Friday, March 09, 2012

Capers !

Oh Lordy...CAPERS !

I love capers and chicken.

With the price of beef and pork not far behind, we eat a lot of chicken.

Todays lunch in fact was left over roasted chicken on Jalapeno Cheese bread...yeah..I am a brown bagger.

Trust me, Jalapeno Cheese bread rocks !

You know the drill..boopa dah linky.


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Ummm... will cop to having skimmed a few posts to come up with that "sisters of the taste buds" comment on the last post.

Capers, such beautiful little buds for our buds.

When I was a kid we called them "Dr's offices." No lie! To me, they tasted like isopropyl rubbing alcohol smelled.

And then I grew up and got good quality capers (or my taste buds matured), and fell in love.