Thursday, March 15, 2012


I found this over at TWFD and almost scrolled past it...heh...never fear.

After SU had his denture nightmare surgery..and actually just before come to think of it, I was obsessed with finding things that he could eat. Between the actual recovery period and the fact that for 6 months or more they did not fit...he had a hard time actually chewing.

And we BOTH have sweet tooth's....don't say it..I know..dentures/teeth/lame/..LOL.

And I love cake donuts.

Plain .

Cake .
Donuts .

At the time we didn't have my lil dutch oven and I wasn 't willing to break out the big ass double fryer to experiment..and then I found a recipe for baked donuts over at King Arthur.

And the required pans.

And stuff.

The donuts weren't bad , weren't know how a recipe in progress goes.

I need to work on it though .

And then they opened up Don's Donuts by the house...amazing Kolaches by the way.

We love Don's.

I have better luck with muffins.

So..these loom on the horizon

Don't Shoot Me Lady Lisa.


I heart Jane Maynard !

Boop Mr. Linky and then see below for Salgar.

Salgar From Jane Maynard,

This Week for Dinner

1 Tablespoon turbinado sugar (i.e. sugar in the raw)-

1/2 teaspoon ground sea salt.
Mix. Done and done.

Salt and chocolate and potato chips.



Aunty Pol

1 comment:

kleinwort said...

Then may I draw and quarter instead of shoot, Aunty dear?

Oh. God.


Remember that sister of the taste buds comment? ('cepting brussels sprouts, of course) I woulda been right.

When I was in college (and skinny), I lived 1/2 a block from Montgomery Donuts. I can not tell you how many all night study sessions
got me through. (OK and a couple giant to-go cups of coffee.)

This, amazingly, did not affect the skinny thing. It took a divorce to do that.

Anyhow, my 2nd cat of my very own, Little One (who wasn't so little 'cause at 1.5 years the runt had a growth spurt and grew into a normal size cat) turned into a tigress when I'd walk in the house with a bag. She would literally climb up me, while I was still standing, wild-eyed, to sink her teeth into a

I still have the scars. Seriously.
A full grown cat attempting to scale you does real damage.

But back to the donuts. Krispy Creme expanded north to MD some years back. Everyone raved. I just went and got me more

I can not wait to try Donuffins, so maybe I won't draw and quarter you after all, sweetie. As you know, I'm not much of a baker, but muffins I can manage.

Oh, and speaking of not being much of a baker, two of my co-workers took a baking class vacation up at King Arthur (funny you should mention them) so now my sis, the great baker, and I are going to try to wrangle one this year or next (wanna come?).

And salgar? Just. Oh. God.