like my love of Steampunk.

And Arthur Conan Doyle .

And Jules Verne.

It's the love of the idea of the changes that a new century brings.

And..Steampunk just effin ROCKS.


Aunty Pol

You Have To Love Your Ebil Minions

Nothing going on .

Still waiting.


Aunty Pol

Friday, March 02, 2012

This Just Made Me Smile...A Lot !

I employ a variation known as " Boshi speak" , all my friends are fluent aren't they Roger ?

Enjoy !


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce of the Day ~ !

Happy Friday dear hearts.

I've been giving some things more than a thought and I have decided that for right now there is something I need to do.

I need my life and my routine back.

First of all, Sistah, I am sorry that I haven't been e mailing as usual, my brain is overloaded right now , but I suspect that you know that and understand and that is another of the eleventy eighty seven billion reasons that I love you and Double Oh. You both show sustaining love and support just by being a cornerstone of my life.

The phone will ring when it does.

I have been so consumed by the elephant in the room that I am almost frozen.

My whole pattern is askew, and I can't handle that chaos on top of everything else.

My house is a wreck.

Beyond clutter.

Even my husband agreed and said that he knew that I needed help with it.

Yes, it is a control issue, but more than that , it is the practical need to keep apace with the domicile when you work 45 hours a week or more before you get to the point of just closing your eyes and hoping some reality show doesn't come commando style to launch an intervention.

So for now, he and I will titivate the joint as my father used to say..

Did you know that "titivate" is a real word ?

It is.

And here I thought that it was just some bullshit word that my father made up for his chuckleheaded children.

We were very

I kid.

We were.

I know what I am going to pack.

I have been tracking the weather and it is much the same as Houston so I need to get the dry cleaning together and dropped off tomorrow.

Penny's and Lowes need to be paid, the water bill is cut and in the mail...the usual first of the month crap we all do.

What will be will be and I will be able , I hope , to have it together enough that I am prepared.

Sounds good, doesn't it ?

Yeah , I know ...but I still have to hoover the carpet and the bathrooms need to be done and geraniums need to be planted and the kitchen floor need a date with the mop ..and it's paws and claws weekend for the Mama.

I do feel better with a tidy house, it helps keep the chaos at bay and that will help.

Just don't look under the Queen Anne table in the bedroom where the tv is.

It's where purses go to die ....and shoes.

Quiet....the shoes will hear you .

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol