Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Cook Book Is Here !

Ree has done it again.
This thing is so friggan beautiful I can hardly stand it.
More Walter !

And yet..may be it's me , but it seems heavier on the photo's than it does on the actual recipes.
Maybe it's the new layout. It will take some getting used to and I still would recommend it to any one who loves to cook. Yes the recipes are there from the last episode and I am craving the steak bites right now...but what the hell.

WTF , She's got her French Onion recipe in there....I think I lurvs her !

Sistah's copy is on the way to her and I hope she loves it.
Damn thing is though , I'm having a moment..
Did I send her the first one, I know I sent her the one about Ree's and Ladds courtship..

Brain Fart for the win.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Yes, it is!! But this one's probably going to provoke another round of attacks.

When you posted a while back about Ree haters, I was a bit confused but didn't go looking for myself. OMG! I stumbled over them when I checked to see how her show was doing in the ratings. (Idle curiosity during the few minutes non-directed time I allow myself on the intertubes these days.)

What gives??? Blogs dedicated to Ree hating??? Sheesh. State that you don't like her and why (that's fair, and it's a free country) and move on already. Ree Drummond is NOT going to set back culinary evolution or poison an entire generation with unhealthy food. And you know what? It's OK that she's rich. (Aunty, do you hear an echo, here? Indulge me, I'm about to rant. You did, but I need to, now.)

Do I think Ree is going to give me the best recipes ever? No. Does she hold herself out to be the best and brightest in the culinary field? No. Do I aspire to emulate her life? No.

But she always entertains and her recipes (yeah, even the ones that are "derivative and stale") make me say, "Yummmm... I want me some of that!" Why? 'Cause we all want some good'n'greasy or sugary (kinda like it was made when we were kids, dontcha know), full of flavor stuff sometimes. She makes it looks pretty AND she makes me laugh. Damnit.

Yes, lots of Ree's recipes remind me of church fundraiser cookbook material and, yes, lots of them are really close to those in the public domain. But you know what? Some of those old, "tired" concoctions taste dang good. And Ree makes me WANT to make them again. And if she makes a buck doing it (whether she needs the bucks or not), god bless her.

Oh, so it's OK to trash the woman because you're saving us from her "unhealthy" recipes, are you? Doing a public service, eh? Well, nobody I know is going to eat butter and bacon laden food, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week (yes, we have BRAINS!), and additional caloric requirements of working a ranch aside, I'll bet neither does Ree's family.

I can tell you my dairy farming relatives ate a heck of a lot more fat and sugar than their sedentary city relatives and they all lived in to their late 80s and 90s. Uncle Adolph's (what can I say, we're German) daybreak meal consisted of real sugar and fresh, out of the cow cream on his FIRST breakfast of whatever hot cereal Aunt Jane whipped up. And Aunt Gert fried up POUNDS of bacon to be ready for the eggs she'd make when Uncle Fred and the boys came in for their SECOND breakfast. But they also ate tons of fresh veggies from the garden, lots of whole grains, and they worked their asses off.

Oh, and Ree promotes home schooling (surely only backward, bible thumping people do that), and she posted neked baby pics of her kids and her daughters wear makeup in some of the pics (which attracts pedophiles, of course)... and... and... and... geezy, frackin' peasy, people. Grow up and get a life!

The woman is successful because she delivers great photos of food folks want to eat occasionally, in an accessible manner, with lots humor.

Humor folks. Get some.

OK, rant over.