Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Heart Joe Pastry's his header.

Dude does not have a photo I can use.

Not a problem.

Anyone who really enjoys cooking and baking knows that there is always something to learn.

It is considered to be an art and truth be told,while some consider that ego has no place in it ,I disagree....ego must be kept in check

SU and I watch " Top Chef" etc and I privately laugh at the ego's at play .

Some chefs yell, in fact most do . It is the nature of the beast and very few act as if they could be bothered to teach.

Again, it is the nature of the industry.

Chef's expect those under them in the kitchen to have a proficiency and experience level that qualifies them to hold the position that they have .

It's tense and nerve wracking and a calling .

And there is a huge difference between cooking and baking.

Boop the linky and check out Joe's tutorials :

Read any of them , and you will see it's like having a cup of coffee with him , and a conversation where questions might be encouraged and answered .They are easy to understand and handy as a ref.

Then check out his step by step photos and recipes, especially the Knishes.


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...


He's good. Bookmarked. Another blog to feel guilty that I don't keep up with.

Remember my comment about pasta and "just knowing" how much flour. He does it perfectly. That shot of the shaggy mass is spot on. When it looks like that, you pull it.

Gad, I have got to make pasta again. Did I mentioned home made pasta makes the very best lasagna? Ever. Period. Elevates it to a whole 'nuther dish?

Gad, I haven't made lasagna in years.

Back to hating you, woman.