Thursday, March 08, 2012

Entitlement Never Goes Away, It Just Finds a New Sponsor.

I almost fell over when I heard this on the news.

As far as I am concerned , this is fraud ( Right Gene ?) and she should be charged as such.

Ok..she took a lump sum after taxes..whoopie.

You have to pay your taxes on this regardless of how it is paid out. Its a rule in the contest...YOU PAY TAXES .

She is entitled because she is a parent of 2 children ?

Really ?

She sees nothing wrong in what she is doing.

People with a legitimate need go through hell often to get all of the documents needed to qualify for assistance, and she is not only okay with what she is doing , but appears to be rather proud of beating the " System".

Sadly and more often than not, you see this type of behavior. Most people I know would never have this done this, much less thought of it in the first place. And if that is not the case, they they are not the sort I would associate with.

One thing that will happen because of this is that future applicants for assistance will find it even harder to qualify. The rules will become even harsher and more will be required as proof of eligibility. Some who may desperately need assistance won't even bother because of the potential changes in the rules.

Michigan ought to come down hard on this grifter. She needs to be permanently banned from state assistance, and required to repay the amount she has received .

She has no job so she cannot be garnished , so there is little that can be done...other than criminally charging her with embezzlement against the state . Levy one or both of the homes.

If convicted, her children should be removed from her custody.

Hopefully , the little grifters in training can be saved.

I am literally speechless.


Aunty Pol

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