Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Bruce as Superman, ya gotta love it !

Happy Friday dear hearts , it's about time for Friday , isn't it ?

We've come through a bit of rain here in H town and now the weather is simply too pretty for words. It's 88 degrees , according to the captivate screen in the buildings elevators..( what did we ever do before tv in the elevators ?) ..but I doubt that. It is warm, but not that warm.

Still , I'd rather be out than in right now.

This may be what ever spring we get and Jere and I are already fighting the urge to run like hell to the garden center...but before I do that I need to get my voluptuous ass out into the garden to start some pruning of the roses and tying up the canes that are long enough to be tied back to the trellis's that SU built last year. I still need Mr. Trejo to come out and clean out the beds but they are so over grown with weeds that I need to get out there to actually see what needs to be done .

You see, we had no real winter down here, yes we get a bit of real winter here in Houston but that usually happens after the first of the year, aka just in time for Rodeo and Mardi Gras..but not this year the weeds and crap are having a party out there ...bastards. Most of the shrubs need to be cut back and shaped up , then fed..but I have to get an idea of where they are first.

SU is going to freak out when I tell him tonight that my hair appt is at 11 am tomorrow, that is usually when I am still chugging coffee, bleary eyed watching the latest ep of "Merlin" from the night before...but this should work out fine. I will be up and having been out , I will be set to get out there. No..I am not suicidal enough to think that I can get it all done in one weekend, but I want and need to start .

Other than that ...we are both taking some much needed time off during the first part of April. I always take the week of my birthday off and he had planned to go to Pascagoula Easter weekend to see family but my SIL can't get off of work so that is set aside. For which I am grateful.

You see, I have been my usual irrationally panicked self that we would get the call while they are in Pascagoula..and that would fubar up a lot of stuff . As it is , he will keep those days off " To get under foot as he puts" , because he needs the time off as much as I do and it's already scheduled at his office...he can always find something outside of the house if needed..I know the man after all these years.

And..there is no change in the situation with my we wait for the call.

It is what it is.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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