Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday ! Bruce Of The Day ~!

Happy Friday everyone.
I owe a solid shout out to Miss Frieda and Lady Lisa who tactfully reminded me that I had no need to go bat shit crazy over the changes Blogger has made as indicated in the previous days post....all I had to do was use Reader.
Voila !

I still do not like the changes one bit  and Frieda is right, I DO NOT like it when someone moves the furniture on me , much less moves my cheese, but I an not in charge of them and over all they have been the least Orwellian of the formats out there so I will adjust....dammit !

Six hours and 8 minutes to  go and then I am AMF until April 12'th.

Part of my brain is almost giddy at the idea of all that time off, the other part of the brain has the biggest freaking list of stuff to do imaginable.
It's what I do and Lady Lisa and I have talked about this issue.
I know what NEEDS to be done ( Honey....ceiling's time dude.) and I know what I want to get done and one can tend to bleed over into the other and then I either :

A. Kill myself getting it ALL done.
B. Get so overwhelmed , that NOTHING gets finished..started..YES....finished ....NO.

I'll keep all y'all posted on the progress..because being the good blogger that I am...of course I will be taking a " break" from what ever chore I am in the middle of....blogging can sometimes be a better diversion than tv.

Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, ma'am, it is. That's why I pulled back from blogging, and even reading, when I got overwhelmed. I can always find a reason to stay on the intertubes!

Yeah, we have talked about our OCD tendencies and what it does to us. I'm gonna channel Marla Cilley here for a minute: Be kind to yourself. Quit piling on and expecting perfection. Love yourself enough to say, "Housework (yardwork, paperwork...insert work of the moment here) done 'incorrectly' still blesses my family."

Look at the time! You should be free by now, sweetie! I hope it's the best vacation evvah!